Powder paint or water based paint who will win

In recent years, with more and more strict environmental protection, many small enterprises even have to close down. The country's attention to environmental protection can be seen. ordinary solvent-based coatings have become more and more unsuitable for today's market. The future direction of coating is toward the development of powder coating powder and water-based coatings.

Which is better, powder coating powder or water-based coating?

Powder coating powder is in the state of fine powder, and the general coating is completely different.


Because no solvent is used, it is called powder coating powder.

The main characteristics of powder coating powder are: harmless, high efficiency, saving resources and environmental characteristics.

At present, the foreign powder coating powder production enterprises occupy 80% of the high-end market share of our country, domestic enterprises mostly in the low-end market processing chaos, even the large powder coating powder enterprises and foreign enterprises there is a big gap.

It is understood that at present, the annual growth rate of the global powder coating powder market continues to be about 8%-15%, powder coating powder will become the mainstream direction of the coating industry.

As the name implies, water-based paint is the paint with water as the main solvent. Water-based paint is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, volatile matter is very few, and the area of brushing is large. With the attention of the country to environmental protection, people's environmental awareness is enhanced, environmental protection water paint is more and more welcomed by the market.

Many traditional enterprises also set off a boom in environmental protection products at this time, and made improvements to their products, but so far, only a few enterprises can achieve complete environmental protection, complete compliance with the national waterborne coating CCEL standards.

As for who is better, powder coating powder and water-based coating have their expertise in the field. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both are born for environmental protection, will coexist in a period of time, the country's attention to environmental protection, public environmental awareness, environmental protection products will be unstoppable development.

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