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  1. Xiong Dailin

    Ye Wen’s encouragement of his wife Zhang Yongcheng (Xiong Dailin) ​​shot, and he was looking for Jinshan with a skilled Wing Chun boxing. After this battle, Foshan set off a flourishing Wing Chun boom.

  2. Xiong Dailin
    The Chinese actress, model. His father is a surgeon, and his mother is a nurse. Models debuted and appeared in many film and television dramas.
    Family members: Dad, Mom, Brother
    Boyfriend: Guo Fucheng
    Time: Guizhou
    Schools I have studied:
    Primary school: Nanjing Nanhua Six Primary School R r r r r r r
    Junior high school: Nanjing Nanhua No. 4 Middle School
    High school: Nanjing Da Pai Middle School
    University: Suzhou University (肄 肄)
    Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Nanjing dialect, English r
    hobby: dance, music, piano, painting
    The favorite singers: Faye Wong
    The favorite actors: Mangamian
    Baidu ID: lynnhk
    Personal experience:
    In November 1999, the first “China National Fashion Model Contest” third place Xiong Dailin was won on May 19, 2000. The “Top Ten” models of the 6th China Model Star Contest held in Zhongshan City
    The 2002 China Fashion Culture Awards Top Ten Chinese Models
    The 2002 Professional Fashion Model Committee recommendation and fashion art committee voting, Won the top ten models of the 5th China International Fashion Week year
    In 2002, he won the best professional fashion model in China and was amazed by the best professional fashion model judges in China: “She is really beautiful!”
    The interview in 2003: Xiong Dailin is not sure about his future, but it must be an industry related to models. Xiong Dailin wants to be a model coach
    2000-2002, and participated in the International Fashion Week for 3 consecutive years in a row. Performance
    2003 starred in the movie “Destination, Shanghai”. The play won the Best Film Award of the 32nd Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Ferbisi International Film Critics Award, and 2003 Hong Kong Film Festival Silver Camera Award.
    In 2003, Xiong Dailin and Jiang Peilin and others represented China’s top excellent fashion models. “
    September 18, 2004, with the Chinese Super Famous Memicon of Xiong Dailin, gathered in Nanjing to participate in the party.
    Xiong Dailin participated in Vice Premier Li Lanqing and French Foreign Minister Waderina’s agreed year from October 2003 to July 2004, a cultural year held in France.
    The recent
    2000-2006 Xiong Dailin has released a performance as a supermodel in China as a supermodel at home and abroad, serving as a flat image of many fashion brands and shooting multiple magazine covers and plane advertisements for some big international brands.
    In 2005, because of participating in international award -winning films and a years of dance foundation, the Chinese supermodel Xiong Dailin and popular movie star Chen Kun, known as “can play and jump”, co -produced his first singing album “The Moon Half of the Moon Half Moon Bend “MTV.
    In April 2006, Xiong Dailin, who was the top ten supermodels in China, participated in the “I BLUES 2006 Spring / Summer Fashion Performance and Harm Performance Conference”. Hong Kong, and look for breakthrough development.
    In May 2006, Chen Miaoying, who won the 2006 World Outstanding Chinese Award and Ph.D., discovered Xiong Dailin (Lynn) as its 2006 image ambassador. Chen Miaoying found Xiong Dailin in Fashion Show. He felt that Xiong Dailin had a good background, and he was perfect in terms of shape, appearance, skin, and expression. There are also a bit like Chen Huilin and Guan Zhilin, coupled with her unique temperament, which makes her different, she also has a good figure of “33C-23-34”.
    In June 2006, Xiong Dailin took a line to shoot Chen Miaoying’s beauty therapy center advertisement at three o’clock to show his beautiful figure. Turbing his chest and hips caught great attention in Hong Kong.
    In early May 2006, Xiong Dailin participated in the audition of Zhou Xingchi’s new film. She had a 33C, 23, and 34 figure. Shandong actress Zhang Yuqi.
    In July 2006, Xiong Dailin attended the press conference of the “Perfect Defender of Health International Aesthet Therapy Center” with low -cut skirts and super sexy three -point swimsuit respectively. Known as the new generation of breast enhancement queen in Hong Kong.
    On July 18, 2006, in the Kowloon Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, Xiong Dailin (Lynn) was invited to attend the promotional activity of the Harry Winston watch
    On July 20, 2006, Xiong Dailin was full of the world’s four seasons. Omega Omega Demonstration this year focuses on the “Double Eagle Women’s Sagua Watch”, “Constellation QUADRELLA”, and “” watch series. She expressed no opposition to her peers. It does not rule out whether he will go to rectify in the future, and every woman also has the right to pursue beauty. “Xiong Dailin had been suspected of being” artificial “by her nose by her doctor. She showed that she was definitely” original “and was satisfied with her appearance. On the day, Xiong Dailin attended the fashion show at the Hong Kong Harbor City Ocean Center. Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall “Harbor City” held the latest advertising conference.
