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  1. In a constant society, more and more places need to be used for promise. The promise letter consists of title, Qi language, text, conclusion, signature, signature, and day. I believe that writing commitments is a problem that makes many people headache. The following is 10 food commitments I collected for everyone. I hope to help everyone.
    If food commitments 1 people take food as the first, food quality and safety responsibility is more important than Taishan. As a supplier of the first brand of Chinese liquor, the problem of food quality and safety is the prerequisite for all our safety production and processing. In order to fully implement the "Food Safety Law" and the "Implementation Regulations", strictly organize production in accordance with the law, and bear the main body of food quality and safety. Responsibility, continuously ensure the quality and safety of food production, assume the social responsibility of food safety, abide by the moral outlook on producing food with the company's conscience, and build food safety lines. To this end, our company solemnly promises to the society and Wuliangye Group Corporation:
    (1) Fightingly establish the concept of "doing food is to do conscience", and to effectively fulfill the responsibility of food safety with the responsibility of society and the public, and accept the supervision of society and the masses.
    (2) Strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, operate integrity, 范 范 范 范, ensure the quality and safety of food, occupy the market by quality, and do not produce counterfeit and inferior products.
    (3) Strictly enter the factory, strictly verify the original auxiliary materials, and prevent unqualified raw and auxiliary materials entering the production processing process and illegal use of food additives and non -food production foods.
    (4) Strictly control the production level, organize production in accordance with national standards and relevant requirements, ensure that the process and process are scientific and reasonable, and the production process and key control points management specifications.
    (5) Strictly leave the factory and strengthen the inspection system. Indeed, the product is approved to inspect the products to ensure that the results of the factory inspection are accurate, and products that do not meet the food safety standards will never go out of the factory.
    (6) Realize the origin of product quality. Establish and improve the entire process records of procurement and additive procurement and use of additive procurement and use of supplementary materials, process control, factory inspection, and product sales, and find that defective products are recalled in time.
    (7) I will keep the above promises. This "Food Quality and Safety Promise" is two copies, one of me and material procurement center.
    The person in charge of the commitment unit: (signature stamping)
    Plexis time: Year, month
    food commitment book 2 is to ensure the safety of the kindergarten cafeteria, ensure the health and life safety of teachers and students, To create a good dining environment for the catering industry, this unit specially promises to the society:
    . Strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, and firmly establish the food of the first person in charge of the food safety of the kindergarten cafeteria. Safety awareness, comprehensively do food safety work, strictly implement food safety specifications in the cafeteria, and prevent food poisoning or food -based diseases.
    . Strictly implement the health management system of employees, and regularly do a good job of health inspection and food safety knowledge training for employees. Those who are found to prevent food safety disorders immediately leave their jobs.
    . Ensure that the inside and outside of the cafeteria is neat and clean, and take effective fly, mouse -proof, and dustproof facilities.
    If 4. Strictly abide by food processing and production procedures, cooked food and cooked, meet safety requirements. In the process of food processing and production, ensure that non -food raw materials processing foods are not used, additives do not use additives, and do not use expired metamorphosis and contaminated foods.
    5. Strictly put food raw materials procurement and purchase acceptance, establish a food purchase inspection record system, check the supplier's license and related certification documents during purchase, and establish food procurement and purchase acceptance accounts. The following foods:
    1. Corruption deterioration, oily acid deficiency, moldy insects, dirty and unclean, mixed with odor, and may be harmful to human health.
    2. Unpaid meat and unqualified meat and meat foods without veterinarian inspection.
    3. Poultry, animals, beasts, aquatic animals, etc. with illness, poisoning, or unknown cause of death.
    4. Foods that are filthy, severe damage, or unclean transportation of container packaging.
    5. Foods exceeding the shelf life.
    6. The pre -packaged food that does not meet the prescribed label
    6. Strictly implement the meal (drink) cleaning, disinfection and cleaning system, and wash and eliminate meals (drink) according to the standard process. Qualified catering tools, tools, containers.
