3 thoughts on “What are the gifts at the event site?”

  1. It depends on what activities do you do. The gifts sent by general activities will be better with LOGOs with their own products. If the funds are a bit tight, it is a custom -made boxed tissue paper; if the funds are sufficient, you can consider making some daily necessities, such as advertising cups, solar umbrellas, or cartoon gloves. You can consider making some small and exquisite pendants or something, such as: keychain, mobile phone chain

  2. Uh, there are many gifts presented at the event site, mainly to see the scale of this event, or the number of gifts given. Generally speaking, since it is the event site, it should be more promoted to the warm atmosphere, so I am me I think that gifts should be a wider range that can be delivered, and the relative value should be slightly lower, such as some small accessories or small products used. Ah, for example, like a mobile phone charger or. Some USB charging small fans, or some small appliances and the like.
    It, if you buy customers or customers who have already traded, you can give gifts with relatively high value. For example, some home appliances like rice cookers or small iPads, mainly depending on a budget for your own activities.

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