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  1. The small green citrus is also called citrus tea. It uses a kind of tea made from Guangdong Xinhui Dahong Orange and Yunnan Xishuangna Pu'er Tea. It is a kind of Pu'er tea. It is characterized by mellow and sweet entrance, with unique floral fragrance and scent. This is due to the special fruity aroma of Xinhui mandarin. Pu'er tea has long absorbed the fruity aroma of the citrus skin. Second, the effect of health care is prominent, and the effect of "qi" in Xinhui Chenpi.
    The characteristic: fusion of the fruity aroma of Xinhui Orang and the mellow sweetness of Pu'er tea in Yunnan, so that the citrus skin (that is, tension) and tea to absorb the essence of each other, forming a unique flavor and taste. Essence Its health effect has the effect of Xinhui Chenpi and Pu'er tea. Xinhui Mandarin is the only raw material for Xinhui Chenpi.
    Effectiveness: qi qi, spleen and stomach, dry dampness and phlegm, and eliminate stagnation; combined with Pu'er tea, whether it is a table or a connotation, it is mixed with nature, which is a must. Its health effect, naturally has the benefits of both: it has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing phlegm and cough, lipid weight loss, beauty and beauty, and anti -arteriosclerosis, anti -aging and bartending effects.
    extension information
    In small green citrus Pu'er tea health effects
    1, qi and healthy stomach, expectorant and throat: have the effects of phlegm, moisturize the lungs, qi Stomach stomach, protect cardiovascular and other effects.
    2, anti -inflammatory effects: It has many biopsy activity such as sterilization, anti -inflammatory, anti -HIV virus, resistance, antioxidant, removing oral odor, and protecting teeth.
    3, wake up the brain and refresh, whitening skin: make the body taste fragrant, the brain refreshing, whitening the skin, clearing heat and relieving fire, nourishing yin and nourishing, and obvious effects on female friends; Daily work with one bubble can relieve the fatigue of long -term continuous work.
    4, lipid -lowering weight loss: The main effects are oxide fat, weight loss, tea polyphenol and other effective ingredients can help digestion and fat decomposition.
    5, inhibitory tumor, cancer cell hyperplasia: Anti -tumor cell proliferation, such as bone marrow cancer cells, lymph cancer cells, ovarian cancer cells, prostate cancer cells, and flat cancer cells have the effect of inhibitory proliferation. Such fuzette can change cancer by changing cancer. The cell membrane and enzyme and signal conduction mechanism of cells interfere with its DNA replication, and protein synthesis plays a role in anti -cancer and cancer.
    6. Promoting metabolism: Anti -blood cell condensation, anti -thrombosis, anticancer, antifungal, anti -inflammatory, anti -allergy, ant chilobacterase and antiepile epilepsy. The peel contains Chuanchen skin.
    7. Improve memory disorders: significantly improve the cognitive function, behavior and mood disorders in patients with AD. Memory disorders caused by dementia patients and cerebral organic diseases also improve.
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  2. In the past two years, Xiaoqing Citrus fire is unknown. Many friends do not know what tea is Xiaoqing mandarin Pu'er tea, and even more people do not understand why so many people like to drink Xiaoqing mandarin. Let ’s talk about it in detail. The reason.
    The small green mandarin
    wants to understand what is small green mandarin, then we can first look at its historical source and definition.
    . What is Xiaoqing mandarin? Xiaoqing Citrus is a category of citrus tea. It is made of unpopular green fruit in the new citrus in Guangdong's new citrus with the combination of Pu'er cooked tea in Yunnan. The small green citrus is generally picked from July to September each year. The peel is not mature, the appearance of the citrus is green, the oil chamber is slightly concave and dense, does not shrink, the quality is thin, and the flavor is fragrant.
    In green mandarin-green fruit
    authentic little green mandarin is revealed by Xinhui Mandarin and the Pu'er tea material of Erhai Palace in Yunnan, the tea taste is rich, smooth and sweet; Astringent taste.
    The court of Pu'er Tea in Yunnan Court
    One of the reasons for the hotness of the small green mandarin: Because the small green mandarin single particles are carried or brewed and drinking, it is very convenient. , Glass pot, or even a glass of glass, even a glass, flushing, soaking, and drinking, with unlimited convenience, a little quick -dissolving tea.
    I Qing Orang is sought after by young people. In addition to the above reasons, it is more about the unique effects and functions of Xiaoqing Orang.
    The small green mandarin
    . What are the effects and functions of small green mandarin? In a word, the content of small green mandarin has high aroma oil content, high orange leverin content, low polysaccharide content, and has the effects of rational and healthy stomach, anti -accumulation stagnation, dampness and phlegm, sparse liver and lungs.
    The details are listed below for details (the process is a bit boring, of course, you can generally read the small green mandarin while reading).
    1, qi and healthy stomach
    The volatile oil content of the small green mandarin has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can promote the secretion of the digestive fluid, eliminate the accumulation of qi in the intestines, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and drive the wind to drive the wind. Empeiched.
    2, cough and phlegm
    small green mandarin can also dry and damp phlegm. It has a weak expansion effect on the bronchial tube, which can make sputum easily and achieve the role of phlegm and cough.
    Thn cough and phlegm
    3, weight loss and fat
    The small green mandarin contains "Sinfelin". This substance is mainly used for oxidative fat and weight loss. At the same time, the tea polyphenols in Pu'er cooked tea can auxiliary decomposition of fat. For obese people, it is beneficial to drink Xiaoqing mandarin properly.
    4, anti -inflammatory sterilization antiviral
    small green citrus skin contains unique ketones and phenolic acid, which has the effects of sterilization and anti -inflammatory; citrus plants generally contain lemon bitter, while Xinhui Xiaoqing mandarin The content is even more, and it has antiviral effects.
    5, beauty and beauty
    The child -like compounds, vitamin C, and vitamin E contained in the small green mandarin have anti -aging and beauty and beauty effects. This is the key factor sought after by young women. Essence
    Note: If you want to drink the real little green mandarin taste and effect, then you must choose the authentic Xinhui Xiaoqing mandarin. Now the market is full of various false small small small small green mandarin slogans Green mandarin (many of them are Guangxi Mandarin, Fujian Mandarin, and Jiangxi). When you buy it, you must polish your eyes.
    The small green mandarin
    only Xinhui Xiaoqing mandarin with authentic authentic products, and you can also drink the taste of the real meaning of small green mandarin. For example Xiang, produced in the core production area of ​​Xinhui, Guangdong, is made from the semi -exposed process. The original taste is exactly what you want.
    In addition, drinking small green mandarin, how can you soak the small green mandarin, let me share with you by the way, how to soak Xiaoqing mandarin.
    3. How to soak in the small green mandarin? Method of the brewing of small green mandarin
    1, disassemble the small green mandarin packaging paper, remove the whole small green mandarin
    2, and the cover of the small green mandarin is unveiled, and the whole little green mandarin is placed in the cup. Or pour the tea leaves out of the top of the small green mandarin, and put it in the cup together with the entire peel. 3. The first time I rushed into the boiling water, washing tea, pour it out for about 3 seconds
    4, pour the boiling water again, soak it for about 6 seconds to pour it out.
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    OK, this article will introduce you to Xiaoqing Mandarin here. If you have any places you don't understand, you can leave a message and discuss.