    Seven. When food poisoning or suspected food poisoning occurs, actively cooperate with the relevant supervision departments to investigate and deal with it, and take the initiative to do a good job in the aftermath.
    8. The unit will strictly fulfill the above commitments, be responsible for society and the public, ensure food safety, accept social supervision, and assume social responsibility.
    promise: xxx
    Time: xxxx year xx month xx day
    food commitment book 3 Food market food safety operation commitment letter to establish a safe and assured consumer environment to ensure the people of the people Health and safety, the center of the centralized trade market management office (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and the farmer's market operator (hereinafter referred to as Party B) specially signed a special responsibility letter.
    . Party A must practice the following responsibilities:
    Is responsible for publicity and implementation of the county food safety committee and market supervision and administration bureau on ensuring food safety, formulating the commodity access system, and undertaking food safety in accordance with the law Manage the responsibilities of the first responsible person.
    (2) Create regular fast testing of agricultural products and publicize it. Urges Party B to destruction, harmless, recovered, and return to non -qualified goods.
    (3) Equipped full -time food safety administrators. Timely supervise 100 % of the food business households to establish a cord ticket system. For products that cannot provide legal credentials, they will resolutely prohibit admission and ensure food safety and reliability.
    (4) Stop the occupation, construction, expansion, or mobile operations in the field. Ensure that the passage in the field is smooth and the environment is neat.
    . Party B must practice the following responsibilities:
    (1) The safety responsibilities of those who are responsible for direct food safety, and implement the commodity access system formulated by the government departments and Party A.
    (2) Establish a system of purchase inspection and acceptance and observation. When purchasing, it is necessary to obtain the qualification certificate of the supplier and the production and processing unit (business license, production and operation permit), and at the same time It is also necessary to obtain relevant certificates or photocopies of food quality inspection and quarantine certificates such as food quality inspection and quarantine, qualification for food quality qualification certificates.
    (3) Establish a purchase account to ask for every purchase invoice; all foods must meet quality standards.
    (4) Actively assist Party A and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and other relevant departments to carry out regular rapid testing and sampling inspection, and consciously destroy, harmless, recover, and return the goods to unqualified goods.
    (5) When food safety problems occur, actively cooperate with government departments and Party A to do a good job of disposal and aftermath.
    3. Party B has one of the following situations, Party A has the right to cancel Party B's participation in the market for the next year's booth bidding:
    1. punished by relevant departments and exposure of the media, the circumstances will seriously cause adverse effects;
    . What causes major food safety accidents;
    3. It is not corrected by the relevant departments and Party A to issue food quality and safety warnings 2 times or more within one year.
    . The letter of responsibility is in one copy, and both parties in A and B have each one.
    Party A: (Signing) Party B: (signature)
    Food commitment book 4 is to ensure consumers' diet safety, create a good dining environment in the catering industry, build a honest and harmonious society, this unit is special for this unit. Social public commitment:
    : Strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, strictly implement the standards of the catering service industry, and firmly establish the concept of safety first and integrity.
    : Strictly implement the health management system of employees. Do a good job in the health inspection of employees and the training of food safety.
    : Ensure that the environment inside and outside the restaurant is neat and clean, and take effective flies, mouse -proof, and dustproof facilities.
    : The food production process is standardized and meets the safety requirements. In the process of food production and operation, ensure that non -food raw materials processing foods are not used, additives do not use additives, do not use expired metamorphosis and contaminated foods, do not use non -food utensils and containers, packaged materials, do not use uninterrupted catering catering that is not disinfected and qualified Have, tools, containers.
    four: Strictly check the purchase and purchase acceptance of food raw materials. Establish a food purchase inspection record system, check the supplier's license and related certification documents and establish food procurement and purchase acceptance accounts when purchasing, and do not purchase rotten deterioration, toxic, harmful, and unknown food raw materials and food.
    5: Strictly implement meals (drink) cleaning, disinfection and cleaning system. Following the specification process to wash and eliminate meals (drinking), unintentional catering utensils shall not be used by customers.
