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  1. The bracelet woven tutorial is as follows:
    The preparation material: two ropes, scissors
    1, knot a rope.
    2, the other rope bent from the middle and pits it from the first rope, and tighten it.
    3. Then wear the knot rope in the following way.
    4, and tighten it.
    5. Well the rope on the left from top, and then go around the rope from the top and wear it out of the bottom.
    6, then tighten it.
    7. Put the rope on the right with above.
    8, tighten it according to a certain arrangement interval, and repeat the above operation.
    9, tied to a certain length, cut off the excess.
    10, two small circles of them first, and then follow the steps as follows.
    11. Put the rope on the right from the middle.
    12, use the same method on the left.
    13, pull it into a small ball.
    14, cut off the excess part, and the good bracelet is woven successfully.

  2. The following is a specific tutorial:
    1, first select a black rope, then fold it.
    2, then put the rope into a section.
    3, then wrap it with a rope.
    4, and then wrap the white rope.
    5, and then wrap the white rope and black rope.
    6, after wound, cut the excess line head.
    7, then connect the two ends so that the bracelet is completed.

    The bracelets are a kind of jewelry, wearing it on the wrist, mostly metal products such as gold and silver, and also ore, crystal and other systems. The bracelet is chain -shaped to pray for peace, calming the mind and beauty as the main purpose.

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