  3. The efficacy and effect of Xiaoqing Orange include lipid -lowering and losing weight, detoxifying and nourishing, protecting the liver and protecting the stomach, strengthening the body, cleaning the oral cavity, relieving cough and phlegm, and hangover.
    1, lipid -lowering and weight loss, detoxification and beauty
    Xiaoqing mandarin, using pure natural tension, Chen Xiang Yunnan Pu'er tea. The small green citrus Pu'er tea belongs to high fiber, which promotes the peristalsis of the stomach. It is equivalent to improving the digestion of the spleen and stomach. Then the heat in food, fat will quickly decompose and digest under this auxiliary action, promote smooth blood, naturally balance the body function, so it has the effect of beauty. "Beauty and good tea".
    2, protecting the liver and protecting the stomach, strengthening the health
    usually brewing Xiaoqing mandarin, under the appropriate concentration, does not have a stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines; because the small green mandarin tea soup is sticky, smooth, and mellow, enter the human body into the human body The gastrointestinal formation membrane attached to the gastric surface layer, which has a beneficial protective layer of the stomach. Long -term drinking of small green mandarin tea can clear the blood vessels, help the stomach digestion, and reduce the burden on the liver detoxification. Orange.

    3, cleaning oral cavity, cough and phlegm
    small green mandarin, which is full of hair, with many physiological specific components, which has the role of disinfection and sterilization. Tooth protection. Xiaoqing mandarin can also dry and damp phlegm, which has a weak expansion effect on the bronchial tube, which can make sputum easily and achieve the role of phlegm and cough.
    4, hangover
    The small green mandarin contains tea polyphenols, which can promote new alcohol metabolism and enable alcoholic metabolism to carry out normally and smoothly. Drinking small green mandarin can improve the gathering of capillaries and promote the rapid discharge of ethanol out of the body, which can reduce the damage after drunk. Drinking small green mandarin can fill the vitamin C required for the ethanol hydrolysis reactions, and the brain nerve center of the person who is excited by the ethanol anesthetic agent, which plays a role of alcohol.
    This information
    This taboos of drinking small green mandarin
    1, small green citrus green skin is cold and cool, and in order to avoid damage to the body, the green skin of the small green mandarin cannot be used alone. Tea friends who have weak bodies such as weak body, weak blood, weak blood, liver and stomach, and poor spleen should still drink less. If you are all old, but your body is still strong, drinking Xiaoqing mandarin is more conducive to your healthy life.
    2, gout is an intangible disease of tortured people. At the time, foot pain cannot be sleeping, and others cannot understand this pain. Patients with gout cannot be exposed to foods such as purine, tannins, greasy, seafood, and tea contains a certain amount of tannic acid substances. At this time, tea will only increase the disease, especially the long tea or tea time.
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  4. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the green skin is slightly warm, the taste is bitter, and the liver and biliary meridian has rational liver qi, pharyngitis, eliminating accumulation stagnation, and protecting cardiovascular effects. Benefits: It has various functions such as strengthening the spleen nourishing and nourishing the stomach, reducing phlegm and cough, lowering fat reduction, beauty and beauty, beauty and beauty, and anti -aging.

