5 thoughts on “Can gold ornaments be sold when they get married?”

  1. It can be sold. Many places are gold -recovery stores. Common merchants who recycle gold are, large and small gold recycling companies, pawns, gold jewelry processing stores, etc. Some brand stores also have new services with old.
    In general, the activities of brand gold shops are not always available. It may need to encounter holidays, and only the same brand can be replaced by the old, there are many restrictions. The recycling price of pawn and small companies will be low. In contrast, large -scale recycling companies are valued at international gold prices, so it is more reasonable. Large recycling platforms have physical stores and the processes are more formal.

  2. Of course, it can be sold. If it is not particularly difficult, it is not necessary. After all, it is memorable, and gold is also valuable, so it will not depreciate at home!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenOf course, the gold jewelry that answers the marriage cannot be sold, because this gold jewelry is equivalent to the love witness of the couple, and it is also the existence of a souvenir. If they sell their love letters, then their marriage relationship is definitely unlucky. If you encounter some changes in the family and need funds turnover, you do not need to sell the wedding jewelry, you can put these gold jewelry in the pawnshop for pawn. After the funds turn on, you can redeem these gold jewelry back, which will not affect the relationship between the two.nThank you questionsnIf you get married gold jewelry?nIntersectionnThe answer is actually the same. The jewelry of marriage has a certain symbolic significance. It is best not to move it without special circumstances.nThank you questionsn4 morenBleak

  4. Hi! I think it is best not to sell gold decorations when getting married. This is a testimony of the two people's wedding, and there are good memories in it. If it wasn't too short of money or not to sell, thank you!

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