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  1. K -level diamonds are pale yellow, and it is easy to see the naked eye. The American Gem Institute divided colorless to yellow to D, E, F, ..., U, V, W and other colors. my country adopts this color classification method.
    D level: completely colorless. The highest color level is extremely rare.
    e grade: colorless. Only gem appraisal experts can detect trace colors and are very rare diamonds.
    F level: colorless. A small amount of colors can only be detected by jewelry experts, but it is still considered a colorless grade and belongs to high -quality diamonds.
    g -H: close to colorless. When compared with higher color diamonds, it has a slight color, but this color -grade diamonds still have high value.
    i -J: Close to colorless. The slight color can be detected, and the value is high.
    k -M level: dark color, poor fire color.
    N — Z -Z: The color is darker, the fire color is poor.
    Pucting information:
    The different color grading systems are adopted in different countries and regions, but these hierarchical systems are similar to each other. The color is divided into 23 levels, which are represented by English letters D -Z. The 11 levels of D -N are the most commonly used.
    The color of the diamond is mainly colorless, white, and pale yellow. Yellow is a taboo of diamonds, and the depth of its withering directly affects the quality and value of diamonds. Therefore, the color of diamonds is the primary factor in its economic evaluation. The international jewelry industry has a strict grading of diamond colors, and countries also have corresponding evaluation standards.
    The evaluation of diamond color grades, most of them adopt a contrast method, that is, under the standard white diamond lamp, compare the diamonds required for "standard diamond samples". Because this grading is subject to the plan of the American Gem Institute, the standard diamond used for contrast is best identified by the American Gem Institute and a certificate is required.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Non-Colored Diamond

  2. Diamonds can be seen from the Kedic Eye.
    K diamonds
    The K color of the diamond is the level of the diamond color, which is K grade. K level: means that the color is light yellow (brown, gray) or white. The color of diamonds below the K or K level is close to light yellow. These levels of diamonds are cheaper, and people familiar with diamonds can sometimes be distinguished with the naked eye.
    The colorlessness is the best. The deeper the color, the worse the quality. In the colorless diamond classification, the top color is D color, and it is arranged to Z in turn. Here we only say that from D to J's color level, D-F is a colorless level, G-J is a near-color level. Without the meaning of collection, the precepts below the K color are also very beautiful.
    Because the diamonds from K will gradually be yellowish. When choosing a diamond, the color of the I-J is also in the nearby colorless category, but it can also be noticed that a slight yellow diamond with color is also noticed.
    K color level of diamonds
    A question about diamond K color mainly depends on everyone's own views. After all, some people prefer its color, so they also think it is good. In fact, diamonds How is K color is not important, what is important is suitable for you!
    In above the diamond level division standard, K color is lower in the diamond color level, and K -color diamonds smaller than 0.2 usually do not feel the color, and if it is a large particle diamond, it can be felt when it is a large particle diamond. There are colors, such as one -carat and above diamonds.

  3. The color of the diamond starts from D to level 23, Z is a level at the end. D is completely colorless, E-F is colorless, G-J is close to colorless, while K-level diamonds are pale yellow and can be discerned with the naked eye.
    Due to the yellow color of the K color, it is visible to the naked eye. The larger the diamond cutting table, the larger the quality of the diamond, and the flaws of the diamond with a low clarity are amplified. If you choose platinum, it will highlight the color defects of the diamond.
    If as a wedding ring, most people still choose the diamond ring of I-J level, because this level of ring can basically be considered colorless

  4. The color of the diamond starts from D, and the domestic division of D-E/F-G/H/I-J/K-L ... I-J can see yellow starting. However, it also depends on the clarity and cutting work, and some people like yellow diamonds.

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