2 thoughts on “Why is Douyin Two Jewelry? Why is it cheap?”

  1. Low quality.
    Because the quality of the jewelry on the live broadcast is uneven, most of the customers do not match the practice after receiving it, and it will inevitably return. Besides quality, high -quality jewelry cannot be sold on the live broadcast platform. The first is limited purchasing power, and the other is that the luxury goods such as jewelry have a question mark on true and false issues. Therefore, valuable gems are not easy to sell in live broadcast. The third point is that the jewelry sold on live broadcast must be attractive enough. The jewelry book is the price and one point. If the price is low enough, the quality will inevitably decline. This is why the return rate is very high.

  2. The quality is really hard to say, cautious! In fact, the information is seriously asymmetric in the live broadcast room. If everything is perfect as their live room, this is completely contrary to the objective laws. The world is not so perfect. A group of centered atmosphere

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