5 thoughts on “Which male master is domineering, the female lead is a pet novel?”

  1. "Sky Value Little Wife: President's 33rd Love", the author is Yin Xiaobao, who likes Li Juefeng's affection, and he is also envious of Li Juefeng's affection. Touched, super beautiful.

  2. "Sixteen -year -old Blind Concubine", the heroine is the prime minister, but has never been favored, and is a blind man. She has been bullied by the attached middle school. There is only one dog who has been with her for three years. The male lead is the third king. Facial, insisting on marrying the heroine, loved to the heroine, the heroine is very cute, there is no sense of security, the male lead is very domineering, but he has always been gentle to the heroine.

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