2 thoughts on “What name does the jewelry shop take?”

  1. The name is the code of an enterprise. The common name method of the jewelry enterprise is the name of the operator's own name plus some meaning or transliteration in other languages, just like several well -known Hong Kong -funded enterprises now. The name of the name, there are also "Qiu Mei Emerald" named after my own name, "Dai Meng De" transliterated in English, I have seen several people named after my own products, "Yudanglong" and "Jing Yaoyao". melodious.

  2. There are some names of the jewelry shop and the name of the jewelry company. You can see if you like it.
    San Na Jewelry Company
    A Blow Jewelry Company

    Jewelry Co., Ltd.
    Sai Li Ban Jewelry Company

    Ceyu jewelry company
    Wowen jewelry company
    million charm jewelry company


    If you do n’t like it, you can try the second brother ’s free company name system. The operation is very simple.
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