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  1. Inner Mongolia has black fungus, gray rags, seeds, musk, etc. The specialty products are Mongolian containers, pony heads, Mongolian knives, Baotou antique carpets, etc. There are Yimeng cashmere, Ameng camel velvet, grassland mushrooms, hair vegetables and good medicinal materials yellow grass, licorice, ephedra grass and so on. Foods are roasted whole sheep, grilled lamb legs, milk tofu, horse milk.


    It in the endless sandy sea, there is a shrub called a shuttle tree, and the root of the desert is paranar -Cistanche. Cistanche is a perennial parasitic grass, alias, sweet, cordone, 苁 苁, and goblins. The whole plant has no chlorophyll, yellow -brown, small leaf, scales, and its meat is large and has high fat content. Because it is produced in the desert, it is a more precious specialty.

    The main ingredients for soaking pharmaceutical wines in many countries are Cistanche in Inner Mongolia. Because their medicinal temperature has no side effects, it is a good supplement for all seasons.

    The main producing areas: Alxa League, Bayannaoer League and other places.


    hair dishes are a kind of wild algae plant, commonly known as ground hair, black, slender shape like human hair, so it is also called hair dish. The nutritional value of hair dishes is very high, and the content of protein, heat, calcium, and iron is much higher than other foods. The haircut also has good medicinal effects. It is often consumed to cook soups for hair dishes, which can help digestion, clear gastrointestinal, lower blood pressure, etc. It is rich in nutrition and is precious non -staple food.

    The hair dishes are produced in western Inner Mongolia, known as the "Hometown of Food". It can be used for cooking, cooking dishes, and gifts for relatives and friends. The nutritional value of hair vegetables is very high. Compared with eggs, it is 65%higher than the protein of eggs, nearly twice the heat, and 35 times the carbohydrate. In addition, haircuts also have a high dietary effect, which have certain effects on hypertension, obesity, diarrhea, and bronchitis.

    Stonite left flags in the central and western regions, in the central and western regions, and in the central and western regions,四子王旗、达茂旗、镶黄旗、乌拉特前旗、乌拉特中旗、乌拉特后旗、杭锦后旗、达拉特旗、鄂托克旗、准格尔旗、乌审旗、阿拉善左旗、 Alxa right flags and Ejin flags.

    black melon seeds

    black melon seed kernels contain nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, starch and other nutrients. Wait for auxiliary materials. The small films produced in the Tongliao area are "top -hearted", and Ziren is full of obesity; the large black -edge red -hearted melon seeds produced by Pakistani are large and high in oil.

    The black melon seeds can be processed into a variety of flavors such as spiced, rose, cream, etc. It is a small food that people love. Black melon seeds can moisturize the intestines, clear the lungs, quench thirst, lower blood pressure, and medium, reflect the brain. If you eat raw food, you can also use phlegm and dirt, thick fried, can cure long -term cough. Therefore, black melon seeds are a kind of fitness food.

  2. Beef jerky. Inner Mongolia has one of the best natural ranch in China. The vast grassland has raised fat beef and sheep. The most representative specialty is beef jerky. Inner Mongolia beef jerky is a dish. Also known as "Inner Mongolia Hand -to -winded Beef", "Drough Beef", and "Hand tore Beef Jerry", it is a specialty of Inner Mongolia and is known as "Genghis Khan's marching food". The representative of the same meat also has handle meat. You can taste it at the local restaurant in Inner Mongolia. Because it is not easy to carry, you do n’t introduce too much.

    milk tablets. Milk slices, a specialty food in Inner Mongolia, mainly based on fresh milk or milk powder as the main raw material, add an appropriate amount of accessories, and sliced ​​dairy products made by mixed, crushed, and packaged. Milk slices can be carried with you without refrigerating, no need to heat up. Cheese, commonly known as "cabbage seeds". The yogurt that is separated from butter is poured into a cloth bag through the micro -heat and squeezed out the acid water. It is dried to dry it as a cheese. It is hard and sweet and sour. It is one of the favorite milk foods of the Mongolian people. Most of them are placed in a few pieces of cheese in the bags to prevent the hunger and thirst.

    Mongolian knife, the Mongolian knife is the daily necessities of Mongolian herdsmen. Eating meat, slaughtering beef and sheep, sometimes it is also used as a production tool. It is often worn on the body, which is not only an indispensable daily necessities for herders. The knife body is generally made from high -quality steel, ranging from more than ten centimeters to tens of cm. The steel fire is good, and the blade is sharp. But if you are traveling by car, it is not recommended to buy this. It is troublesome to pass the security check. You can consider self -driving travel.

    Deji and Hada. In the process of changing from a noun to a verb, Deji gradually evolved into a pattern of etiquette, which was given a specific social significance and became a symbol of a symbol of a national custom. Hada is a silk fabric for the Mongolian people as a etiquette and a must -have in social activities. Express and congratulate the long scarf or yarn scarf

    Balke hand ornaments. Burke is one of the traditional sports entertainment activities of Mongolia. People on the grassland call Mongolian wrestling "Bouke". This crafts and other proportions restore the shape of Burke's hand, which is very Mongolian.

  3. Eat: Beef Jerry This Inner Mongolia Street can buy bulk cheaper. In fact, the taste is not worse than the vacuum packaging, and the shops that sell beef jerky are sold in the store. That kind of (generally popular cheese is more popular with my classmates to bring home every time you go home) Milk tea powder is salty northerners who should accept that they can put on beef jerky to cook the southerners together. Try to taste and decide the shabu -shabu seasoning of Little Sheep (selling in the supermarket) home to cook hot pot and eat

    Wearing it: cashmere sweater Ordos is definitely the top gift. It is not necessary to buy a brand. Many Inner Mongolia is also good for the elderly. Genghis Khan Bust

    The application: chest chapter, activity gifts, commemorative gifts, wolf Wolf White Deer-keychain

    applicable: keychain, activity gifts, commemorative gifts. Deji

    The application: Mongolian characteristic reception etiquette, commemorative gifts. Sea Ri-Cold porcelain frame

    Apply: business gifts, festivals, souvenirs, exhibition exhibitions, welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare Matthels chain such as prizes, modern home private, wedding photography

    applicable: mobile phone chain, key chain, jewelry pendant characteristic gift horse head piano-enlisting bottle

    applicable: Qi bottle bottle bottle Deviter, high -end restaurants, special commemorative gifts

    Mongolian pop -up musical instruments were originally seen in the Yuan Dynasty, prevalent in the Ming Dynasty, were included in the national music during the Qing Dynasty. It plays a role in communicating the cultural connection between the Mongolian and Han nationality.

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