2 thoughts on “How about the outlook of 2022 full -house customization? Can you make money?”

  1. In 2022, the prospect of customization in the whole house is still good. After all, the main consumer group in the customized industry is currently young people. Generally speaking, the custom demand market is occupied by young subjects. For the whole -house custom furniture industry, compared with fast -moving consumer goods, the risk of customization is controllable. There will be no possibility of shop operations or slow -selling. There are no too many links. In recent years, the market has basically maintained a growth rate of about 20%. In addition, the full -house custom -made brands are generally produced by manufacturers directly and shipped. The preferential policy has increased the income profit of the franchisee. Therefore, at present, the whole house has a good prospect and good profits.

  2. I believe that everyone will not be sparsely customized. It can make home customization in the entire house space according to their intentions, including the improvement of all furniture products and every space, giving people a personalized and comfortable home experience experience Essence With the popularity of its development trend in recent years, many investors have also become a hobby of the whole house. Considering that the whole house customizes, it is definitely wanting to know what the whole house customized industry is? After all, development is worthy of development. invest. Then the editor of the Velli full -house customization will introduce it for everyone:

    How to the whole house customization industry? The whole house customization belongs to the home scope, so its industry development is closely related to the real estate industry. The real estate industry has developed, of course, there will be a demand at the customization level of the whole house, and the huge demand space must have the potential for development and development of the whole house. There is a chance to outbreak. 1. Market demand. Although the whole house customization is popular, it does not mean that it is all that place. Some regions are likely to be inadequate economic development. Everyone still refuses to choose the way to customize the whole house. Therefore It is difficult to find development. Therefore, you must first analyze the market before joining, such as the development of the real estate industry mentioned above.

    . Market contrast. Investors can analyze the share of the local market's customized stores and their market competition according to the total market competition, and whether the decision should be opened. If there are many competitors in the market, the market is in a high degree of contrast, and the profitability will not be in profitable space. Large, the profit level must be a big discount.

    3. Business method. In addition to opening the market, its own way of operation is also a key influencing element. In a good market environment, you can't wait for customers to come to the door to serve. You need to learn to take the initiative to attack, and you can attract customers according to some promotion methods, such as online and offline publicity, live broadcast promotion, special offering, national statutory statutory Holiday marketing, etc., are conducive to making higher profits for stores.

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