5 thoughts on “What are the comprehensive wholesale markets in Xingtai City, Hebei Province”

  1. The classification of the wholesale market is usually clear, generally only a certain category and related goods and goods. The wholesale market can be selected according to specific needs.
    The small product wholesale market
    Address: Xingzhou Avenue, Xingtai County
    Motherju Village Health Institute East)
    Nebeba Hardware Electromechanical Wholesale Market
    Address: Xinhua North Road 229
    R n Xingtai fruit wholesale market
    Address: Tiebei Living Area 300m
    Tobacco, alcohol and soil specialty department wholesale department
    Address: Hongxing West Street Street, Qiaodong District (20 meters east of Xicang Lane)
    The department store textile wholesale market
    Address: 114 Xinhua North Road, Qiaodong District

  2. The comprehensive wholesale market is recommended to go at the beginning of each season. The main purpose is to understand popular trends
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