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  1. The factory is newly built, and the work of the factory director is very arduous. As a qualified manufacturer, he has the following job responsibilities:
    1. Under the leadership of the general manager, fully responsible for the company's production and operation, all management behaviors to the general manager to the general manager Responsible;
    2. Strict implementation of the company's rules and regulations, and earnestly perform their work responsibilities;
    3. Organize production, equipment, safety, environmental protection and other systems to formulate, inspect, supervise, control and implement;
    4. Assistance The general manager compiles the company's medium and long -term development plan, reviews annual production, sells comprehensive sales, and proposes the quarterly factory struggle goals and central work and major measures;
    5. Organize implementation, inspection, coordination, assessment;
    6. Responsible for the renovation plan of the design factory, the coordination of the product layout and process of the design factory;
    7. Closely cooperate with the marketing department ;
    8. Cooperate with the organizational review technical management standards, compile the production process process, review new product development plans, and organize trial production to continuously improve the market competitiveness of the product;
    9. Responsible for production safety education and strengthen The control of safety production, implementation, strict implementation of safety regulations, production operation regulations, instant supervision and inspection, ensuring safety production, preventing major fires, equipment, personal casualties;
    10. Protection work
    11. Strengthen management, ensure the responsibilities of various departments and various personnel of the factory, and establish a quality management system;
    12. Preparation of annual, quarterly, monthly production statistics reports. Carefully do a good job of basic management of production and accounting Attention to the management of original records, ledger, and statistical statements to ensure the standardization of statistical accounting and the correctness of statistical data;
    13. Supervisory daily production activities of various departments of the factory, regularly hold relevant meetings, find problems, analyze the causes, adopt the reasons, adopt adoption Effective measures to ensure the normal operation of the production line;
    14. Grasp the production statistical analysis report. Regular production statistical analysis, economic activity analysis report meeting, summarize experience, find out existing problems, put forward the opinions and suggestions of improvement work, as for the improvement of work, as for the improvement of the work, as for the improvement of the work, as for the improvement of the work, as for the improvement of the work. The company's leadership decision -making provides special analysis reports or comprehensive analysis data;
    15. Responsible for production equipment, measurement equipment maintenance and maintenance work. Combined with production tasks, reasonably arrange production equipment, metering equipment plans to ensure the maintenance of equipment maintenance and warranty Normal time;
    16. Responsible for production dispatch management. Strengthen scheduling management, serious scheduling discipline, improve the professional knowledge and business management level of front -line management personnel, balance comprehensive production capacity, reasonably arrange production operation time, balance electricity consumption, electricity consumption uses electricity consumption , Save energy;
    17. Do a good job of professional training of production management personnel. Responsible for organizing quality inspectors, workshop managers, statisticians, vehicles, etc. Check, assessment, evaluation;
    18. Implement, implement the company's cost control goals, actively reduce various costs in the factory area, ensure that the output is increased, and ensure that the cost of production is continuously reduced under the premise of quality; To the principle of "there must be a must -do without reason".
    20. Responsible for formulating the goals of the headquarters, work plan, organizing implementation, inspection and supervision and control;
    21. Complete other tasks assigned by the company's leadership on time on time. Essence

  2. The fact that the factory director you said should be the person in charge of the factory recruited by the boss. There are more responsibilities, but you generally distribute to the middle -level managers in the next level, such as the decoration of the workshop to the factory department to supervise the project. The installation of the equipment is handed over to the equipment department, the sanitary cleaning of the workshop is handed over to the production department, and the recruitment of personnel is given to the personnel department (this requires all departments to propose employment requirements and job needs). Anyway, everything must be managed, but you don't need you to manage it. The middle manager submits the work report to you, and you sort it to the boss.

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