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  1. Remember when Prince William proposed to Princess Kate, did the "heir family treasure" worn on Kate's hand?
    The deep blue gem ring, how many couples did not buy diamonds and bought sapphire as wedding ring that year!

    Speaking of the sapphire jewelry of the British royal family, the sapphire cheetah's brooch of the legendary female Windsor can top the top of the list!

    It, in order to win the beauty of the beauty, Edward VIII entrusted Cartier to make a jewelry and made a brooch. Squatting "on a sapphire weighing 152.35 carats, showing the majesty of the royal family.

    . It has witnessed the fairy tale love of the Duke Windsor's wife. Essence
    A blue is the color of the sea and the sky in the eyes of psychologists, giving people a sense of peace, tranquility, and high. A touch of blue on the wrist can smooth your impetuous emotions. Let's take a look with Xiaoxin, what other beautiful blue jewelry!

    1. Haidan treasure
    Legend that Chinese sea sapphire is produced on the bottom of the sea. The color of sapphire is as blue as sea water, and it gives it the attributes of water, which is the essence of the sea water. Therefore, the navigation home uses it to pray that the sea god bless the safety of the sea and call it "the god stone". It is also used as "March Born Stone".
    The blue gemstone is a silicate material crystal in mineralology. Tattoos
    The indigenous people in the Caribbean islands on the Caribbean islands have long discovered and used this gem called Larimar. There are currently only Dominica.
    The stone is as famous as its ocean -like blue, and the blue -green seawater pan -wave shape. Under the action of light, it shows the geometric beauty of plaques.

    3. Turquoise
    , also known as "pine stone", because it looks like a pine ball, color, color, color "Nearly pine green" named. English name Turquoise means Turkish stone. Turkey does not produce turquoise. It is said that the ancient Persian turquoise was named after Turkey was transported into Europe.
    Prior to the Qing Dynasty in China, the turquoise was also called "Dado". The color is elegant, and the gorgeous turquoise is a traditional jade loved by ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people. It has a history of more than 5,000 years.

    . Topa stone
    The mineral name is yellow jade or gold. Because consumers are easy Confusion, mostly the English transliteration name "Topa Stone" is used to mark the gem -level yellow jade. Because Topa's transparency is very high and hard, the reflective effect is very good, coupled with beautiful colors, which is loved by people.

    5. Moonstone
    The gem and minerals interacting with long stone and sodium -long stone. Sri Lanka is the most precious.
    "The blue light is as light as the autumn moon, who believes in the cold color of the stone", as the most valuable variety of long stone gemstones, the moonstone is quiet and simple, and the blue beating light shines on the transparent gemstone, which makes people make people make people. Think of bright moonlight. The gentle beauty of it is the charm.
    Monthly light stones have always been considered a gift given to humans by the moon god, as if with mysterious and irresistible power. Legend has it that during the full moon, wearing moonstone can meet good lover. Therefore, moonstone is called "lover stone".

    n 6. sapphire
    is except Ruby in the Gemstone. The main component of the other colors of Guan Jade gemstone is alumina (al₂o ₃). The English name of Sapphire is SAPPHIRE, which is derived from the Latin Spongs, which means blue.
    sered sapphire produced in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, and Myanmar is the place with the largest number of sapphires today.

    although gems above are blue, in fact, the difference is very large. For the most intuitive price, the most expensive blue gem is sapphire, and the lowest price is the flow of turquoise, so the little angels who like blue can wear turquoise or sea -patterned hand every day. String, and sapphire tanzani stones can be used to collect and invest. [Look at me]

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