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  1. There will be no response without reaching the melting point. Because the golden melting point is high, there is no reaction without special cases.

    gold (transition metal), the gold code is xau_usd, xau is the chemical element code; 8,18,32,18,1
    3, electronics: [XE] 4F14 5D10 6S1
    4, Hua price: 1, 3
    5, melting point: 1064.43 ℃
    6,, Boiling point: 2808 ℃
    Extension information:
    The color of gold is golden yellow, metal luster, difficult to decompose. The hardness is 2-3, the pure gold is 19.3, and the melting point is 1064.4 ° C; it has good ductility and can be pressed into thin foil. It has extremely high heat transfer and conductivity. The resistance of pure gold is 2.4P. Pure gold has good anti -chemical corrosion and is the best electroplating material.
    Gold, as a precious metal, has good physical characteristics. "Real Gold is not afraid of fire" is that the chemical stability of gold is very high. It is not easy to chemically react with other materials. You don't have to worry about oxidation and discoloration. Even in the melting state, it will not be oxidized and discolored. The density is strong and the feel is heavy.
    The toughness and ductility, good guidance. Pure gold has gorgeous yellow, but after incorporating other metals, the color changes greatly. For example, gold and copper alloy are dark red, and the silver alloy is light yellow or gray -white. Jin Yi was grinded into powder, which is why Jin is scattered in nature. Pure gold jewelry is also easily worn and reduced.
    The atomic order in the Menjiev cycle table is 79, that is, the golden nucleus of the gold contains 79 protons, and the proton belt is positive. At the same time, due to the conformity of half full rules, gold has good chemical stability. In the metal market, metals such as crickets, 铑, 钯, 锇, 铱, and platinum are collectively referred to as precious metals.
    although gold is a very soft metal, it is not as good as lead and tin metal. Use nails on pure gold to draw traces. This softness makes gold very easy to process. However, this point is not ideal for the maker of the decoration, because it is easy to make the decorations hurt and make it make it make it wound and make it it. Lost luster and even affect beauty. Therefore, when making jewelry with gold, copper and silver are generally added to improve their hardness.
    It gold is forged and easy to extend, which can be crushed to a transparent and transparent green foil with a thickness of 0.001 mm. 0.5 grams of gold can be pulled into a 160 -meter -long golden.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold

  2. Four words are not afraid of fire refining the best appraisal method (1) See color: the higher the purity of the gold jewelry, the deeper the color. If there is no gold medal, you can determine the general color according to the following color (based on green gold. The so -called green gold is only silver in gold): dark red yellow color is more than 95%, and light red yellow yellow to 95% The pale yellow is 80%to 85%, the cyan is 65%to 70%, the color blue with white light is only 50%to 60%, and the slightly yellow and white are less than 50%. Generally, Qiqing, Eight Huang, and Jiu Chi can be used as a reference.
    (2) Type weight: The proportion of gold is 19: 32, which is more important than metal such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum. The volume of gold is more than 40%heavier than the silver, 1.2 times heavier than copper, and 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The gold jewelry should have a feeling of sinking in the hand, and the fake gold jewelry feels lightly. This method is not suitable for gold jewelry inlaid.
    (3) Look at the hardness: pure gold is soft and low. It can draw light marks with nails. Teeth bite can leave tooth marks. High -colored gold jewelry is low in color. The bending method can also test the hardness, the pure gold is soft, it is easy to bend, the lower the purity, the less likely to bend.
    (4) Listening to the sound: The real gold with a color of more than 99%is thrown on the hard ground, and it will make a tap sound, there is no rhyme or elasticity. The fake or low golden sound is crispy but no dullness. Generally, the sound of "Dangdang" is emitted, and there are surplus sounds.
    (5) Burning with fire: Burn the jewelry to burn red (do not melt the jewelry) with the fire (do not melt the jewelry), and observe the color change after cooling. The degree of darker is not pure gold. Generally, the lower the color, the stronger the color, and the darkens are all, indicating that it is a fake gold jewelry.
    (6) See the mark: Domestic gold jewelry is all prepared according to international standards, and stamps, such as "24K" indicate "foot red" or "foot gold"; 18K gold, indicate the word "18K", ; The person who is less than 10K will not be able to call the K -printed number according to regulations. At present, illegal elements are commonly used to make fake cards and imitation stamps in the society. They use rare gold, Asian gold, and even brass to impersonate real gold. Therefore, the identification of gold jewelry must be comprehensively determined according to the sample to determine the true and false and the quality. 332549218@qq, COM

  3. Some of the truths upstairs are not afraid of fire refining, which is not completely correct and the temperature will melt. It is said that the melting point is relatively high. If you want to verify it yourself, there is a formula density. Put the water overflowing the total milliliter of the gold water to see the volume of the volume of gold quality comparison density density

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