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  1. When it comes to the jewelry of Xianghu women’s life years, everyone knows, some people ask what zodiac gold jewelry is the zodiac natal year? In addition, some people want to ask what jewelry do they wear in the year? Do you know what’s going on? In fact, what is the fate of the tiger’s fate? Let’s take a look at what zodiac signs of the year of Tiger’s fate? Hope to help everyone!
    What jewelry to wear in the year of the federal tiger girl
    1, what jewelry of the fate tiger girl wearing the year: What zodiac gold jewelry is good for the year of the tiger? What year are you tigers, haha. Essence You can help you view your noble zodiac to choose a tiger without wearing a tiger. Wearing a tiger will commit double too old. As the saying goes, this year is a transshipment year. For three years, if the fortune is good, it will be good for three years. The next three years will be affected. There will be a lot of right and wrong in this year of life. The job is prone to the obstruction of the villain, and there will be unstable changes, such as moving, moving, work mobilization, etc. In short The Sanhe Bureau to balance the Five Elements, and then wear a noble man to recruit nobles, avoid villains, and help you turn too old. Do not borrow money to others during this life year, so it is easy to go back; do not go to explore the illness and ask the mourning; you can go to a professional place; you can also go to a professional place. The specific mascot may be inquired according to the year and month of birth. Fuyuange will help you luck (the three -in -bureau mascot has been released, and the full hundreds are given. : What jewelry do you wear? The jewelry is for beauty, but the jewelry is radiating. Don’t be healthy for beauty.
    The nutritional product is stronger than anything. The root of the body is.
    3. What jewelry of the fate of the Tiger Female Nights: What is the fate of the fate of the tiger, you should buy a little red, shirt, and red waist chain. My wife bought a red waist chain. If you want to buy it, you can go and see. This is a very suitable red waist chain. If you are a man, you can also buy some zodiac ordered, transport bracelets, opening transport bracelets, etc. to wear it. The Puhua flagship store in the mall has a red waist chain. ,You can go check it out.
    4. What jewelry do you wear in the fate of the federal tiger: What jewelry should we wear? Yianju Feng Shui Year of the Twelve Zodiac Fortune -Tiger
    The fortunes of the Tiger Year of the Tiger Tiger
    Breaking: Ship to Jiang Xinlang to shoot the sky, envy the king to cross the peace
    In the year of the tiger, the year of his black tiger was a Tao, how fierce and young, hurting the wealth, the floating and uncertain, unsatisfactory, upset and distress. This year, the tiger’s criminals are too old and have grounds such as the ground. Luck is like worsening and hot soup. No matter what you do, there will be a lot of blockage, and it will cause right and wrong. Pray to Tai Sui as soon as possible. The tiger’s mind compares this year and the absorption ability is greatly reduced. Only double efforts can the results be achieved.
    The year of “Too Sui Sui” is a greater change in the year, and this change is not necessarily fierce. In flexible changes, under their efforts, there will be a career and money to gain money. beneficial. However, as long as those who are too old are not anxious or greedy, do more righteousness, do not do things that damage others and self -interest, and do not be worthy of the word too old to affect the psychology, stabilize and stable, think twice, do not be afraid of hard work, self -improvement, and can turn the disaster into a good luck.
    What to wear in the year of the Tiger Nian Geng Yin and Tiger: Tiger Tiger New Year must be placed on the south, or on the workbench and bedside. Fortune, gathering momentum, enhancement of fortune and status, resolving right and non -contradiction, thereby changing the movement of the tiger’s low stagnation and change. If you wear the “Shuangxiong meeting” pendant with the mascot of the “Shuangxiong meeting” pendant again, the effect is faster and more apparent!
    The aspects of career
    The autumn of work at work, respectfully respects the boss and customers, and should be indomitable in the case of blocking. Yiyun: Poor changes, change. You should go out and walk more. You can consider engaging in some work projects you have never been in contact with. In an industry that is engaged in self -employment or making money and interpersonal relationships, you may be surprised. On the contrary, if you are self -proclaimed, the defense will be eliminated by the torrent. In addition, you must not be urgent, there may be danger of winning first.
    If financial transportation
    is a lot of breakdown in annual wealth, preventing the extreme due to greed. Do not invest in cooperation with others to prevent losing righteousness due to wealth. It is not advisable to look forward to it in partial wealth, and to prevent poverty because of greed. Should be careful of financial management, and do not believe in people and invest in random investment or speculation to prevent losses. In addition, we should also prevent wealth because of the health of the home and family, so we should accumulate hunger to prevent hunger in case of from time to time.
