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  1. Red rope bracelet woven, teach you step by step with red rope bracelets.

    Is six red ropes to compile bracelets.

    The treaty of 1 meter -long embroidery line.

    The first step of editing bracelets: Choose your favorite color, show: A line red, B -line orange, C line yellow, D -line green, E -line blue, F line pink Essence Six the six red ropes of different colors according to the color you like, and stick it with transparent glue so that the one end is fixed and unmoved. Start.

    The bracelet woven Step 2: Line A wound around line B from top to bottom, bracelet woven Step 4: A again repeats the circle of Line B once, and then tighten it Two lines.
    The fifth step of bracelet weaving: then, line A wounds around C, and then tighten the two -tier bracelet Weaving Step 6: Line A is equally sequentially in order with the D, E line, and F line twice.
    Step of bracelet Weaving: Next, the B, L, D, E line, F line, F line, and A line of A, two bracelet weaving step 8: Third row line, fourth row line ……. And so on.
    The compilation to the appropriate length, the length depends on the thick young of each person's wrist.

    This cut off the excess line at the end.

    The lines at both ends can be compiled by three compilations
    . A colorful lucky red rope is completed. The bracelet editing method is so simple. Do n’t you try your skills?

  2. Go to the kind of jewelry shop or a place to sell jade to buy a red rope with thickness. If you like that, you can buy which one is cut and the two ropes are tangled. Go to ask the kind of shop that buys a handmade bracelet, he will teach you

  3. 1. First of all, make a double connection to prepare for the following steps.
    2, then take 3 red ropes between the tied ropes.
    3. After putting it, tie a knot again.
    4, stack 3 and red rope in order.
    5. Take out the two red ropes of the double connection.
    6. Take one red rope between the top left and right at the top of the top of the two main ropes, and so on.
    7, compiled to the right length, the remaining two red ropes hit one double connection.
    Reference materials: jingyan./article/

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