How many types are there in Bodhi Buddha beads?

How many types are there in Bodhi Buddha beads? I know: Xingyue Bodhi, Bodhi root, King Kong Bodhi ...

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  1. According to information, there are about 30 types of Bodhi. There are eighteen types of Buddha beads. This is how people often call "eighteen sons and Buddha beads". This refers to eighteen Luohan.
    1, Sunzi
    The sun is a kind of reddish brown hard fruit produced by tropical. There is a small white dot on each grain. It looks like the sun in the sun. The name is the sun. Buddhism calls the sun god. The Lord of the Buddhist Tantra is the Great Rulai. He has become the world with the fate, breaking the darkness, showing Bodhicitta, and lighting all beings. The sun is auspicious and healthy to drive away evil disasters. It is used to be a bead or a single grain, which helps practice, but also beautiful and generous, and increases temperament.
    2, Moon Zi
    Monthly is a dark gray hard fruit that is produced by tropical. Each grain has a light brown dot, such as the moon hanging the sky, and the gray and white moonlight is like a cool and bright moonlight, so Named Moon Son. The moon represents feminine auspiciousness and peace.
    3, King Kong
    Dingdangzi According to the introduction of the Buddhist book, the son of the King Kong tree is also said to be the son of the Bodhi tree, which is very valuable. King Kong is extremely hard, indestructible, and destroying all evil power. Tantra practicing the Diamond Division inch with diamond rosary. Diamonds wear on his body, and the power of exorcism and avoidance can increase auspiciousness.
    4, Jin Chanzi
    Jin Chanzi is a category of Xingyue Bodhi, but it is harder than Xingyue Bodhi. Because each granular is like a golden toad, it is named Jin Chanzi, which can gather the house to increase the wisdom, bringing peace and auspiciousness.
    5, Tianyi Zi
    Heavenly is a strange and hard fruit. The flat shape, the ridge of the bulge, looks like a peach, and it looks like a small fan. There is a god tree in the Buddhist scriptures, and this tree turns with God's will. Tianyi has its special meaning. With this pearl practice, it is smoothly weaven;
    6, Phoenix Eye Bodhi
    Phoenix Bodhi, each one has a phoenix eye, the phoenixes symbolize the auspiciousness. one.
    7, longan Bodhi
    each grain has a triangular eye. Dragon has a special significance in Buddhism, such as the dragon elephant metaphorized the prestige of the bodhisattva; the dragon should be one of the three responses of the Guanyin Bodhisattva; Longan Bodhi, especially Indian Longan Bodhi, is a rare thing, that is, a must -have item for practitioners. It is also the product of exorcism to increase wisdom.
    8, iron lotus seeds, copper lotus seeds
    Iron lotus seeds
    copper lotus seeds
    are trees seeds, long and round, hard texture, yellow and black, yellow is called copper lotus seeds. Black is called iron lotus seeds.
    9, Burmese eggplant
    is a rare tropical fruit, shaped like eggplant. Afterwards, it is as hard as wood, the fruit is dark brown, yellow is yellow, flat and long, and the size is different. The unique shape of the Burmese eggplant itself has a seductive charm. According to reports, Myania eggplant can exorcise magic and avoid evil, and the town house protects the body, bringing lucky power and longevity to the owner, which has always been cherished by collectors. You can use one or three grains, or skewers, and hang it on your body. It can be used as a bead. Because of its unique energy, it can change the magnetic field of people and bring auspicious and well -being.
    10, five eyes and six pass
    five eyes and six pass are an unusual fruit. After the end, there are five small holes on the top. It is called five -eyed and six pass. Five eyes refer to the five abilities: the naked eye, the sky, the wisdom, the eye, the eye, and the Buddha's eyes. Liutong refers to Shenfu Tong, Tianer Tong, Tianyantong, his heart, fate, and leakage. All kinds of practice can be achieved in the first five pass, but the leakage is the realm of the Buddhist. It is the six kinds of unhelpful use of the Bodhisattva's presence of wisdom. This kind of bead is rich in meaning.
