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  1. is allowed. The method is as follows:
    1. The removal of dust should be cleaned to the dust and dirt of gold jewelry. The easiest way is to gently wash with soft brush dipped in hot water. Do not use wear particles (such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper, or fine sand cloth, etc.) to avoid reducing the weight of the gold and causing losses.

    2. When washing the pure gold necklace of the pure gold necklace, the pure gold necklace should be placed in the container, and then water is added to the container, and a small amount of ammonia water is added. Then the mouth is tightly covered, shaken back and forth, and then removed. When wearing a golden necklace, it should also be maintained with a buckle switch, and regularly drops a sewing machine oil to the switch to prevent the miniature spring in the switch rust.

    3. The removal of gold jewelry white spots contains micro -mercury (mercury) in the commercially available cosmetics. For example, there are often phenyl hydroxyl mercury and skeleton meal chloride in the freckle cream. White spots or whiteness will appear after the gold jewelry is contacted. At this time, do not scrape or sandpaper with a small knife. As long as the white spots or white jewelry appear to bake in the fire, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, the gold jewelry will restore the original luster.

    4. The surface dirt cleaning gold jewelry on the surface will be dull. At this time, you can use the flushing photos of the photo of the photo to flush it with the warm water from 30-40 ~ C, and dilute it with double the water. After soaking the dirt's gold jewelry for 4 to 6 minutes, use soft hair to use soft hair, then use soft hair. Wash the dirt and rinse with water several times. If you use fine woolen to dip the nail polish, the jewelry will be brighter.

    5. Take warm water (40 ~ C) 1000 ml of warm water (40 ~ C), add 200 ml of methamphetamine to make a water solution, then put the gold jewelry into this cleaning solution for 10 minutes, then brush it with a brush, and then rinse it with water.

    It supplement:
    gold, not lively metal, brush gently with a soft brush dipped in hot water, preferably dipped with skins with soapy water, scrub without water alcohol for scrubbing , But do not use toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper, or fine sand cloth to avoid reducing the weight of the gold and causing losses.

  2. No, 750 gold content is 75 %, and the remaining ingredients are silver, copper and other metals. Pure gold fire does not change color, 750 gold is not pure gold, and it will turn black after burning. Yi Duo Jewelry Answer

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