    Emotional terms
    This of Xiao Hu’s love this year meets the waves, repeated changes, and be careful of the loss of wealth. The road of men and women is dragging and pulling. Pay attention to controlling the temper and emotions. Don’t ignore each other due to the separation of the local area or because of work. If there are no targets, they should be cautious, and remember that “Lu Yao knows horsepower and see people’s hearts for a long time” spending more time to understand the other party can enter the true feelings, otherwise it will definitely cause the peach blossom.
    Xing Feng Jianfeng, careful criminals, should not be a dangerous activity, may be easily injured. Pay attention to the injury of hands and feet, head and face, and skin allergies. In addition, you should pay attention to your temper more anxious, prevent accidental accidents, and make friends with friends should also hold the gentleman’s attitude as water. This year, the “illness from the mouth and the disaster out of the mouth” to prevent bleeding due to multi -tuning nosy. You should also pay attention to diet hygiene to prevent gastrointestinal problems. Avoid the funeral.
    The is right
    fenders are naturally more old and wrong than usual. As the so -called right is just for more opening, the troubles are because of the strong. Now that you are too old, you have to give up for everything.
    The adolescent of the tiger
    It this year’s reading and learning emotions are difficult to focus on and easy to distraction. Therefore, you must pay double efforts to make your ideal results! Otherwise, this year’s academic performance is like a boat against the water, it is easy to retreat and make it difficult. This year, it is suitable for tourism and visibility, but you must pay close attention to dietary hygiene along the way.
    women who are tigers
    The tongue is not so many in my home, so I must be careful to avoid adding right and wrong. Investment and purchase of properties can be considered this year. It is easy to be troubled by headaches and insomnia, so you must relax as much as possible to avoid worse. Tiger girls are easy to invest with the opposite sex this year, and their emotional life is colorful.
    This Tiger Tiger Year of the Tiger Auspicious Avoiding Merchants
    The year of general luck Gengyin Tiger Nianqian
    The tiger people see the year of the tiger. Essence If you want to turn a disaster, you must place a mascot on the south, or on the workbench, and the bedside. This changes the movement of the tiger’s low stagnation and change. If you wear the “Shuangxiong meeting” pendant to complement the mascot of the “Shuangxiong meeting”, the effect is faster and more apparent!
    The wealth is placed in “Fortune God Cat”. Putting the mascot of “Capital Cat” in the office, which can keep the wealth. The company and stores can also achieve the purpose of Xingcai and prosperity.
    The career opportunities to find an opportunity environment, “Longma Hengtong” must be placed
    three phases of tiger, horses, and dogs placed the mascot of “Longma Hengtong” at the desk. Fun, find the ideal partner or the development environment for you. Expand existing business, so as to move towards a new milestone.
    Emotional and popular right and wrong. With the help of “blessing hands”
    The people who are tigers, horses, and dogs are in crisis. When they are jealous, they will cause unnecessary right and wrong. The mascot of “Fu Hand” can turn the enemy as a friend, get rid of the disease, and promote the family.
    Healthy mascot “Guilu Yongnian”, the Year of the Tiger
    Tiger, horses, and dogs. Due to the fierce stars, they are susceptible to trauma and spleen and stomach disease. “Gui Lu Yongnian” mascot, which can be exempt from illness and good health.
    This blessing to transport the year of the tiger is more negative, you need to protect your life
    While placing the “Shuangxiong will age” mascot, if you wear a tiger pig bracelet and Ji Qing, Waist hanging (male) bag hanging (female) can improve the fortune in all aspects, block the stars to play a role, and ensure health and happiness! For details of the use of mascots, please live in Feng Shui
    This Tiger Tiger New Year mascot Shuangxiong meeting
    Tianma raw double wings, fast and extremely melancholy, meek and good talent, foot on the auspicious clouds, back to the golden bag to send wealth. Xiaotian Dog is the god dog of Erlang God. The momentum of the horse, the power of the heavens, the tiger will double the hero, and the three Jie sitting, who is not convinced. Gathering the power of “three in three in”.
    This people see the year of the tiger. With the “Shuangxiong meeting” mascot, you can get unexpected wealth, gather strength, enhance your fortune and status, resolve right and wrong, and change the movement of the tiger’s low stagnation and change.
    The reminder
    The five elements of the tiger: Yin Yinmu Tiger Five Chang: Mu Ren
    ,Northwest. If the bed, desk, and sofa can be placed in the three orientations of the room, this year’s zodiac is auspicious, which helps you improve this year’s luck. If this is not the case, placing a wealthy mascot “Tonghai Xing Caizhu” in the southeast can resolve the harm of the fierce stars, and help prosperous wealth, cultural movement, and son -in -law.
    The people who are tigers are blue and gray this year. If these colors can be used to arrange rooms and offices, this will help your fortune this year!
    Lucky tail number of license plates and mobile phones: 4, 9 and 1 ancestors this year are a good sign of tiger.
