2 thoughts on “Is there any special small gift to bring to a girlfriend in Shanghai to travel to Shanghai?

  1. In fact, you can bring it back. As long as you are interested, you can remember to bring back a gift to your girlfriend, you can show that you are very concerned about your girlfriend, and your girlfriend is actually very happy. If you want to bring something, you can bring some you who may not buy it, or the snacks in Shanghai, you can go to the Chenghuang Temple, buy a few bags of Wuxiang Bean Bar to buy that kind of original flavor, very delicious, I am, I am delicious. I am delicious. I am delicious. I am delicious. I bought it last time, and there is still a big difference from the outside. Or go to the store to buy some clothes or what your girlfriend needs more, you can go shopping. If you think about it, you can't think of it.

  2. There are many small things on the Shanghai Chenghuang Temple, and the price is not expensive.
    Stime gifts are the most memorable.
    The representation of yourself, just choose it with your heart.

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