5 thoughts on “What kind of diamond ring can you buy about 2000 yuan? Ready to buy it in Zhou Dasheng, or Zhou Shengsheng.”

  1. First of all, 2,000 yuan to buy diamond ring is really limited. It is good to buy about 8 points of stones.
    Zhou Shengsheng should be more expensive than Zhou Dasheng, but the brand is good. After all, it is also a real first -line brand in China. It is estimated that Zhou Shengsheng's 2,000 yuan model should be very small.
    The diamond ring at this price is mostly the gold of 750 gold. That is to say, 18K gold,
    is difficult to buy pure platinum inlays.
    750's diamond ring is uncomfortable. It is not wear -resistant. It is easy to yellow after a long ring ring. When you buy it, you should ask clearly. If the ring ring is yellow, it will be guaranteed.
    The Zhou Shengsheng is difficult to discount. The situation in various areas of Zhou Dasheng is different. It depends on the bargaining ability when you buy it.
    I personally feel that Zhou Dasheng's things are very ordinary, and the advertising fee is more.
    buy a diamond ring, don't look at the discount, but how much diamonds you spend, how much diamond you said, the general brand of diamonds is very ordinary, so see how much you can buy in 2000 yuan to buy. The stones,
    If the diamond is very small but the one is 4000, it is not interesting to give you a 50 % discount.
    This in short, it is necessary to compare more than three. After -sales service accounts for a very large proportion.
    Is my answer can help you.

  2. If you choose to buy a store is Zhou Shengsheng, you can choose a diamond ring about 12 points (0.12CT) with a 1200 yuan of color I, clarity VS, standard cutting, and PT950.
    The value of the price must be paid. Generally, it will be given about 10 % off
    This issues issued by the CMA certified institution when buying.

  3. I think I can put my energy on the precepts, and the diamond should not be selected,
    do you think it is 400-500. Or you can choose multiple drills.
    can also pay attention to.
    The prettius to choose PT950, 18K platinum does not need to choose.
    In 3-4 grams, then the place requires more folding.

  4. In Zhou Dasheng, Zhou Shengsheng bought it. I do n’t know if you can buy a 5 -point drill.
    The problem to see your problem and feel that you are a post -70s or post -80s person.
    but each has its own preferences, I also support your brand view.

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