    The most volatile oil of the small green citrus, slightly astringent, and sour, the fruit taste in the tea is strong, sweet and sweet. Although the oil ketone in the green skin cannot be absorbed by the human body, it can be expanded to expand Drinking the effect of the respiratory tract can improve chronic pharyngitis, anti -haze, and have a smooth breathing effect on rhinitis and cold nasal congestion.
    The efficacy and discomfort of the small green mandarin
    1. Inhibit tumor, cancer cell hyperplasia

    The immature fruits of the small green citrus belong to the tea branch mandarin, the epidermis contains multiple armor Oxygenylkzon, which can prevent tumor cell proliferation, such as bone marrow cancer cells, lymphoma cells, ovarian cancer cells, prostate cancer cells, and flat cancer cells have the effect of inhibiting proliferation. Such flavones can change the cell membrane, enzymes, and signal conduction of cancer cells The mechanism interferes with its DNA replication, and protein synthesis works.

    2. Relieve bronchitis and bronchial asthma

    Iline is also another ingredients contained in small green mandarin. The effect of blood pressure and excitement can be used to relieve bronchitis and bronchial asthma. rn rn  3.醒脑提神,美白肌肤rn rn  小青柑果皮中所含的酚酸能杀菌,还可以使体味芬芳、醒脑提神、美白肌肤、 Clearing heat and relieving fire, nourishing yin and nourishing and nourishing the effects on female friends are obvious; at the same time, it also has the effect of reducing fatigue, and it is convenient to brew. It can alleviate the fatigue of long -term continuous work with daily work.
    This effectiveness and discomfort
    4, healthy tooth protective, cleaning the mouth.

    Small green mandarin is a full -fermented tea. It contains many physiological activity ingredients and has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, it can remove oral odor and protect teeth. This year, the weather in the country is generally high temperature. When I go to work, the fire is relatively strong and the tone is heavier. Drinking some small green gansu appropriately can achieve the effect of fresh oral cavity, which is much better than eating gum.

    5. Banxian and hangover

    The medical proof of small green mandarin tea, which is rich in tea polyphenols, can promote ethanol metabolism and enable ethanol metabolism to carry out normally and smoothly. Drinking small green mandarin tea can increase the blood vessel contraction function, promote the rapid discharge of alcohol, and reduce the harm after drunk. Drinking Xiaoqing Gan can also supplement the vitamin C required for alcoholic hydrolysis, and excite the brain center where alcohol anesthesia. As a result, to hangover.

    6. Relieve bronchitis and bronchial asthma

    Iline is also another ingredients contained in small green citrus, which can relax the smooth muscle of the bronchial tube, blood vessels, blood vessel pressure, ascending, ascended The effect of blood pressure and excitement center can be

    7. Promoting metabolism

  5. In fact, Xiaoqing Citrus is actually picked (solid citrus tea) after flowering with special mandarin trees. It is small and each picking one means that one grows. Poor, high collection value. The prices of small green mandarin in different production areas will also be different, and the price of Xiaoqing mandarin in the core production area will be slightly higher. This kind of small green mandarin has a special aroma, its aroma is fresh and pleasant, the epidermal oil cells are uniform and dense, and the epidermis is uneven. Generally, it should not be too big, and the sour taste of too large will be heavier.

    Is when Chenpi meets Pu'er, one is the Lingnan Xinhui with the reputation of "Thousand -Year Ginseng, Centennial Chenpi", and the other is the Dian Dian Gaoshan with sufficient rainwater, clouds and foggy clouds, and fertile land. Combining is really "the combination of heaven". In fact, citrus tea is not a new product. It has a century of history that citrus tea has been recorded.

    has tasting tea with other foods since ancient times, and citrus Pu is one of the best products. It has cleverly combined Pu'er tea and citrus peel, which is a special Fruit tea.

    The skin peeling out of green mandarin is called green skin. It is generally picked in October. The skin skin is thin, dark, mild, hard -flavored, spicy and bitter, and storage.

    The second red citrus refers to the unfamiliar mature citrus. The citrus peeling out of the two red citrus is called the second red skin. Generally, it is picked in November each year. Red, moderate texture, gentleness and gentleness, spicy and bitterness, hidden,

    The big red citrus refers to the mature citrus. Because this is a high citrus sugar, it is very fragrant with large red skin soup and sugar water, but it is recommended to store for more than 10 years.

    This Effects of Little Green Mandarin: The tension that dried with Xinhui Mandarin has the effects of reducing phlegm and relieving cough, stasis and warmth, and anti -cancer. The longer the second red Chenpi is placed, the more valuable it is. It can be seen that the Xinhui Chenpi is not famous.

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