How much is it appropriate to buy a wife to send my wife?

How much is it appropriate to buy a wife to send my wife? Don’t be too expensive …

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  1. In the case of limited budgets, you can choose to send 30-50 points, color J, clarity vs, and 3EX diamonds. The price should be between 1 and 20,000. of.
    The diamond ring given to his wife should be a wedding diamond ring. No matter how big the delivery is, love in the diamond ring is more important. Witness the Dmallovo (Marylai) diamond ring, which is “only for one person in a lifetime”, sends only a diamond ring, but it is the romantic commitment to love only one person in his life.

  2. How much it is appropriate to buy a diamond ring, this question is actually very simple, because how much buying is depending on the actual situation of individuals. If you have the money, buy a bigger. If you buy less money, buy an economical affordable. The main reason is that your relationship must be good, keeping each other for a lifetime, this is Guan Jian.
    If selection of wedding diamond ring, you must use the way to buy naked diamonds and plus a ring. Bare diamonds need to buy the GIA certificate. Diamond ring has an advantage in preservation! Now it is not very popular online shopping, buying a naked diamond and ring support, and inlaid together, which will be much cheaper. It is recommended that you go to a regular website to buy. If you decide to buy a diamond ring online, you must find a regular website Yeah, after all, the money to buy a diamond ring is not a small number. My colleague is the online mall of Jin Taifu to formulate a diamond ring for his girlfriend’s real name. If you customize it, you can consider the Jin Taifu Diamond Wedding Diamond Customization Center. It is said that Jin Taifu Diamond Customization Center focuses on custom emotional diamond jewelry. Incorporate the little bit of love into the design. It is favored by urban white -collar workers. The female colleagues in our office think his girlfriend is very happy. We all envy. We all think that this male colleague is very considerate. I think such a diamond ring is also suitable for you and your girlfriend.

  3. If the budget is limited, it is recommended to be 30 to 50 points. Even if it is more suitable, the price is still easy to accept 3000 to 8000. It mainly depends on the 4C (weight, clarity, cutting, color) of your diamond. The other 3C parameters are different. Send a diamond ring to tell the other party how much you love her. The landlord can see Darry Ring. Men can only customize one diamond ring brand with their ID cards. Women like special gifts. This ring is very special, and unique. It can only be given to one person, which is very special.

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