4 thoughts on “How to find customer resources for indoor formaldehyde treatment”

  1. Many are operated by the Internet. For example, search engines, such as information flow promotion, but the early investment cost is relatively high, and it is impossible to guarantee how many precise customers can be obtained. Indoor formaldehyde treatment generally faces the C -end customer group, which can be operated in this way. The cost of customer acquisition is fixed, and the conversion rate is available. Need accurate customer resources to talk.

  2. The method of finding customers before formaldehyde treatment: cooperate with the decoration company to propagate offline advertising Baidu bidding. But now the market competition is large, the promotion costs are getting bigger and bigger, and these methods have no advantages.
    Now there is a novel way: directly to the clue of intentional customers, you directly talk to the customer. Search our related keywords such as "formaldehyde treatment" by requiring users; click on our own or peer competing website; contact the external consultation phone; download the relevant apps in our industry; obtain through the above behavior to obtain the above behavior obtaining the above behavior obtained

  3. Looking for the new community, there are many decoration in the new community, and there are more formaldehyde treatment! New communities, new hotels, new home improvement households, etc.!

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