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  1. The purity of gold is different. 999% gold is 99.9% pure gold, and "K gold" is used to indicate the purity of gold.
    the national standard gb11887-89 stipulates that the gold content of each carat (the abbreviation of carat in English and karat in German, often written as "K") is 4.166%,
    therefore, 24K = 24 * 4.166% = 99.984% (999 ‰).
    extended data:
    gold with a gold content of not less than 999 is called a thousand gold, and a thousand gold -- the content is 99.9%, Commonly known as the "three 9s"
    24K, the gold content is 99%
    the weight of gold jewelry is all in the national legal unit of measurement. The gold content should use "K gold" (excluding 24 K gold), "full gold" (containing no less than 99%), and "thousand full gold" (containing no less than 99.9%), and should not use "thousand full pure gold", "pure gold" and "24 K gold", "9999" and other non-standard standard methods
    the gold content of each carat is 4.166%
    18K = 18 * 4.166% = 74.998%, 24K = 24 * 4.166% = 99.984%
    24K contains 99% gold and 22K contains 91%. 7% and 75% at 18K. 1% and 58 at 14K. 5% and 50% at 12K
    at present, the gold jewelry sold in the market is divided into full gold and K-gold jewelry. According to the provisions of the national standard gb11887, the content of several common gold jewelry is:
    24K - at present, 24K gold jewelry is occasionally seen in the market. According to the national standard, the theoretical value of 24K gold content should be 100%, and gold has no barefoot. Therefore, strictly speaking, 24K does not exist. It is incorrect to mark 24K gold in sales, which does not meet the national standard
    qianzujin - the content is 99.9%, commonly known as "three nines"
    full gold - the content is more than 99.0%, commonly known as two nines
    18K -- the content is 75.0%. There are many colors of K gold, usually yellow, red and white. Among them, white gold is actually an alloy of gold and elements such as nickel, zinc and copper. It is not a platinum jewelry as it is usually called. Platinum refers to the precious metal platinum (PT)

  2. First of all, let me answer your question: the gold marked with 24K is an irregular product. 9999 is the formal purity mark

    let's explain the knowledge about gold purity identification

    24K and 9999 are marks of purity of gold jewelry. 24K, pure gold, i.e. 100% purity. And 9999 means the purity is 99.99%

    internationally, the method of expressing the purity of gold ornaments with the value of " k " began in 1914. In this method, theoretical pure gold is defined as 24K. There are 22K, 20K, 18K, 14K. These k values, divided by 24, are the corresponding purity of gold. That is, 22K = 22 / 24 = 91.66%, 20K = 20 / 24 = 83.33%, 18K = 18 / 24 = 75.00%, 14K = 14 / 24 = 58.33%

    because 24K pure gold does not exist in theory, and the marking of 24K is not scientific and rigorous enough, China abolished this representation in 1989

    in 1989, the State Administration of Technical Supervision issued the naming method for the purity of precious metal jewelry, which stipulates that the purity of gold is no longer marked with the value of " k " but is always marked with ten thousand digits. For example, 9999 means the purity is 999.9 ‰, and 9996 means the purity is 999.5 ‰

  3. Of course, buying gold means buying 9999 gold. This one is called thousand full gold. The quality is the best. Three nines are called full gold. It's a little worse.

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