1 thought on “Responsibilities of the Director of the Wine Industry Factory”

  1. As the center of the enterprise, the director of the factory is at the center of the enterprise. During his tenure, the factory manager will fully direct the production and operation activities of the entire plant and fully responsible. Management is the basis for implementing management. The scientific and reasonable scope of responsibility is of great significance to mobilize the enthusiasm of all grassroots management personnel.
    1. Study the national policy and policies, explore the management model of modern enterprises, continuously improve the quality of the enterprise, carry out various legal business activities, maintain corporate property, properly handle the interests of the board of directors, enterprises and employees, and Development is all responsible.
    2. According to the various economic and technical indicators issued by the board of directors or the competent authorities, we will conscientiously organize various functional institutions, formulate strategic planning and implementation of various enterprises development, handle the relationship between economic and corporate culture, deal with The relationship between enterprises and society and the relationship between personal interests and corporate interests.
    3. Relevant meetings are held regularly, listening to the work reports of various departments carefully, and summarizing and guiding its work; studying and solving major issues related to the factory, regularly summarized the work of the board of directors, and put forward development plans and suggestions.
    4. Directly lead the deputy director, director of the office, and the heads of the main functional departments to coordinate the work between them so that the management of the entire plant scientifically, standardized, and programmatic. Adhere to market -oriented, sales -centered guiding ideology, timely invest in manpower, material and financial resources to develop new products, and continuously improve the competitiveness and resilience of enterprises.
    5. According to the business benefits of enterprises and the current status of production management, combined with market information, they have the right to make product decisions; review the phased plans of various functional departments, put forward major technical transformation plans and opinions, and report to the board of directors or the competent authority for approval to implement the implementation Essence
    6. Establishing, modifying or abolishing relevant rules and regulations, in accordance with the principles of production and operation and streamlined and efficient, make decisions on the setting, adjustment and revocation of the management agency of the factory.
    7. Combining the needs of work and personal work ability, nomination or recruitment of administrative cadres below the deputy factory director and deputy factory director, and responsible for management and assessment; in accordance with the rules and regulations formulated by the enterprise, the right to implement award.
    8. According to the situation of production and operation, there is a unified command; within the scope of the relevant legal scope, some people change the motion. It has the right to reasonably mobilize funds and materials; there is the right to sign various business contracts and economic contracts on behalf of our factory, and manage the smooth implementation of the contract; there is the right to conduct relevant economic negotiations on behalf of the factory; it has the right to issue the various economic negotiations set by the enterprise Technical files, etc.

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