High-end box customization manufacturers common five types of materials

A decent package satisfies all the needs of consumers, turns commodity marketing from "tough" sales to "soft" sales, weakens commerciality and utilitarianism, adds human touch and cultural aesthetic taste to commodity sales, and is easier to be accepted by consumers.

In the last article, we shared the two kinds of materials and main points of Chengdu New Year gift box customization. Today, the chocolate packaging box will share with you the five kinds of materials commonly used in high-end packaging box customization manufacturers.

One, single powder

1. Commonly used carton materials, paper thickness from 80g to 400g thickness, higher thickness is two pieces mounted.

2. One side of the paper is light, the other side is dumb, only a smooth surface can be printed.

3. It can realize the printing of various colors, and there is no limit to the color.

4. After printing, the commonly used surface treatment process is: over glue, over uv, hot stamping, bump.

Two, pit paper

1. Compared with ordinary paper, it is straighter and has stronger bearing capacity.

2. There are a single pit, a double pit and three pits commonly used.

3. Various colors can be printed, but the effect is not as excellent as single powder.

4. After printing, the surface treatment processes commonly used by high-end packaging box customization manufacturers are: over glue, over uv, hot stamping, bump.

Three, cardboard

1. It is used to make the structure of a gift box, and the surface is mounted with a layer of single powder paper or special paper.

2. The commonly used colors are black, white, gray and yellow.

3. The thickness of the cardboard also has various levels, which can be selected according to the bearing needs.

4. If mounted is single powder, the process is consistent with the single powder carton; ​if special paper, most can only be hot printing, some can realize simple printing, but the printing effect is not excellent.

Four, special paper

1. There are a wide variety of special papers, here only the high-end packaging box customization manufacturers commonly used: embossed paper, patterned paper, pearlescent paper, metal pattern paper, gold paper, etc.

2. These papers, through special treatment, can improve the quality of packaging. Embossing class can not be printed, only surface hot printing, star color, gold, etc., can be four-color printing.

Five, gold and silver cardboard

1. The use of UV transfer technology through the blanket on the surface of the paper coated with a layer of UV oil, and then through the roller to the light column film or specific patterns transferred to the printed paper, so that the surface of the paper has the effect of laser paper light column.

2. ​can only use UV machine printing, a variety of pattern effects can be realized, more texture than ordinary paper, and have different kinds of luster. But the cost is relatively steep, but the use rate of high-end packaging box manufacturers is also extremely steep.

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