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  1. Some collected friends, for the poorly purchased gold and silver commemorative coins, always want to make them glorious and beautiful. When discovering dirt on the coins, they often use the method of cleaning gold and silver jewelry to clean it. In fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, For these gold and silver commemorative coins, let him continue to keep the original, and it is not advisable to blindly pursue its "smooth as new". Of course, if you want to make him beautiful, you can also take the following methods to deal with: gold coin cleaning: Gold coins do not need to be cleaned. In case of soaring, just clean it in warm soapy water, and then use water with water. Rinse and dry water in two soft cloths. Silver coin cleaning: The method of cleaning the silver coin first depends on the degree of oxidation and color of the silver coin. If the silver coins with high silver content are only slightly oxidized, then it is best to use ammonia aquatic solution to add sodium carbonate solution and toothpaste to be used to clean it, or use a small amount of water with a small amount of water, soak the silver coins into its solution for a few minutes. It can also be used. Gently wipe the coin noodles dipped in the cotton ball. After the oxidation layer of the currency surface is dissolved, rinse it with water. Remember the following points in the process of cleaning gold and silver coins: ① The chemicals of detergent will change the color of the gold, so it is not advisable to make chemicals and other chemicals such as gold and silver coins. ② Do not use heavy sulfuric acid and nitrate solution; toothbrushes, sandpaper, etc. cannot be used; avoid direct contact with high volatile substances such as water and hair glue, otherwise it will easily cause gold and silver coins to fade. ③ When the hand fingers sweat, it is not advisable to contact the gold and silver coins to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer of the gold and silver coins. ④ When storage, use a well -sealed special packaging bag or wrap it in a velvet and put it in the box to avoid friction and damage to each other. ⑤ The gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull, collide, squeeze gold and silver coins to avoid deformation.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the best way to clean the silver coin is not cleaning 1. Old silver coins will destroy the surface layer in the silver coin bag, so there is no correct way to wash coins. Washing is wrong. 2. The best way is to not wash the old silver coins. What does the old silver coin look like?nSilver dollar damage is slightly cleaned method 1. Called silver coin professionals help clean up. 2. Several time to bubble silver coins with a dedicated liquid washing, and remove the packed pulp by hand or machine shock. Note that the surface of the old silver coins should not be friction to prevent scratches. Note: Although the above two methods can clean the old silver coins, it will also destroy the surface of the silver coin more or less.

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