    The food: sour, salty flavor;
    disease prediction:, brain, nervous system, fire of fire;
    marriage prediction: should be equipped with pigs, horses, dogs, which is better.
    The professional occupation: food industry, industry, education, hotels, officials, home, fisheries, etc., water and fire are beneficial.
    Thenamed Ji Ji: Tiger is considered strong, independent, and independent; but the lack of beauty has a pride. Everyone knows the phrase “one mountain is not allowed to two tigers” or “deep mountains out of the tiger”. Therefore, the tiger’s name has the word “mountain”. Please live in the first month of the lunar month in the lunar calendar (), the tiger born in the first month of the tiger of the Feng Shui Tiger. In terms of investment, you must look at the timing to avoid being deceived, but it is beneficial to recover the old account in the early stage. For children of the zodiac tiger -there may be information about the decline in academics or do not pay attention to their studies. This month is not easy to have large exercise and suburban games, so as not to affect the child’s academics within this year. hurt. The young and middle -aged friends who are aimed at the zodiac tiger — enter the year, have a lot of emotional twists and turns, and they are suspicious between husband and wife, and they have a sense of distrust. Especially female friends, influenced by the strong peach blossoms around, emotional unstable, and prone to information about empathy. And male friends feel more lonely and have no sense of affinity. Family and friends always have information that is unfavorable to themselves. Therefore, special tips: This month, we should pay more attention to their own mentality adjustments for male friends; female friends should pay more attention to analysis and observation because of the better relationship. Affected by the peach blossom storm. For the elderly of the zodiac tiger -health, pay special attention to liver and gallbladder blood and some other lurking malignant diseases. It is recommended that children have a health check for the elderly this month. This month, the zodiac signs: monkeys and snakes, because of their lives and tigers, are not good for cooperation, etc. The most avoided direction this month: southwest, west, and southeast, centered on its own birth or resident place (so -called resident place to achieve more than 6 years of consecutive years). The most conducive to development this month: the east, south and northwest of the place of birth. The start of this month represents a year’s luck, Dong Yilin wishes everyone a good starting point! In the lunar calendar (March 6th-April 5th) of the lunar calendar (March 6th-April 5th), February is exactly the month of all things in spring and the spring breeze. For the unmarried zodiac tiger, the master’s festive thing, there is good information in marriage feelings. ; But for the married person who has an extramarital affairs, you should try to avoid the incident, otherwise it will affect the harmony and happiness of the family. At the same time, your own work will also be affected by the incident. However, it is necessary to be cautious in terms of investment, and it is not advisable to have too much investment, especially in terms of finance, steel, copper, gold and silver, and cannot invest. Although the children of the zodiac tiger have recovered across, they are still good at learning. Time is bad, and you need to continue to work hard. In the health, the destiny tiger has more blood and eye vision in terms of health. The zodiac signs this month: dogs, chickens, pigs. The most avoided direction this month: southwest and southeast. The most conducive to development this month: northwest, north and Zhengnan. March of the lunar calendar () this month is long in the soil, and the trend of flowering and fruiting. In addition, this month is Longyue. Crimination or occurrence and continuous lawsuits; this month, you need to act low -key within this month and go to your own career. You can ignore it in other aspects. Health, you need to pay special attention. For the zodiac tiger this month, we must first pay more attention to the health of the elderly. Secondly, the relationship between husband and wife is general, but this month is the moon that provokes flowers, because the opposite sex is better, I will remind married persons. Be careful not to step into peach blossoms. Do not step into peach blossoms The array is to avoid working hard to hurt money, which will not only be not conducive to the family, but also have been seriously affected for many years. This month is the best zodiac sign: monkey. This month’s favorite zodiac signs: horse, pig, rat. The most avoided development direction this month: west, north, and southeast. In April of the lunar calendar (), in April of the lunar calendar, this month, the branches of Xinyi, and the zodiac tiger, this month’s fortune is the most auspicious one year. In the development of work and career, there are many villains who are being deceived, and they should pay more attention to preventing same -sex deception. Pay more attention to your own health and prevent red injuries. At the same time, it is not conducive to investing and borrowing. Everything is low -key, more stable, and avoid recklessness. Due to the harm of Xinsu and Tai Sui, it is prone to stolen, lost, and sadness this month. Although the career is laborious, it must be weighed, and you must not give up lightly. There are also information that is also very unfavorable to academic development in this month. Here I should particularly advise the students: Although the luck is unfavorable this month, we must also persist in studying hard. It can only be trusted and cannot be recognized (the congenital fate can be improved through the efforts of the acquired people). The health of the elderly in the family this month is also not optimistic, and it is difficult to recover in their bodies. They need to pay more attention in all aspects. The zodiac signs this month: snake, monkey, tiger. This month’s