    6: Strengthen the owner of the catering service unit (legal person representative) the first responsible person consciousness of food safety, and implement various food safety management systems for catering services. If the food provided damages consumers' rights and interests, it is voluntarily accepted in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China.
    Mou will strictly fulfill the above commitments, be responsible for society and the public, ensure food safety, accept social supervision, and assume social responsibility.
    promise: xxx
    Date: xx year XX month xx day
    Fast food commitment book 5 In order to ensure the safety of imports and exports of Shanghai ports, our company promises to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations. Before obtaining the food qualification certificate issued by the inspection and quarantine agency, "Health Certificate or" Inspection and Quarantine Certificate of Entry Carrories "), it will never leave, use, and sell the imported food in this batch.
    The imported food in this batch is stored in the following warehouse venues:
    The warehousing site name storage venue Address:
    import company Contact:
    Company seal)
    If food commitment book 6 In order to conscientiously implement the "Food Safety Law" to ensure the safety of food circulation, the operator solemnly guarantees:
    . Strictly engaged in laws and regulations such as "Food Safety Law" and other laws and regulations Food business activities, responsible for society and the public, integrity management, ensure the safety of food operating, understand social supervision, and assume social duties.
    . The food and raw material processing, food processing, packaging, storage and other venues that are compatible with the food varieties and quantities of food and quantity are fitted with the following requirements:
    (1) The operating venue is so toxic, harmful places and harmful places. Other sources of pollution adhere to the prescribed distance;
    (2) separate operating venues from individual living spaces;
    (3) The internal environment is tidy; Adapt to disinfection, dressing, ravioli, lighting, lighting, ventilation, ventilation, anti -corrosion, dust, flood prevention, mouse prevention, insects, washing and processing of wastewater, storage of waste and waste, and fitting the following requirements n (1) The design of equipment and facility spatial layout and operation processes and operation processes is provided with a reasonable layout;
    (2) containers, tools and equipment for storage, transportation, and loading and unloading food食品安全所需的温度等特殊要求,不得将食品与有毒、有害物品一齐运输;rn   (三)备有数量足够、安全无害的工具、容器,标志明显,防止直接入口食品与非Directly portable food, raw materials and finished products;
    (4) Food container, tools and equipment strictly separated from personal lifestyle. 4. Establish a health management system for employees. The operators conduct necessary health inspections each year, and engage in food business activities after obtaining health certificates. Persist in personal hygiene, wash your hands when you sell food, and wear clean work clothes and hats. 5. Establish a food purchase inspection record system. When purchasing food, check the supplier's license, business license and certification documents for food qualifications, and truthfully record the name, specifications, quantity, production batch number, shelf life, supplier name and contact information, and purchase date of the food. The period is not less than two years. Use the electronic account as soon as possible to create conditions.
    6. Storage of food in accordance with the requirements of ensuring food safety, checking shelves and inventory foods regularly, and cleaning foods that have metamorphic or exceeding the shelf life in time.
    Seven. For unqualified foods announced by the self -inspection or administrative department, immediately take measures such as removal of sealing and stopping sales to make relevant records and notify relevant production operators and consumers, and assist unqualified foods for unqualified foods. Recall.
    8. The information of food advertisements is true and legal, without false or exaggerated materials, and does not involve disease prevention and treatment functions.
    . If you operate pre -packaged food, fit the following requirements:
    (1) The warning signs, warning description or precautions marked by the food label; The packaging of packaging food has Chinese labels and Chinese descriptions, which contains the name, address, and contact method of food origin and the names, addresses, and contact methods of domestic agents. X. Those who operate bulk foods, fit the following requirements:
    (1) Storage of bulk foods, indicate the name of food, production date, shelf life, production factory address and contact method at the storage location; ) Sell bulk food, indicate the name of the food, the production date, the shelf life, the name of the production operator and the contact information of the production operator on the container of bulk food, and the name of the food.
