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  1. a.
    Lao Fengxiang is a well -known brand in China. It was founded in 1848, so it can be called a Chinese national brand for nearly a century. Its original name is a silver building in Shanghai. And Lao Fengxiang's chain to join the silver building is also spreading in China.
    Lao Fengxiang's gold jewelry inherited and promoted the outstanding traditional and extraordinary appearance of the company's development so far. Lao Fengxiang's gold jewelry is diligent in the trust of many customers with excellent reputation, superb craftsmanship, high -quality goods and enthusiastic service projects.
    Mo old Fengxiang brand has continued to win all national -level brands, not only to get "well -known Chinese trademarks", "well -known Chinese brand", "well -known Chinese business services", "well -known Chinese business brand", "hundred -year -old -fashioned brand name 100, the top 100 names Enterprise "waiting for title.
    Mo Fengxiang has previously been rated by the international brand authoritative department as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand", "Fortune 500 in Asia", "Top 100 Jewelry Jewelry", and its brand use value is 43. Five 100 million yuan, far ahead of Chinese jewelry company.
    Thefel jewelry and jewelry together with CCTV-1 "Star Avenue", "Dream Ceremony", "Chinese Song", "Mid-Autumn Festival Gala", exclusive agent names 2015, 2016, 2017, 2016, 2016, 2016, 2016 The 2018 and 2019 Spring Festival Gala has specially planned "Happy to Fortune to Good Luck".
    sefir without solder gold -According to the "welded welding process" of the national invention patent, the gold is more purely valuable. As a new brand, Saifel, whether it is design plan, independent innovation, processing technology, style, method, method or marketing promotion level, he has done well in jewelry, especially gold jewelry, especially gold jewelry. There is no way to compare with him at all.

  2. Syphel is the main thing to make gold with a little colorful diamond. There are a lot of marriage. The invited Li Yan is the spokesperson, the advertisement is really bad, and the pictures are taken. I don't know anything else, it is a brand in Shandong, and Shandong seems to be OK.
    Mo Fengxiang is a century -old shop in the gold jewelry industry. The price of Lao Fengxiang is slightly more expensive. But I personally think that Zhou Dafu's style is more trendy. Which one you choose, this still depends on your hobbies.
    The big brand of weeks, but it must be more expensive, and more choices. Many of them are very suitable for young people. The style must be better, girls must prefer. In fact, if the gold is not particular about the style, the purity is enough.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer personally feels that compared to the two brands. In fact, no brand's gold jewelry is better. Each has its own advantages. If it is mature, you can choose Lao Fengxiang. Young is more suitable for Safir. With a long history of Lao Fengxiang, the development momentum of Safir develops rapidly, and also relied on reliable quality. Both companies are very trustworthy. However, the main audience of the two brands is different. When choosing jewelry, you still have to choose to meet your style. If you are more mature, you can choose Lao Fengxiang, which is more suitable for Seffel. Lao Fengxiang is an old brand, and the brand value is more prominent when people buy. There are relatively few people know that Safir knows. However, if you buy gold jewelry, the price will not be far away. The main difference is the quality of the jewelry and the quality of after -sales service. Syphel has done a good job in weldless gold technology and after -sales. quick

  4. Hello,
    Gold jewelry selection, in addition to opening cost -effective, is craftsmanship and characteristics.
    Myon Fengxiang is a well -known old brand in China, so personal construction is better to Lao Fengxiang.
    Stofel jewelry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, was founded in 1993.
    Lao Fengxiang, a national brand founded in 1848, Lao Fengxiang,

  5. See what product you want to buy.
    If of the gold, of course, Siffel. After all, anyone who wants to buy gold wants to buy purity, and if you have purity, you will consider the style. High purity, more worth buying.
    It if diamonds, Lao Fengxiang does not seem to have any special products. Most of them are conventional models.
    Mo Fengxiang has always been tepid,

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