1 thought on “jewelry fantasy wholesale Is AR currency a scam?”

  1. scarf jewelry cross pendants wholesale AR coins are scams.
    The virtual currency is scam.比如:rnrn1、造出一种虚拟币骗钱rnrn因为区块链是一个开源的程序,所以谁都可以取一个名字,做一个虚拟币来Essence Because of this convenience, some people do a virtual currency, and then build a small environment of deception. Through the way of MLM or drumming, it is constantly developing in this small environment. Essence

    2. Wallet with wallet

    because virtual currency is a network of assets existing. So it can only be stored in the network. That's why it is called virtual. Because we can't hold it in our hands. So some people want to punish us to play, and everyone recognizes the currency, such as Bitcoin. Then create a wallet to let everyone put Bitcoin in his wallet.

    3. Direct trading with digital currency to cheat money

    Because digital currency's trading channels in China are not unobstructed by 10 points, so many people cannot find appropriate appropriateness The doorway. So some people use the asymmetry of this information to deceive money.

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