5 thoughts on “Can the gold jewelry bought in Lao Fengxiang can change other styles in any old Fengxiang chain store in the country?”

  1. You can change it, but there must be bills and labels on the counter. The replacement is expensive.
    old Fengxiang gold jewelry is effective credentials such as the invoice receipt of the purchase of the product with the old replacement; when the old replacement is replaced, you must also understand the gold price of the market at that time.
    It Lao Fengxiang Yinlou, in addition to deducting losses, also requires another handicraft fee. If the gold jewelry sold by our store should deduct 8%of the losses; Plus 10 yuan per gram of manual fee.
    Extension information: Lao Fengxiang was founded in 1848 and has a history of 170 years. As a well -known brand with a century -old history, it is always on the front line of the industry. The quality must be beyond doubt.
    In terms of product design, Lao Fengxiang has a design team of more than 100 people. It is constantly pushing new and continuing the classics. "The brand is old, new, fine, and good reputation."
    In terms of brand, quality, and styles, Lao Fengxiang gold has excellent performance, so "price" has become an important indicator of "value is not worth buying". As we all know, the price of gold changes every day, and Lao Fengxiang gold is also marked according to the international gold price on that day, so there will be no high price.
    In terms of work costs, Lao Fengxiang is almost the same as other brands. The level of craftsmanship is also the top in the industry. Generally, the "cost -effectiveness" is still very high.
    The business philosophy
    "The brand is old, new, fine in craftsmanship, good reputation" is the consensus of consumers for the old Fengxiang brand. And all of this comes from the continuous innovation business philosophy of Lao Fengxiang, strict quality management system, perfect silver building management standards, and all the top ten unique services. The widely circulated "Lao Fengxiang jewelry, the favor of the three generations" reflects consumers' love of this famous brand of jewelry.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia -Lao Fengxiang

  2. Now buying a gold necklace pendant in Lao Fengxiang is not pressed, and it is a few thousand yuan according to a necklace or necklace. Actually it is less than five grams. Is it free to change it?

  3. Why can't I? Intersection Intersection Intersection When I bought it, I said that as long as I could change the store of Lao Fengxiang, I would not change it when I went to another store, and I had my bills. It feels like being deceived ,,,,,,

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