women's jewelry accessories wholesale What's the matter with the owner of the gold shop?

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  1. wholesale jewelry display supplies At 15:00 on December 24, 2017, the Dahe Police Station of the Huangmei County Public Security Bureau received an alarm of the public that Wang, who operated the gold shop in Dahe Town, lost contact with his family, did not open the door for two days, and no one answered the phone. The police of the Dahe Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Huangmei County rushed to the scene and found that the gate of the Jindian was locked. Wang had been killed, and the golden shop was ransacked in the golden shop counter. Due to the major cases, more than 40 people in Huanggang City and Huangmei County immediately established more than 40 special classes.
    The on -site investigation and visiting survey, the victim Wang, male, 55 years old, has operated gold shops in Dahe Town, Huangmei County for 15 years. The surrounding merchants reported that the person had a peaceful personality and had been operating in the store for a long time. Not long ago, he just entered a batch of gold and silver jewelry from Nanchang.
    The technical personnel of the public security organs conducted a survey of the scene of the crime and found that the case was done by one person. The body was thin and 1.70 meters tall. The crime person is very familiar with the surrounding environment and the operation of the victims and living. It sneaked from an uninhabited building next to the victim's house to the top of the building, and prys the window into the victim's house. There was no trace of fighting or struggle at the scene of the crime. It was initially speculated that Wang was suddenly attacked and killed in his sleep. The death time was about 3 am on December 23. The crime person took all the gold jewelry in the counter, and the silver jewelry and jade counter jewelry were intact.
    In early the incident, there was no video surveillance inside and outside the golden shop. The police of the task force retracted the monitoring pictures of more than 10 stores around the scene of the crime scene around Wang's death time, and finally found in the video of the Internet cafe at the Internet cafe about 30 meters from the gold shop of the crime. At 47 points, a backpack man wearing a hat -covered man walked towards the gold shop, and various signs showed that the man was suspicious of the crime.
    The investigators also successfully extracted the suspect's biological information from the traces left on the scene. On December 28, after a large number of sample comparisons, the police locked the suspect of the criminals. He was sentenced to 6 years. The police handling the case immediately rushed to his home to arrest. However, when the police rushed to Qi Mouwen's home, he fled 2 hours ago.
    Procketing Huang Mei immediately launched an online pursuit of Qi Mouwen, and learned that Qi Mouwen had fled to Zhejiang, and the police handling the case immediately rushed to Zhejiang. At 9 o'clock on December 30, the police arrested the police in the Yuhuan City police in Zhejiang Province, and arrested Qi Mouwen in a beauty salon. On December 31, the suspect was escorted to Huang Mei. After interrogation, Qi Mouwen confessed to the facts of his robbery and killing crime. According to its preliminary explanation: I just returned from Guizhou not long ago, and once I bought clothes for her daughter on Dahe Street, and found that there was only one person in Wang Moujin's shop, and the prevention measures in the store were incomplete. Observation and preparation, finally chose to do it in the early morning of the 23rd. After doing it, Qi Mouwen sold the stolen goods at 370,000 to a gold and silver jewelry shop.
    At present, the suspect Qi Mouwen has been criminally detained in accordance with the law, and the case is under further trial.

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