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  1. Reliable, this was founded in the fifteenth year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1889). Founded by Li Shide, the jewelry and jewelry created by it is superb, and the reputation is good.

  2. There are two forms of entrepreneurship. The first is the self -entrepreneurial business. The self -entrepreneurial entrepreneurship requires high requirements for entrepreneurs and has a good ability to withstand all aspects. This type of entrepreneurial success is not high. There is also a entrepreneurial project of franchise. The entrepreneurial project of franchise does not require entrepreneurs to have too much experience, and the start of entrepreneurship is very simple, and the investment is not much. This is also a advantage of the entrepreneurial project. Therefore, if you want to start a business, you may wish to try the second type. There are also detailed introduction to the recommendation of franchise projects. You can take a look.

    ? The project to join is reliable?

    has many franchise projects on the market. Some of these projects have room for development and some have no market. To start a business, the market market is very important. In the early stage, you can inspect the market first to understand the needs of consumers. Whether the products that join really meet the needs of consumers. This is the most important. Good projects are very in the market. Welcome to consumers, if a project promotion is better, it does not actually solve the pain points of consumers. Such a project does not have any development prospects.

    It some entrepreneurial franchise projects are also very reliable. As long as you do it with your heart, you will have harvested. When choosing these projects, you need to analyze whether the project has the prospects and strength, because there are some projects on the market that there are some projects on the market that there are some projects on the market that there are some projects on the market. Circle money, this kind of project is to deceive entrepreneurs to join the leeks. Entrepreneurship must be brightened by entrepreneurship. Do not be confused by things promoted by some companies. In recent years, there are many cases of deceived entrepreneurs.

    How to avoid the risk of entrepreneurship?

    The entrepreneurs will have risks, because entrepreneurship is to explore unknown areas, and various problems will be encountered during the entrepreneurial process. These problems will be encountered. These problems will be encountered. These problems will be encountered. These problems will be encountered. The risks of existence are fatal for the development of entrepreneurship. In fact, there are many techniques to avoid the risk of entrepreneurship. For example, the funds of entrepreneurship are broken, so you can prepare more funds in the early stage, because there will be some emergencies of the entrepreneurial process to show off. Funding is solved. If the spare gold is sufficient, it is very easy to solve when facing these problems. In addition to the problem of funding, there may be differences in entrepreneurial partners. If you encounter controversy Find out the problem, and then think of the countermeasures to solve it. Many entrepreneurial teams run out because of the problems of partners, so the cohesion of the entrepreneurial team is very important.

    What projects are good for starting a business?

    The environment is not very good now, because all walks of life are in the state of inner rolls, and the development of each industry has encountered the development of each industry. Bottlenecks, so if you still choose a traditional industry, you are a dead end. You should find new opportunities. New blue oceans, such as the development of the automotive industry is very rapid, and the lubricating oil in the automotive market. The demand for these products such as spare parts, tires, and other products is very large. You can enter the automotive industry. The sesame project of the sesame project of the auto industry can solve the pain points of consumers. money.


    It as long as you choose carefully, good franchise projects will still be available, such as the sesame official project mentioned in the article, the future development space is good, everyone is interested You can also join.

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