1 thought on “What is the crown -style diamond pendant and meaning?”

  1. The meaning: Crown is the meaning of happiness -the meaning of the Crown today is to make every bride who wearing a crown marry, which also concentrates the happiness of one person on the day of the wedding. At the beginning, the birth of the crown was only to express power and status. The power of the country was only one. Olive branches, flowers, and feathers will become the material of the crown, but as it is becoming more and more luxurious and exquisite, it also highlights the love and no right of the people wearing people. The dynasty replaced the dynasty, and people consumed in the crown's heart power weakness. Thousands of choices of gems were inlaid on the crowned crown, and they used the most beautiful diamonds, the most well -known craftsmen, and the most complicated craftsmanship. Create the miracle of the crown. Its design and origin are worthy of our details. The crowned face pets and smiles are vivid and happy.
    1. Rinse with a cleaner:

    Procked a little cleaner into the bowl and stir foam with warm water, then put the diamond pendant in the bowl, wipe it with a soft brush, rub After the brush, remove the diamond pendant and put it in the metal mesh or tea filter, rinse it with warm water, and then dry it with a soft cloth.
    2. Soaking of cold water:
    Mly dissolved the detergent into the cold water at a ratio of 1: 4, soak the diamond ring in the human solution for a few minutes. Take it out and wipe it with a soft brush, then rinse it with a solution again, and then dry it with a paper towel.
    3. Cold water immersion method:
    It in the half -cup of Arimonia water, add the same capacity of water, immerse the diamond pendant into the solution gently, and then use paper to suck dry.
    4. Use cleaning device:
    The on the market for selling various cleaning devices. For example, the effect of using ultrasonic cleaners and other specialized jewelery cleaner is also good.

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