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  1. How do novices make friends in a micro -business circle?

    Last night, I deleted the micro -merchant who sold clothes, because he brushed more than 200 friends in a day.

    It 24 hours a day, and on average, I can see his circle of friends at an average of 0.12 hours. For me personally, it is simply torture.

    So how can you make friends bother with friends?

    1. Respect others

    Prevario Xiao A just made a purchasing agent, she will comment below the advertisement: Now make clocks purchasing, friends who need it can talk about me privately. If my advertisement disturb you, please comment below 2, and will not push the advertisement to you next time, and I will say "sorry" to you sincerely!

    . Her small details made me feel attention and respect. To this end, I did not block her. Sometimes, I will talk a few words under her advertisement.

    The greatest respect to others.

    2. Set the grouping

    I do n’t know if you are a micro -business, do you have the habit of labeling?

    For each new fan, learn about some personal situations in communication, such as interest, local, occupation, time, constellation, etc., and make corresponding labels. And regularly visit fans, or view the circle of friends, update or increase new labels.

    Is when you have these labels, you can send the circle, remind@, or properly shield, or browse.

    3. Advertising quality

    In you all know that even the advertisements are easily deleted or blocked, which shows that the quality of WeChat advertisements is more refined and reduced promotion quantity.

    . A good copy is persuasive. If you post 18 advertisements, there is only one move that can be moved, then the other 17 advertisements are meaningless. Advertising is not as many, but fine.

    This this year's Double Eleven, Tmall's advertisement is very moving. The core is that a strong heart is the best gift for women to grow on the road to growth.

    This advertisements are targeted at the consumer groups, and the crowd is wide.

    The good advertisement is far better than issuing dozens of bad copywriting. If micro -business people want to get better benefits, it may improve the quality of advertising.

    The advertisements that are useless with dozens of uses of dozens of ads are better than sending only one high -quality advertisement.

    4. Give back fans

    It advertisements will lose a lot of fans, annoying fans, and even black.

    The fans of WeChat are to be maintained, and they will pay for your behavior.

    So we must do some activities from time to time to give back to fans, such as sending red envelopes, sending small gifts, etc., to enhance the favor of fans to you.

    If fans have a good impression of you, then it will be so resistant to you.

    If the fans are well maintained, it is easy to transfer you.

    5. Personal life

    We are an emotional person to operate WeChat, so in addition to advertising, we must have personal life photos, which is easier to get real. trust.

    The friend circle should reveal personal life, but it is not privacy.

    The era of micro -business, not only selling goods, but also personal IP.

    5 tips above, helping you quickly marketing products!

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