When should I scrape? When should you do cupping? When should I get a massage?

Many people have cupping and scraping boards at home, but they will not use them, so they have to be shelving. Now let's take them down, wipe them, and prepare them for use.

When to scrape, when to cupping, where to scrape from, how long to pull, etc., often trouble everyone. Take a look at the answers from TCM experts below:

Scraping after massage, scraping is not enough, cupping to save, they complement each other, cross circulation. Combined, it can be surprisingly effective.

Some people say, massage techniques so much, two sentences can say clear? In fact, from the point of view of treatment, 80% of massage techniques may be fancy, what is reinforcing what is purging, in fact, you don't have to waste time studying these, can be a trick against the enemy, why first put 100 kinds of flower?

Massage must find the meridians, acupuncture points are not allowed to slowly, from the point is not meridian. If the stomach pressure pain, you have to see the pain point pressure on what meridian, and then massage the corresponding meridians on the legs. Stomach pain on the leg of the Zusanli, spleen pain on the Yin Ling Quan...... This is just an example. There are more suitable acupuncture points for patients with acute symptoms.There's gua sha wholesale.

About the method of massage, the pain point is not obvious meridian and acupoint massage effect is poor, just like the kite line is broken or the halfway knot, to massage more sensitive acupoints. Also, tapping and massage have similar effects and can be used instead (such as tapping the gallbladder and stomach meridian).

(1) Misunderstanding of scraping

Some people are afraid of scraping, think it is a kind of treatment that damages the skin. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The reason for the misunderstanding is that you have not experienced it personally and only rely on the visual experience. It is just like the misunderstanding of traditional Chinese medicine by Western medicine, refusing the actual experience and relying only on the perception. But when you have really scraped once, and must find a person who knows the skills of scraping to operate, you will accept this method at that time, and even call for pleasure.

Take cervical spondylosis this very common but difficult to cure the disease, with scraping method is really effective. Of course, there are many diseases, such as the prevention and early treatment of cardiovascular diseases. If the scraping method can be used wisely, how many people will avoid the suffering of heart bypass?

(2) scraping is good at supplementing deficiency and dispelling cold

The best tool for scraping is scraping board, and then with a bottle of scraping oil, it is all. Some people think that scraping is only suitable for fever and real disease, which is really "injustice through the ages". In fact, the effect of scraping to replenish deficiency and remove cold is better.

Someone has a cold and a high fever. At this time, someone says, scraping and scraping, to remove the fire, so the bladder is scraped in the back. Once the scraping comes out, the fire is dispersed. In fact, it is the accumulation of heat in the body to drive away the wind chill in the back, so it should be said to dispel the cold. It is also right to dispel fire, but it is not the kind of light and heat without cold fire you understand.

Scraping is the best way to fill the deficiency, but it is not the deficiency of Qi and blood, but the deficiency of blood stasis.

One patient, for example, had no strength in his right wrist for some reason, couldn't even hold his schoolbag, and his fingers were numb all the time. To the hospital, the doctor said it may be cervical spine or brain nerve problems. But even on the M.R.I., they couldn't find a reason. So I went to find a Chinese medicine expert friend to help diagnose and treat, the expert said: "hand numbness shows that the Qi pulse is through, but the qi to the blood is not to."

Lack of Qi and blood, how can you have power? But he himself is not a very weak person, so there must be a blockage. The expert then examined his right arm and found a point above the patio of his elbow that was painful to press and had formed a hard knot.

He said, this place two months ago when playing football had been injured, at that time did not care about it, the pain for 3 days did not hurt, did not expect to become a bruise. Experts in his pain points and the entire three jiao after scraping, when scraping close to the wrist, the hand has been moved freely.

(3) The weak need to cultivate Qi and blood first

If you are too weak, you should first train to replenish the qi and blood before scraping, otherwise it will not be a measles. Be sure to be clear that the measles is not scraped out by you with a scraper, but by the qi and blood in the body. So when we scrape hard and do not get the fever, that is, the Qi and blood in the body did not crest there, so don't waste your effort.

(4) the essence of scraping

Some people say that the measles is artificially caused by the damage of blood vessels, is the rupture of capillaries. In fact, scraping is to remove the blood stasis stuck in the blood vessel wall to the outside of the blood vessels, and then re-absorbed into the blood vessels through the whole body circulation, the scraping waste from the urine.

It is worth mentioning that the blood stasis of the blood vessel wall can be removed to keep the elasticity of the blood vessel and the space will not become smaller, which is also the dream of Western medicine. However, Western medicine can not be applied, or it can not be applied. It can only use drugs or anticoagulants to keep the pipeline smooth, so as to ensure the blood supply.

