4 thoughts on “What should I pay attention to when buying gold jewelry? What do you have?”

  1. The material of gold jewelry is not only a single style. Gold is not only pure gold jewelry, but also semi -finished or high imitation cottage goods. Do you know which cottage jewelry is there? Then let me reveal the secrets for everyone!
    pure gold jewelry, I believe it is not necessary to say more. The so -called pure gold jewelry, which is made of gold jewelry made by real gold and silver. "Gold" and "Wanfu Gold". It has now been renamed: Footjin 999, AU999, Gold 999, G999, Footjin 999.9, AU999.9, Gold 999.9, G999.9 and other common signs.

    The gold jewelry, which is two nine gold jewelry. The AU750 is not a pure gold jewelry, but the 18K gold jewelry with a gold content of 75%. In addition to 18K gold also has 14K gold purity jewelry, the gold jewelry content of AU585 is 58.5%of gold jewelry.

    The gold plating jewelry, that is, a material of the material in several styles mentioned in the title. It is gold -plated. The gold, just like the gold sand sprayed with sand spray, is just a little gold -plated, minimal. Most of the decorations used for collecting and sealing, as well as some fake gold jewelry such as gold bracelets, hollow jewelry and other fake gold jewelry.

    The packets of gold jewelry, that is, the gold jewelry surface has a layer of gold. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish it. Give you a routine. Sand gold refers to gold with a purity of more than 50%, and now the so -called Vietnam Sand Gold and Thai Shakin are all artificially -made puppet jewelry.
    The people with fake real gold jewelry often see. The scammers are mainly staring at the middle -aged and elderly people, because the middle -aged and elderly people have weak awareness of anti -fraud, and they also catch people who are greedy for small cheapness. Select the above -mentioned problems with problems with problems.

    Golden jewelry. Many people buy it. It may not be used to wear decorations, or it may be to invest in second purchase, but if you buy gold jewelry of the cottage, it will be a big loss. After all, from the surface, it is not so easy to distinguish. When buying gold jewelry, you must choose a regular merchant, choose carefully, and beware of being fooled!

  2. Don't consider sand gold, gold plating, alloy, buy pure gold if you buy.
    This purchase discounts are small, and large festival discounts are strong.
    It the best choice of big brands of gold jewelry, do not choose niche products.

  3. Buying gold jewelry must first pay attention to the color of gold. In addition, you need to pay attention to the weight of the gold. As long as you can hold these two points, you will not be deceived when buying gold.

  4. When buying gold jewelry, we should pay attention to whether this thing is calculated or pressed. If it is according to the person, we want to ask the person at the counter. How can we calculate when we change? Change.

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