1 thought on “What should I do if I bought a diamond K color?”

  1. The quality of the diamond K color is really not good, but as long as the price is reasonable, you can also wear it
    The diamond color is divided into 23 levels. The level is decreasing, and the quality is decreasing. The degree of color levels of these 23 levels has been divided into several different levels:

    There are rare, of which D color is a very good grade color, and it is also the color level that many diamond rings like to use.
    The colorless level: G, H, I, J, and the naked eye can hardly see any color, but comparing them with colorless levels will be relatively colorful.
    Mild micro -yellow level: K, L, M. It is generally difficult to see the color when watching it. If it is diamonds of more than 1 carat, the color will be relatively obvious.
    D yellow level: n, o, p, even the color that can be seen by the naked eye, few people choose such a diamond ring. As for the P -level, it rarely appears in the public’s field of vision, because the jewelry industry has strictly controlled the diamond color grade, and most brand diamond ring uses colorless diamonds.

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