For uncertain stasis, the blood of the entire vessel is anticoagulated, which is destined to change the normal composition of the blood, and artificially cause bleeding symptoms, and even cause the blood vessel wall to lose elasticity and harden.

This is like a black spot on the white wall of our home, as long as we use a wet cloth to wipe it off, but we have to find a high-pressure water gun, wash the whole room again, make is the wall skin off, house damage, really more than worth the loss! Our small scraping plate can easily solve the blood stasis of blood vessels, which is a medical problem in the world, don't you think this is very wonderful?

To kill flies, a fly swatter is enough, and all those foreign guns and cannons are useless. Would you use a cannon to blow up your house to get rid of a fly in it? And yet we play it out in hospitals all the time without knowing it or doing anything about it.

(5) When should you scrape?

After talking for a long time, when should the scraping be done? Scraping because it is good at filling the deficiency and dispelling the cold, so there is cold in the body. When there is blood stasis, it is best to use the method of scraping to solve it.

(6) How to scrape?

Scraping along the meridians to scrape, it is best from top to bottom, so it is more convenient; The scraper and the skin maintain an acute Angle below 45 degrees, relatively painless. It is best to use the waist strength when scraping, which will save effort. In fact, to experience, the technique is the easiest to master.

Still some people worry: scraping can have what side effect? This is careful, the following crowd is not suitable for scraping.

1. People with weak heart function are easy to faint, especially when sitting down to shave, this problem is more likely to occur, generally there will be palpitation, dizziness, nausea symptoms.

2. The seriously ill person with very weak Qi and blood should not scrape, which will waste his Qi and blood. The blood stasis of such a person will not be taken away, and the scraping will not go down for a long time.

3. People with skin diseases also don't scrape, because I do not know the ins and outs of skin diseases, sometimes the internal poison leads to excretion can not go away.

4. Pregnant women do not shave, safety first.

5. Shaving is also not recommended for cancer patients. There are many unpredictable problems.

6 For people with bleeding tendency, scraping is a double-edged sword, special effects and dangers coexist, do not know the cause of the case also do not scrape.

Children under the age of 7.6 do not scrape, can be used instead of chiropractic.

8. People with very high blood pressure also don't shave. Although scraping has special effects for high blood pressure, the special effects of things are not peace medicine, if you can not ensure safety, or avoid the risk first!

In short, scraping will accelerate blood circulation, is a good exercise for the heart, as a disease prevention to use, safe and effective.

Cupping treatment
Usually our shoulders are very painful, with scraping method, as long as a scraping symptoms immediately reduce; But sometimes after scraping for a long time, the shoulder pain is still the same. Why is this?

There are two main reasons: first, the focal point is very deep, scraping method can not reach; Second, lack of Qi and blood, the body of Qi and blood did not top over, blood stasis is difficult to come out.

(1) scraping is ineffective, cupping remedy

At this time with cupping method can be immediately effective. Lesions deep, if a pull quickly appeared black purple, the deep stasis was pulled out; If there is no trace under the jar, it is necessary to patiently pull here for several days, 10 minutes a day, until there is a black mark so far.

Cupping can be replenished and drained. If you want to tonifying the kidney, just cupping at Shenshu point; Filling stomach, in Zhongwan and Zusanli cupping. If the place is pulled too much, it will disperse the Qi and blood, and can not achieve the effect of filling, it will waste the Qi and blood.

(2) Cupping has the function of inducing blood

The best thing about cupping is that it draws blood. There is a diabetic patient, under the knee Zusanli near a diameter of two inches of ulcer point long-term non-healing, the use of a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs, but also applied to the traditional Chinese medicine Shengji powder, such as, have no effect.

Later, the doctor let the patient pull a pot every day in the abdomen Zhongwan point, at the same time in the affected thigh stomach from the Fu rabbit → Yin city → Liangqiu → Dou nose, all the way down, 5 pot at the same time, even pull for 4 days, 5 minutes a day, and then with Shengji powder, a stick and heal. Why? The good blood is drawn off by cupping, and the damage is repaired.

There are no strict rules about how to use cupping, so buy a gun-style vacuum canister to save you the need to start a fire. Before pulling, you can rub some lubricating oil on the skin, so that the skin will not hurt. Pull the time to feel comfortable, Qi and blood weak pull for a while. But people with heavy moisture are prone to blisters (although blisters work better), which can affect the beauty of bathing and skin, so don't pull for too long and don't pull too tightly.

In a word, the combination of these methods to treat fast, effective, is widely recognized by the public for the treatment of multiple diseases. But they are also slightly different, such as cold, heat stroke, stiff neck, muscle spasm for scraping treatment; Neck and shoulder pain, back pain, rheumatism can be cured by cupping; Insomnia, neck and shoulder pain, and gastrointestinal discomfort can be relieved by massage.

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