There is no English letter on the ring after only 1.03

After buying a diamond ring, it is 1 carat. There is only 1.03 on the ring without English letters. Can it represent the meaning of the diamond?
Because friends brought from Japan, there are certificates, but I want to confirm it.

1 thought on “There is no English letter on the ring after only 1.03”

  1. The 1.03 on the ring should be the weight of your diamond, that is, 1.03 carats. The average diamond ring is to engrave the weight of the diamond. The color of the ring (that is, 18K, PT, PT950, PT990, etc.), the source of the ring (that is, the manufacturer of the ring is generally a letter at the beginning of the manufacturer's name)) Essence You say that there is a certificate, this is simple. As long as you check the official website of this certificate, you can know the authenticity of your diamond!

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