4 thoughts on “Give girls a small gift, a little romantic”

  1. 1. Jewelry: Every girl loves beauty, while jewelry can make girls more beautiful. Then choose a fashionable jewelry as a gift for girls, I believe girls will like it. Of course, choosing jewelry is also skillful. If you send friends, don't send the ring. Sending a necklace, earrings or hair clips is a good choice.

    2. Dolls: Girls now prefer dolls to toys. Whether it is a live -action doll's cartoon itself or a cute and comfortable plush doll, these dolls will make girls crazy. Especially the live -action cartoon itself, this is a memorable gift, and it is also the most popular creative gift in the Internet.

    3. Fashion: Girls now like fashion very much, whether it is fashionable clothes or fashionable food. As long as they are fashionable, girls like it. When choosing a gift, you can consider some such choices.

    4. Play: Girls' love for playing can be compared with children. Whether you go to the playground to play or go to the field, as long as you can play, then I believe that girls will not give up.

    5. Cosmetics: The current girls are already interested in makeup, because cosmetics can make themselves more beautiful. Therefore, cosmetics can also be selected among girls' favorite gifts.

    1. Ring, which means that love you to your heart, willing to be ringing for your love
    2. Necklace, which means that you are only the only one in your heart, there is no person in your heart. Other opposite sex
    3. Bracelets, in addition to wanting to circulate you, also imply that he only loves you alone
    4. The bracelet, which means that you want to tie you for a lifetime
    5. Living in this life, living in the afterlife, I hope that the next life can be together

    The red rose represents enthusiastic true love;
    yellow roses represent treasure blessings and jealousy;
    Precious and unique;
    White roses represent purity and innocence;
    black roses represent gentleness and sincerity;
    orange -red roses friendship and youthful beauty;
    blue roses represent goodness and kindness.

    roses -seeking love full -star -love pity
    lily -100 -year -old sunflower -love
    合 —— —— ——
    Red Bean -Dendrobium Dendrobium -willful beauty
    Red chrysanthemum -I love the purple clove -shy
    White cloves -read my tulip -love fable n willow branches -attachment Purple Orland -Eternal Beauty
    Persian chrysanthemum -Alternative Forever Margaret -Lover Love

    The meaning of chocolate:

    fruit kernel chocolate — 人
    wine heart chocolate -drunk with you
    milk fragrance chocolate -my honey

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