    XX year XX month xx day
    food commitment book 7 Dongli District Huaming Street Management Committee:
    I intend to open a snack bar in Huaming Homeland , Mainly the Yunnan rice noodles. In order to ensure the safety of food hygiene, in accordance with the requirements of the "Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China" and the requirements of the Ministry of Health's "Sanitary Standards for Catering Industry and Collective Meal Delivery Unit", the special promises are as follows:
    1. Strictly follow health laws and regulations With the requirements of hygiene standards, do a good job of personal hygiene of employees, and implement a daily health inspection system to ensure that employees wear clean working clothes, do not expose their hair, do not leave long nails, do not apply nail polish, do not wear ornaments, male employees do not leave long Fair and beard; wash your hands before operation to keep your hands clean; you must not cough and sneeze near food, tableware, kitchen utensils; take off your work clothes before entering the toilet, and wash your hands after you go out of the toilet; find that there are hindered catering hygiene and safety symptoms. , Immediately separate from work; strengthen internal health management to ensure that basic sanitary facilities are complete.
    . Strictly check the purchase and insist on the purchase of the purchase of the purchase of the purchase. It will never purchase the "three -no" food, the original (auxiliary) ingredients, and the expired metamorphic food. Article 9 of the "Food Sanitation Law" stipulates that food and food raw materials prohibited from production and operation, and built food purchase and sales accounts.
    3. Strictly abide by the rules of food production and processing, food processing must be cooked, and food additives are used strictly in accordance with national standards; strictly adhere to the food
    food trials and samples, food samples can be achieved, The quantity and time are sufficient to prevent the occurrence of group food poisoning incidents.
    . Establish food poisoning and emergency public health emergency response plans for food poisoning and emergencies. When providing food for food, it may cause a serious recall of personal safety, and timely and properly handle public health incidents in a timely manner.
    5. Consciously accept the supervision of public opinion, actively cooperate with the food hygiene supervision and inspection of the store's team of the health administrative department, and warmly receive consumers' consultation and complaints to ensure a satisfactory answer and treatment for consumers.
    If violated the above commitments and caused losses to consumers, I voluntarily accepted the corresponding punishment of the catering health supervision agency.
    promise: XXX
    20xx October 12th
    The Food Promise Book 8 is to implement the "Interim Regulations on Implementing the Safety Production of Production and Operation Units in Production and Operations" and "legal person representative safety According to the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China", as the person in charge of the safety work of the school, I ensure the conscientious implementation of the laws, regulations, policies and work requirements of the national and autonomous regions on safety production, and actively implement the main body of production safety. Responsibilities, work hard to do the school safety work of this post, and reduce and prevent production safety accidents.
    Solemn commitment:
    1. Carefully study and implement the laws and regulations of superiors, publicize safety knowledge, and implement the implementation of safety work measures.
    2. Actively assist the principal to do a good job of school safety work and liability for negative division of safety work on campus.
    3. Regularly organize safety inspections (once a month) to analyze and study rectification measures for hidden safety hazards.
    4. Organize and formulate school safety management systems, and urge all rooms to implement them.
    5. Do a good job of configuration and management of school safety prevention facilities so that it is in the best state.
    6. Actively cooperate with the principal to investigate and deal with the accident safety accidents that occur in the school, and assist the director of the director to deal with the aftermath.
    7. Actively do a good job in the construction of the school's safety management personnel and improve the quality of business.
    If violations of the above commitments and failure to fulfill the school's safety work management responsibilities, resulting in a responsibility accident, voluntary acceptance of the following punishment:
    . Accidents within the scope of my duties, and bear corresponding economic compensation;
    2. At the same time, accept the corresponding party and political discipline;
    . If a crime constitutes a crime, accept the corresponding criminal punishment;
    . If serious behaviors such as reporting or preventing accidents, rejection of accident investigation, etc. Accept the corresponding party, political discipline.
    The commitment of this commitment will be valid for a long time from the date of signing; if the post changes, it is implemented according to the promise of the new post.
    The signature of the promise:
    20xx X Month X Day
    If food commitment book 9 is the first responsible person of food operators, effectively ensure food safety, and make in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and make it. The following commitments:
    I. Strictly abide by the provisions and requirements of laws and regulations such as the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, and implement various management systems for food safety.
