4 thoughts on “What are the novel exhibition methods for credit loans?”

  1. 79 exhibition methods, there are always some suitable for you

    One network method:

    1. Online promotion, do homepage and platform post
    2. Local information port and other networks The platform's information promotion release
    3. Looking for customers with demand on the loan website (Rong 360. Good Loan.com, Yidai.com, An Loan Cross, etc.)
    4. Publicity in network contact methods such as various industry groups
    6. Online fellow villagers and fellows meet, real estate groups in the development zone
    7. Search for friends near QQ, send information promotion
    8. Signature
    9. WeChat drifting bottle promotion

    two advertising promotion:

    10. Pull banner in the conspicuous position in the community
    11. . Consultation point of the community (setting)
    13. Page pages of door seams in each residential area
    14. Page
    16. Putting and communicating with the shop owner, issuing publicity
    17. Cooperate with the car beauty shop, set a single page
    18. Cooperate with the owner of the car washing store You can give a small gift
    19. Let your relatives and friends help spread publicity in their communication circle
    20. Friends gathering dinner and posting business cards, industry symposium promotion
    21. n22. Cable TV SMS Sales
    23. Stroke inkjet ads in the unit building
    24. SMS group sending
    25. Making advertisements on various blessing products
    27. Making public welfare advertisements in public toilets
    28. Some public places warning signs
    31. Making business card boxes on a taxi
    32. Make mouse pads into advertisements in Internet cafes
    33. Use various resources for advertising, such as small supermarkets small Selling shop -hung billboards
    34. Lighbor lighters and car bus seats make advertisements
    35. Play advertisements on Xiaomo's body
    36. n37. Put Yilabao in front of the supermarket
    38. Stereo advertising promotion of the intermediary door
    39. Car body advertisement
    40. Point plug -in
    42. Newspaper and other media advertising, (pay attention to quality)
    43. Make publicity
    45. Visit the intersection of high -speed roads to pull banners
    46. Make gift bag shopping bags

    47. Pay attention to the return and maintenance of old customers
    48. Playing a good relationship with bank staff
    49. Customer friends to introduce
    50. Introduction to the resources of insurance personnel
    52. Real estate, car sales personnel to introduce
    53. You can let customers provide the address book of their company
    54. If the personnel in the insurance company are familiar with
    55. Resource sharing in the securities financial circle
    56. The shop to make business cards should be left at the bottom of the business card

    58. Find the customer's contact information through the friends of the online company to conduct electricity sales
    59. Find the contact information of the boss on the network sales platform such as Dangdang The list of the owners of the community property
    61. The golden time period for electricity sales at 10: 00-11: 30 pm 15: 00-17: 30
    62. n63. The call on the recruitment advertisement can be used as a telemarket list
    64. :

    66. Make more self -recommendation. Now the excavation of my resources
    67. Looking for information on the publicity media such as newspapers to visit
    68. Pay attention to real estate transfer, commercial recruitment information information Mo Bai
    69. Community property and real estate agencies look for the contact information of housing property owners to Mo Bai publicity
    70. I want to talk to strangers every day
    71. Garden
    73. Sweep the shop (looking for it with patience like rainy days)
    74. Propaganda

  2. To say novelty, you still have to seek business on your mobile phone. The online credit exhibition APP is a new way. It is much better than the scanning fellowship and the outfield leaflets. You can try it. There are many such apps in the software store. For example, Bobo, push mode, can find the customers who want it.

  3. In the past, there were many traditional offline methods for credit exhibitions, but now they need to catch up with the trend and make good use of online tools ~
    The exhibition tools used by people in the industry, called brokerage exhibition treasure (the public account is also the name), completely Free, fill in your own introduction information, posters and soft texts can bring your own advertisements. The data analysis has more research, and there are more topics with customers. To make credit to let customers trust you, feel you to feel you Attentive!

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