    On August 24, 2006, MARC Jacobs was held at Grand Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, Wanchai, Hong Kong. In the autumn and winter of 2006, more than 50 new autumn and winter series will be carefully performed by famous model Chen Jiarong, ANA R, Xiong Dailin and other. “The guests attended the same day include: Guo Fucheng, Li Jiaxin, Li Caihua, Liu Haolong, Xiong Dailin, Han Junting, Chen Jiarong, Sun Yaowei. At the meeting, Guo Fucheng also accepted the awards of perfect dynamic and perfect images issued by the conference. A “Heavenly King Guo Fucheng”.
    On August 16, 2006, Chen Jiarong, Yang Yan, and Xiong Dailin attended the Hong Kong “TSE Fashion Pre -Exhibition” together. The design has a reflection of updates, showing a simple temptation.
    3 pm on August 17, 2006, the Gaizhou Building of Daijie Street in Central. Event, the new diving watch on the spot. On August 20, 2006, famous models Anar, Lisas, Xiong Dailin, Beanqi and Carag performed a number of new lipsticks in Hong Kong. Xiong Dailin was invited to attend the “London”, which was named one of the 25 world’s top brands that was worthy of the most worthy of its own “London” in Hong Kong to show a new season of handbag display to show the extreme temptation of London. , Yang Wanyi, Qiqi and many other Hong Kong celebrities.
    The other guests attended on the day of the “Little Ant Bully” charity premiere on the fake Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition on August 21, 2006: Zheng Yijian, Guo Xiuyun, Zhou Qianyi, Wang Xiulin, Li Yier, Zhong Zhentao, Hetian Yumei, Huang Peixia, etc..
    On August 23, 2006, Chen Huilin, Chen Jiarong, Xiong Dailin attended the opening ceremony of a square
    History of 2006 Zhou Shengsheng Jewelry Brand new image jewelry series models, showing the latest Italian jewelry Staurion Fratelli and other new styles.
    In early September 2006, Xiong Dailin and mainland boyfriend have been separated for a long time, plus due to career development Staying in Hong Kong for a long time, the two parties formally negotiated to break up.
    On September 08, 2006, Xiong Dailin starred in the “Son of Wind” (the theme song of the 2006 Asian Game Exhibition) of the King of the King. On September 09, 2006, Wang Minde, Yang Wanyi, Chen Yuanqi, Luo Huijuan, and Chen Yiping, etc., attended a autumn and winter fashion performance in Central today. Fashion performances were interpreted by famous models such as Ma Shihui, Xiong Dailin, Yao Shuyi, and An Qi to perform more than 50 sets of autumn and winter fashion.
    On September 10, 2006, Guan Ella, Li Canchen and Xiong Dailin were invited to attend the propaganda activities of a table
    September 11, 2006, Ella, the same name Balia, Xiong Dailin and atomic 鏸Attending the “Food ” and “Food Concierge” event held by Harbor City
    September 24, 2006 Xiong Dailin and the elderly spent the Mid -Autumn Festival early. Organizing Huanyu hopes to co -organize the “True True True” plan
    On September 25, 2006, the supermodel Xiong Dailin showed three sets of autumn and winter fashion for “Autumn and Winter Fashion Show” in Jinzhong Taikoo Plaza. This time, it was also Xiong Dailin’s first fashion performance of her own. She said that when she knew that she was the only one, she had a little nervousness in her heart
    September 28, 2006, the 7th Watsons The awards ceremony of the Mei Awards was held, and many celebrities and brand spokespersons were supported, including: Zheng Jiaying, Li Zi, Wang Mingquan, Wei Junjie, Tengli, Xiong Dailin, etc.
    On October 17, 2006, Xiong Dailin and other famous models were for the “Penny Black 2006 Italian Elementary School Town, Autumn and Winter Xiong Dailin attended the European Pink Party OU.PINK Party [2] Fashion Performance” On the 21st, Le Jier and Xiong Dailin and many famous models attended the propaganda activities of a certain watch
    October 22, 2006, the fashion theme party of “Yufeng CEO Famous Night” The luxury house Yufeng Real Estate Atrium Garden was held. Hong Kong’s chief model Xiong Dailin and the Dutch supermodels have extended from high runway to guests.
    On October 24, 2006, Xiong Dailin and Wang Hexi attended the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary of the Overseas series and showed the latest watch.