    11, Xian Tao
    Ancient Chinese legends, peach wood can drive ghosts, peach stalks can be evil, peach symbols can avoid evil, and peach cores, hard texture, and at the same time have the above functions. Extraordinary. The peach is the fairy peach grown by the mother and mother, which can extend life. Therefore, peaches are also called Xian Tao. The nucleus of the peach fruit is flat, and there are many irregular textures on the surface. They do not need any carving, and they are chic.
    12, Slam
    The beads made of coconut butt are extremely rare. Coconut is unique, not cold in winter, and not afraid of sweat in summer. This kind of coconut bracelet, someone named him Slam, is very interesting.
    13, Kirin Eyes Bodhi
    Kirin Eye Bodhi, with special shapes, one -sided eye -shaped, the entire Bodhi is flat and rounded as bulging persimmons, plus the middle eye, like copper coins one by one, like copper coins one by one Essence Kirin is the faucet of the beast, the deer body, the body has a linked armor, and the head is useful, symbolizing the auspiciousness. Kirin Eyes Bodhi is more rare than Longan Bodhi.
    14, Tongtian Eye
    Thenian eyes are rare fruit seeds, dark gray, and irregular small dots protruding objects on the particles. Tianyan came from this. It is said that this pearl can absorb human illness, often holding this bead to enhance physical fitness and eliminate fatigue.
    15, lotus seat
    The lotus seat is a rare plant fruit, which is red with jujube and hard quality. Each grain is like a small lotus seat, which is generated by the name. This thing can be safe on the body, auspiciousness and help.
    16, lotus
    Lotus is rare plant seeds. There are two types: dark brown and white. The texture is hard, and it feels a little stabbing. It looks like a lotus, so it is named. At the same time, when practicing the lotus part of Tantra, it is necessary to use lotus beads, which is more helpful to achieve the position of the Bodhisattva. Lotus Buddha beads can make people feel attentive and always keep them clean.
    17, honeydet Bodhi
    The honeydew melon Bodhi is a type of Bodhi root. Without processing, it looks like honeydew, so it is named. It looks like a little honeydew, and it is interesting. Because it is Bodhi root, it is very helpful for practicing Bodhicitta, and it can also be used as a collection.
    18, Ashura
    Ashura is one of the gods of ancient India, translated in Chinese for no reason, because of its ugly appearance. Ashura is one of the six ways. Ashura is named after the shape of the shape. It is flat, rising, and like a heart -shaped fruit, while the first tail is slightly pointed. Asura, it has unique energy and helps practice.
    19, Dharani
    Dharani is a kind of less hard fruit. The meaning of Dharani is the total holding of the memory that can always take the power that can be filmed of the immense Dharma and does not forget. It always holds the merits of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so that all good laws can grow, and all evil laws will not be born. The Buddha's beads of Dharani, the Buddha who persisted, has the meaning of integrating good law and suppressing evil.
    20, Maniti
    Mani means a Orb, which is said to have the function of eliminating disasters. Maniti is a hard brown fruit, and there are many patterns on the surface. It has a strong function of exorcism and disaster and avoidance, and wearing it can help peace and wealth.
    21, Xingyue Bodhi
    Xingyue Bodhi is a rare plant, with a hard texture, Xingyue Bodhi shape is a uniform black spots with milk yellow Bodhi beads, and there is a concave circle in the middle , Like the stars and the moon, hence the name of Xingyue Bodhi. Known as one of the four famous beads in the world.
    22, Tianzhu
    Tianzhu is the ancient name of India. There is a mountain famous Tianzhu Mountain in the south of Lingyin Mountain, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The Bodhicitta nominated Bodhi in the mountains is different in size, oval, and there are many irregular spots in the appearance. Tianzhu Bodhi has elegant and deep charm and charm.

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