5 thoughts on “Can I change the diamond ring if I don't want it?”

  1. The diamond ring itself has a certain value preservation. Although it is worn for a long time, if you have a style you don't like or wear for a long time, it can be recycled, and the recycling value is also very high. However, in regular luxury recycling stores, the price of diamond recycling is also based on its own physical objects. For example, if the wear is serious, the recycling price is not very good
    diamond rings can be sold. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the constant change of ideas, and the change of people's consumption concepts, diamond rings, as luxury goods, are becoming more and more popular. Diamond rings are the most well-known and loved high-quality category in the ring family. A diamond ring is a ring inlaid with diamonds. The price of a diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of diamonds, and the price of diamonds is basically based on the 4C standard of diamonds, whereby the price of a diamond ring can be judged
    the diamonds on the diamond ring do not have so much to do with the brand, so when we buy them, we just follow the 4C standard of diamonds. Diamonds of more than one carat have a certain value retention. For example, broken diamonds of less than 30 points have no recovery value, and even if they are sold, they are only worth a few hundred yuan. Imperial temple specializes in luxury goods recycling services. The recycling market is conducted according to the strict appraisal and evaluation operation process. For example, the recycling price of diamond jewelry with high clarity is very high.

  2. If your diamond is large enough, you can pay back the money. In general, if the diamond is small, it is generally not very valuable and has a high discount rate

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