3 thoughts on “Can the gold I bought when I get married?”

  1. First, why not sell the marriage gold
    1, the gold jewelry purchased when marriage is given to his wife, mainly to set up his wife. If you sell the gold jewelry, it means that the relationship between the two may be affected. The child sells the gold jewelry purchased by the marriage, indicating that there is no feelings for the other half.
    2. According to market research, few people sell gold jewelry they bought when they get married, and gold has a value -added value. I am not willing to sell it outside, and can be passed on to the next generation in the future.

    . Will it be unlucky when selling gold jewelry
    1. If the customs are particular, if you sell the golden jewelry purchased when you get married, it is said that it will affect the relationship between the two. That is to say, it will be unlucky. Of course, these claims are superstitious, and there is no scientific basis.
    2. From a scientific point of view, selling gold jewelry will not affect themselves, because many people now buy gold jewelry as investment and use it. Get more benefits.

    3. Some people will reserve a lot of gold jewelry at home. Some people even plan to add a gold jewelry to themselves each year. It is not to say that all jewelry should be worn on the hand, but it has investment value.
    4. If the two are due to family changes after marriage, or other demand requires more funds, some people will turn the gold jewelry into cash, and then resolve the urgent need.

  2. It is best not to sell the gold necklace of marriage, because it is your affection token, which is very memorable for you, and the gold itself has a good value preservation and value -added effect. Unless you are particularly urgent to use money, you still still need to use money. Don't sell well.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenOf course, the gold jewelry that answers the marriage cannot be sold, because this gold jewelry is equivalent to the love witness of the couple, and it is also the existence of a souvenir. If they sell their love letters, then their marriage relationship is definitely unlucky. If you encounter some changes in the family and need funds turnover, you do not need to sell the wedding jewelry, you can put these gold jewelry in the pawnshop for pawn. After the funds turn on, you can redeem these gold jewelry back, which will not affect the relationship between the two.nThank you questionsnIf you get married gold jewelry?nIntersectionnThe answer is actually the same. The jewelry of marriage has a certain symbolic significance. It is best not to move it without special circumstances.nThank you questionsn4 morenBleak

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