I want to buy more than 2,000 rings, don’t know if you buy gold or a platinum diamond ring

I read a lot of more than 2,000 diamond rings and diamonds that were pitifully smaller, but I felt that gold was not very good, but it was relatively valuable. Who can give an opinion ~ Thank you

5 thoughts on “I want to buy more than 2,000 rings, don’t know if you buy gold or a platinum diamond ring”

  1. More than 2000 budgets, buying platinum is very small, you have to calculate the market price.
    although gold is different from various places, it is not very large, calculates 320 yuan per gram, platinum is 450 yuan per gram (PT950). rn一般一个戒指的重量是在3-4克,加工费100-200,上面加钻石的话没有底了,因为钻石看成色大小价格差很多,现在的店家都喜欢上面加钻石,因为这个Can get more benefits. Also, diamonds are made on a platinum ring.

    If you want to make a platinum or a lot of money.
    but if you want to talk about value, it must be gold.

    It is to look good and maintain value. This kind of thing is unlikely.

  2. Is there any special meaning?

    If if you want to keep it, you can buy gold, but the gold price of gold is high recently, but 2000 can also buy a good one. If you choose gold, go to Zhou Dafu. R n
    did 2000 diamonds very small, and the brand will be smaller, but you can look at it online, it may be cheaper, the diamond is large,
    n , But platinum is more expensive than gold, but gold is definitely the most preserved.

    mainly depends on the color of the owner's hand. If it is suitable for any color, it is recommended to choose gold. Not old, I still look at it if I look at it too much, and there is nobleness, and now the gold style of gold is also very beautiful. You go to see Zhou Dafu, you can see Zhou Dafu.

  3. The golden platinum of gold is too soft and touched. That is, Rose Gold is very popular this year
    It you can go to the jewelry to see it. It can be done within 2000 where it is cheap.

  4. What does this mean? If you want to propose a diamond ring, the diamond ring of K gold is also possible. It is recommended that you have a low price and the quality of the quality. It is called Jin Diamond Network. It is a model of a network and physical store in Shenyang. It can be purchased online. It is very good. I bought a diamond ring at his house. It is only more than 3,000 points, which is very cost -effective.

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