    On October 25, 2006, a brand jewelry held a new season of jewelry pre -exhibition in Hong Kong. It comes from the designer of the gold product family. The soft golden silk is woven into flowers in front of the camera with different forms. The texture of pure metal, seductive color, is perfect in Rosemary and Xiong Dailin’s femininity. Implement
    In November 2006, the Hong Kong media revealed that Guo Fucheng and the famous mainland model Xiong Dailin, who was 15 years younger than him, kissed in the MV “The Children of the Wind”. After overnight, more than two million sports cars were also dispatched to pick up gossip girlfriends. One week ago, the dating of the two dates on the evening of November 8 and the photos of the two people spent the spring of the Spring Festival was exposed in real time.
    The Xiong Dailin has been crowned as “the king”, and his value has risen, which is close to Hong Kong’s chief supermodel.
    That night, Guo Fucheng returned to Hong Kong from Inner Mongolia’s film “Silver Empire”, and immediately appeared at the 2007 spring and summer fashion party held in New Studios. Because Xiong Dailin Xiong Dailin will also perform in this show. After the performance, the two were very alert, fearing that there were reporters to follow, and did not show up at the same time. Guo Fucheng drove 2 months in Hong Kong for 2 months in the morning and had more than 2.1 million Hong Kong -Benz SL55 sports cars and left his parking lot. Come. Later, Xiong gathered in Chengcheng’s residence for more than 6 hours. He left at 9:30 in the morning and went to the Causeway Bay Famous Store Corridor to start the runway with another “King of Heaven” Le Jier. Until 10 o’clock that night, Guo Fucheng, who was wearing a red baseball cap, drove downstairs in his girlfriend. Xiong Dailin, who was ready to get on the car, saw the reporter out of the photo, scared that she had stepped on the sports car and ran back to the building immediately. The city on the driver’s seat was extremely embarrassing, and his mouth was quite stunned.
    The first encounters when Guo Fucheng and Xiong Dailin attended the Nokia event on August 10, 2006. By early September, the two met again because of helping the game exhibition ads. At this time, it was a lot closer. The staff at the scene said that every time the shot was taken, the city would ask someone to organize his clothes and take a photo.
    On May 16, 2009, Xiong Dailin attended the opening ceremony of the US Mo Garment Brand (Nanchang Store)
    On July 5, 2010, Xiong Dailin, famous model Rosemary, and Hong Kong sister He Aoer at Humen Fengtai Garden Hotel attended the European Point Clothing Ou. Pink Party Night Night Party Night Model Night.
    The performing arts experience
    The first ten best competitions of the South China Sea Unity Model Contest n Developed in Shanghai in 1999 to win the third place of the “China National Model Contest”
    2000 The 6th Chinese Model Star Competition Ten best Model
    The top ten Chinese models of the Chinese Fashion Culture Award in 2002, the best professional fashion model in China
    starring in “destination, Shanghai” in 2003. The show won the 32nd Rotterdam International Film Festival Best Film Award
    2000-2002 Participated in the performance of well-known domestic and foreign brands, served as a plane image of a fashion brand and filmed multiple magazines cover. Image ambassador, after the launch of the semi -naked advertising photo, it launched the famous hall, and there were already film companies beckoning to the new wave god. She admits that she is very interested in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. Before serving as the spokesperson, she had a audio for Zhou Xingchi’s new film “Alien”.
    The movie “Ye Wen”, directed by Ye Weixin in 2008, played Ye Wen’s wife in it. The film was released on December 12, 2008.
    This starring in “Ye Wen 2” in 2010, still playing Mrs. Ye Wen, Zhang Yongcheng. The film was released on both sides of the strait on April 27, 2010.
    S starring in “My Barbarian Girlfriend 2” in 2010, playing William’s girlfriend.
    TV works
    “Ye Wen” Chen Kun “Moon Half Bend” in 2005
    2006 Guo Fucheng’s “Son of Wind”
    Movie works
    rn  2010t《最强囍事》t Victoriat 陈庆嘉、秦小珍t 古天乐、张柏芝、闫妮、甄子丹rn  2010t《我的野蛮女友2》t 尚真t 马伟豪t 立威廉、黄宗泽、何炅、冯媛甄rn  2010 “Ye Wen 2: Master Legend” Zhang Yongcheng Ye Weixin Zhen Zidan, Hong Jinbao, Huang Xiaoming
    2010 “Flower Fields 2010” Huang Ying Huang Baiming Gu Tianle, Wu Junru, Pan Yueming, Yang Ying n 2009 “Dwarf Love” guest appearances, Ruan Shisheng Wang Zulan, Wang Zusheng Wang Zulan, Wang Zusheng Wang Zulan, Guan Enna, Zhou Xiuna
    2008 “Ye Wen” Zhang Yongcheng Ye Weixin Zhen Zidan, Ren Dahua
    2003 “destination, Shanghai” Cheng Yusu

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