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  1. Dongyang World Trading City
    The Dongyang World Trade City is located in the west gate of Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, and is adjacent to Yiwu International Trade City 1 km away from Yiwu Qingkou at the Jinjin Expressway. Both the righteousness and Dongyang urban area are about 6 minutes' drive. It is in the center of Dongyang and the two cities of Yiwu. Relying on the strong radiation and superior location conditions of the prosperous business district of Yiwu International Trade City, Dongyang World Trade City contains unlimited business opportunities, becoming a golden treasure land with investment and development potential in many merchants!
    The trade city formed
    The total land for Dongyang World Trade City, with a total investment of about 5.5 billion yuan, forming a large -scale height of more than 1.5 million cubic meters with more than 20,000 shops and more than 20,000 shops. The quality and commerce city is complementary to the advantages of Yiwu International Trade City, creating a domestic first -class export -oriented cluster market. Among them, the first phase of development covers an area of ​​210 acres, with a construction area of ​​410,000 square meters. It has more than 5,000 professional street shops and centralized stalls. It is a large -scale comprehensive comprehensive in the five major industries that collects underwear, jewelry, crafts, luggage, and sewing. Sexual wholesale market. Market design concepts are advanced, high -end hotels, high -end commercial buildings, broadband networks, escalators, central air -conditioning, large parking lots and other supporting facilities and complete functions, complete functions, and build a modern and professional first -class international commercial city.
    The development strategy
    Dongyang World Trade City is led by the government. It is one of the key projects of Dongyang City. In the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan", the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee proposed the development strategy of "new business cities". Dongyang World Trade City and the adjacent Sunshine Home City and Architectural Decoration Materials City together formed the Dongyang Trading New Area. The Dongyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have formulated a series of cultivation and support policies for the World Trade City, giving the maximum preferential in terms of taxation, industry and commerce, and property rights to promote the long -term prosperity and development of the market!
    The hot pillow of Dongyang World Trade City Welcome Chinese and foreign guests and friends to come to exchange business opportunities to gather wealth and create glory together!
    Preferred policies
    The first major preferential policies
    The Dongyang Municipal People's Government establishes market development funds to support the base development and construction of the market.
    The second largest preferential policies
    The market implementation of closed management, one mouth charging, one -stop service.
    The third largest preferential policies
    Start store registration only collects the cost of labor. The market management fee is not higher than 200 yuan per year in the first three years. It is returned and used for market management.
    The fourth largest preferential policy
    taxation policy:
    · National and local taxes for approval;
    · Monthly operating households with a turnover of less than 5,000 yuan; r;
    · For the real estate and land used in the market, the initial taxation of the initial period is indeed difficult, and after verification, the market real estate tax and land use tax will be reduced.
    The fifth largest preferential policy
    50 years of production rights, more than ten years of rights and interests than ordinary shops;
    The assistance to the property rights of market shops and commercial buildings to divide and confirm the permit.
    The sixth largest preferential policy
    The children who are in the market operating households entering the market and enrolling in the market will be arranged nearby and enjoy the treatment of the residents of the city.
    In summary

    388,800 m2, 50 years of no behind
    ◎ Base size — the first phase of 388,000 square meters simultaneously invested and built Essence
    ◎ Base supporting -about 100,000 square meters of underground storage and 3800 parking spaces. The domestic market is unique.
    · 6 modern business buildings in the World Trading Village, gathered tens of thousands of permanent purchasing groups at home and abroad, and concentrated customers.
    · Five -star World Trade Hotel, providing full -system and high -quality international business comprehensive services.
    · Logistics, catering, supermarkets, leisure, entertainment and other service providers simultaneously settle in to build a complete social service system.
    ◎ Base facilities -88 elevators, water, electricity, telephone, broadband, air -conditioning, background music, security defense, digital TV, multimedia conference, one card, fire, ventilation, electronic information lightning protection, mechanical and electrical self -control and other modern international Trade facilities are complete.
    ◎ Base shop -Basic shop unit uses an area of ​​32 square meters, which can be expanded freely by multi -unit free combination to achieve the sales hall sales.
    ◎ Base Services —— major bank financial institutions to set up branches to provide strong and preferential financing support.
    · One -stop services of the government's functional departments provide a one -stop service of the office hall to create a loose business environment.
    The traffic
    ◎ 1.5 kilometers from Yiwu East exporting to Yiyi Gold high -speed speed, half an hour of civil aviation airport, 93 kilometers from Hangzhou.
    ◎ Yiwu Railway Station, Bus Station, etc. are all in the ten -minute drive.
    ◎ Open bus routes connecting the city, Futian Market, and Railway Station for 5-10 minutes.
    ◎ Open buses connecting Dongyang City, Hengdian Scenic Area and townships in 5-10 minutes.
    ◎ Dongyang, Yiwu to Wenzhou, Ningbo and other long -distance bus businesses will pass through the market site.
    ◎ Passenger and freight flows are rapidly remitted into the domestic high -speed transportation network, Zhejiang -Jiangxi Express Line, Ningbo International Port, Shanghai International Port and International Aviation Network.
    ◎ The two -way eighty -meter wide sunshine and the WTO Avenue are connected across the board, which is more convenient and convenient than the transportation in the city.
    The business resources
    ◎ Together in Yiwu International Trade Circle, which is similar to the sister market and has the same city effect.
    ◎ Yiwu resident more than 10,000 domestic and foreign procurement institutions and individuals. Customer resources are highly concentrated, and huge procurement energy is released.
    ◎ Docking the huge and complete logistics, supporting, and life service vendors of Yiwu provides simultaneous homogeneous services to ensure efficient operation of business and trade business.
    The new model
    ◎ In response to the world's economic tide, the country has pioneered the "factory direct operation" model and established an advantage to develop a foothold.
    ◎ Move the factory exhibition hall into the market, invite the world merchants into the workshop, and build a world trade platform for faces traded by factories and global buyers.
    ◎ Comprehensive display of the research and development, production, supply capacity and rich product categories of the factory, and the enhancement of the competitiveness of the factory.
    ◎ The factory can contact a lot of contact and select front -line purchasing groups, expand product sales channels, optimize business models, reduce operating costs, and improve product profits.
    ◎ Global buyers can fully understand a large amount of production and product information, improve procurement efficiency, reduce product procurement costs, accelerate market circulation, and increase international trade volume.
    ◎ A large number of factories will be displayed and operated, interacting interactive exchanges between factories, accelerating the improvement of product research and development and production capacity, and promoting market prosperity and development.

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