favorite zodiac signs: pigs, horses, dogs. The most avoided direction this month: southeast and southwest. The most conducive to development this month: Northwest, Zhengnan and Zhengbei. In May of the lunar calendar (), Renwu and the Zodiac Zodiac is the moon, which is the month of the star. Good progress. The disadvantage of the United States is that some people are competing in the event that not only the relationship between the relationship between the relationship, but also the competitors for wealth. Nevertheless, this month is still rare for the zodiac tiger. You must seize the opportunity and adjust your own mentality in a timely manner. However, for individual destiny people, it is prone to red injuries, and try to avoid going to the north and southwestern southwest of the birthplace, let alone driving in this direction. The most avoided zodiac signs this month: rat, cattle, monkey. In June of the lunar calendar (), the branches of Guiwei, the monthly order is Linui, and the nobles are helpful in this month. Compared with the fortune of the previous month, there are many types of categories. There is a significant improvement, which is very conducive to the development of the body and other aspects. Students will also gain good results in learning. This month, the stage horse stars are appeared. For the zodiac tiger, there are more turbulent and walking phenomena, such as asking for wealth, and the Lord has unexpected wealth; when going out, it will also achieve the ideal goal. The most taboo position this month: southwest and northeast. The most avoided zodiac signs this month: tiger, monkey, cattle. In July of the lunar calendar () Danzhi Jiashen, and Nian Zhu Gengyin formed the trend of heaven, and Yin is too old this year. This month is a lot of affairs for the zodiac tiger. Or the injuries of the fall, this month is more, and the criminal lawsuits and unexpected things happen. From the perspective, tigers and monkeys are punished and punished. Therefore, this month should pay special attention to the elderly at home, with many sick disasters, and children with filial piety. Please care about the health of the elderly this month. The students of the zodiac tiger, because of their emotional instability, caused the academic decline faster. If there is a travel movement, we must pay attention to their own health, and there may be injuries. It is necessary to remind the zodiac tiger’s business investors: there are no big investment and watching this month. The most taboo position this month: southwest, northeast, southeast; the most avoided zodiac signs this month: tiger, monkey, snake. In August of the lunar calendar (), although there is a small race this month, it is no longer as bad as last month. There is information about turning in everything, which is conducive to travel for wealth. The Lord can pass; the relationship is acceptable. It is recommended to spend this month in a smooth way, and avoid arguing with people. The most taboo position this month: Southwest; the most taboo zodiac signs this month: snake. In September of the lunar calendar () entering September in the lunar calendar, the dry branch Bingyu and the destiny are the same month. In this flow, there are more days of luck to help. For the zodiac tiger, good fortune is good, and everything must be fierce. The nobles help, hoping that Xiao Hu will seize this rare opportunity and work hard to move forward. The disadvantage of the United States is that it is prone to headache information in health. It needs to be combined with work and rest, paying attention to the conditioning of the body and mind, and other aspects. Because of the help of this month, you can develop to anywhere. The most favorable zodiac signs this month: dogs, horses, pigs; the most avoided zodiac signs this month: dragon and snake. In October of the lunar calendar (), Yanyu lived in Feng Shui dry support Dinghai. In accordance with the fortune of last month, the whole month belonged to the upward good luck. The nobles and opportunities came to the head of the zodiac tiger again. In harvest, it is recommended to invest in the five elements of water. There is no direction for this month. The zodiac signs are snakes and monkeys. In November of the lunar calendar (), in November, for the zodiac tiger in November, it belongs to the stable month, the disease is more well -being, the family is happy, and the academic has nothing to worry. Bad, there are more tongues between husband and wife. Although there is information about discomfort, they will still spend peace. The most taboo direction this month: southeast and southwest; the most avoided zodiac signs this month: snake, monkey. December of the lunar calendar () to support the ugly, entering December is the month of this year, which is very conducive to the development of the family’s health and the development of marriage feelings. However, for the zodiac tiger, entering the winter moon Although it is in good luck, it should be based on recuperation and planning. It can be planned for the next year. This month is not conducive to large investment. It is conducive to the development of academic studies, but for, pay more attention to the health of the skin. The most taboo position this month: northeast and southwest. The most taboo zodiac signs this month: tiger, snake, monkey. Zodiac Tiger’s full -year comprehensive comments: The year of the year of the zodiac tiger, the year Zhu Gengyin cooperated with the monthly branches of the year to analyze it, which is more disadvantaged, especially in terms of emotion Investment and borrowing, preventing wealth, especially those born in the year, year, and years need to be cautious. Source of information: Yi’an live Feng Shui
    The above is the gold jewelry of the zodiac signs with the fate of the tiger? Related content is about the gold jewelry of the zodiac signs of the tiger’s fate? Share. After reading what jewelery is wearing the fate of Xianghu, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

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