    . After ensuring the obtaining the "Food Circulation License" in accordance with the law, they are engaged in food business activities. Food practitioners hold a legal and effective health certificate and conduct food safety knowledge training in accordance with regulations.
    3. Strengthen food safety management, regularly check and evaluate food safety status, remove the food and unqualified food, remove the market in a timely manner, recall the food for sale, and reduce social harm.
    . Careful performance of the purchase inspection obligations, inspecting the license of the supplier, the qualified certificate of the food factory inspection or other qualified certificates, and establishing a ledger to make the account consistent.
    5. Make sure to store and sell foods in accordance with the conditions marked by the food label, and clean up foods that have metamorphic or exceed the shelf life in time, and do not make fascinating false publicity.
    6. In accordance with relevant state regulations, the purchase voucher is issued to the buyer. If the quality of food purchases for food, the quality of the food can be refunded or compensated by the purchase voucher.
    7. Seriously handle consumer complaints about food quality and safety, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
    Prinkler: The person in charge:
    If food commitment book 10 In order to further strengthen the industry's self -discipline, consciously standardize the production and operation activities of the catering service industry, and effectively protect the people of the people. nI. Strictly abide by the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", "Measures for the Supervision and Management of Food Safety Supervision", and "Code for Food Safety Operations" and other relevant laws and regulations to ensure that the "Catering Service License" is engaged in The catering industry operates to ensure food safety.
    . Carefully fulfill and undertake the main responsibility of food safety, actively accept the supervision of government functional departments, consumers and society, emphasize and implement the consciousness of the first person in charge of food safety, and strengthen the food safety management of the unit.
    . Ensure that all food practitioners (including temporary and new work) hold valid health qualification certificates and food safety knowledge training qualification certificates.
    . Ensure the establishment of food, food raw materials and food additive procurement permits and acceptance systems; ensure the effective process quality management of the entire process of food processing, food processing and sales of food raw materials; , And sign a fixed -point procurement contract; ensure that the purchased food and food raw materials are consistent with the invoice obtained invoices. Ensure that the sources of pork and vegetable foods that are purchased can be traced on the sources of raw materials for food; pork, poultry and animals that do not use sickness, poison, and unknown causes, do not use inferior edible oil, unqualified food and raw materials, and have no toxic toxic Harm substances enter the unit.
    . The guarantee does not meet the national "Sanitary Standards for Food Additives" and food additives that are not included in the national announcement directory;
    6. Make sure that the label logo is not comprehensive and the packaging is damaged and the food additives exceed the shelf life.
    Is, ensure the safety conditions of catering consumption safety, processing facilities and related auxiliary equipment. Cooked food rooms strictly achieve special personnel, specialized rooms, special tools, special refrigerators (cabinets), special disinfection facilities, strictly implement the requirements for standardization, operation, storage and other processes, and take effective measures to prevent raw foods and cooked foods, raw materials and raw materials and food materials, raw materials and raw materials and raw materials and raw materials and raw materials and ingredients. Foods to be processed and cross -contaminated by finished products to ensure that they provide and use disinfected catering utensils.
    8. Ensure that the work responsibilities of the staff of each position of the unit are clear, carefully supervise the staff of each position to perform their duties, conscientiously implement the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations of the catering industry, and strive to create the quantitative grading management of the food safety supervision of catering services. A , B -level unit, strive to create food safety demonstration units for catering services.
    9. Make sure that the unit does not exceed the reception capacity to host the banquet, make a good sample of foods for banquets, and keep it for 48 hours. Once a suspected food poisoning incident is found, it will immediately report to the relevant departments such as the Food and Drug Administration.
    X. Carefully handle the complaints and suggestions of consumers, maximize the reasonable suggestions and requirements of consumers, and be a honest and trustworthy catering industry operator. Actively cooperate with the food and drug regulatory authorities to supervise and inspect in accordance with the law.
    Is if you have violated the commitment, are willing to bear all responsibilities and urge all sectors of society to supervise.
    The name of the promise unit (stamped): The legal representative (person in charge or owner) signs: year, month and day

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