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  1. Of course Haining is good! Intersection Intersection Needless to say, Haining also has the first international standard indoor skating venue in Asia,//. Haining also held the 2008 Diamond Cup Women's Basketball Tournament, with six countries participating. Haining vermiculite's lanterns were exhibited in Greece, New Zealand and other places. The oblique bridge mustard and Changan banquet were loved by foreigners. Intersection Intersection

    The city profile
    Haining is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, southern Jiaxing City, the southern edge of the Hangjia Lake Plain in the Yangtze River Delta, and the north bank of the Qiantang River. The geographical coordinates are 30 ° 15’-30 ° 35 'north latitude, and 120 ° 18’-120 ° 52' east longitude. It is adjacent to Haiyan County in the east and the Qiantang River in the south. It is across the river in Shangyu City, Shaoxing City and Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City. Municipal Zhishi Town. 125 kilometers from Shanghai east. The Shanghai -Hangzhou Railway and the Hangzhou -Shanghai -Hangzhou -Shanghai -Furt Line of the 101 Provincial Highway runs through the city. The Shanghai -Hangzhou Expressway and the 320 National Highway cross the north. The main framework of "two horizontal and six verticals", the city, town, and village roads are staggered, and they are in all directions. There are 46 inland river channels, and the main channel is connected to the Beijing -Hangzhou Grand Canal.
    . As of December 31, 2005, the total area of ​​Haining City was 699.92 square kilometers, with a total population of 640,000. It jurisdiction over 4 streets and 8 towns: Yanshi Street, Haizhou Street, Haichang Street, Maqiao Street ; Xucun Town, Chang'an Town, Yanguan Town, Xieqiao Town, Yuanhua Town, Dingqiao Town, Huangwan Town, and Zhouwangmiao Town.
    The natural environment
    The market is located in the Hangjia Lake Plain of the Yangtze River Delta, with an inland area of ​​699.92 square kilometers, of which 87.94 % of the plains, 1.81 % of hills, and 10.25 % of the waters. The terrain is narrow, the east to west is 51.65 kilometers long, and the north -south is 28.94 kilometers. The terrain is flat, tilted from the southwest to the northeast, and the ground is 4 to 8 meters high (Wusong high. The same below). Gulu Lifang and the low hill are concentrated in the northeast and southeast of the country, the highest in Gaoyang Mountain, 253.3 meters above sea level, and the others are below 200 meters.
    Hainan belongs to the North Asian tropical marine humid climate area. The climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, the sunshine is sufficient, and the four seasons are clear. The average annual temperature is 15.9 ° C, the average annual rainfall is 1187 mm, the sunshine is 2002.9 hours, and the frost -free period is 233.5 days. Due to the latitude of the place, the cold and cold air often meets here, and disaster weather such as drought, waterlogging, and wind appears. The cultivated land is glossy in the south of the south, the structure is good, the water and gas coordination, and the pH is moderate. It is suitable for the growth of multiple crops.
    The Haining belongs to the water network area of ​​Taihu Basin. There are two water systems in the Shangtang River and Canal in the territory. The total length of the river is 1865.4 kilometers. The river network rate is 5.1 %. Water resources are based on riverside mellial flow, high use of foreign water conservancy, groundwater control and mining, and a total of 662 million cubic meters of water resources, which can meet the needs of industrial and agricultural production and people's lives. Haining Land lives in the northern bank of the Qiantang River Estuary, with a length of 55.92 kilometers long and 21,730 hectares of the waters; the length of the sea pond is 53.6 kilometers, accounting for 33.5 % of the total length of the north coast. "Haining Tide" is a world -renowned natural landscape. Near Dajian Mountain in Huangwan Town is the starting point of "Haining Tide".
    Economic development
    In 2003, Haining's economic and social development continued to maintain a good momentum, and the goals determined at the beginning of the year were fully completed. Realizing the GDP throughout the year was 18.813 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4%over the previous year; total fiscal revenue was 1.808 billion yuan, an increase of 23.2%; 105.6%; the total retail sales of social consumer goods were 7.305 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%; the per capita per capita residents of urban residents could be 13,265 yuan, an increase of 13.2%; the per capita net income of rural residents was 6,516 yuan, an increase of 8.6%; the urban registration rate was 4%. In 2003, there are some problems and difficulties in economic and social operations: the issues and infrastructure constraints in economic development have begun to prominent, the power supply of electricity is seriously insufficient, and the supply of construction land is tight; It is still difficult, and the employment and social security work of land acquisition farmers still need to be strengthened; the overall level of opening up to the outside world is not high, and investment promotion work needs to be further strengthened; real estate prices have risen too fast, and consumption has not obviously the stimulation effect on economic development.
    The agricultural structure continues to be adjusted and optimized:
    The food planting area of ​​the city is 28,600 hectares, a decrease of 2520 hectares from the previous year, and the total output is 181,600 tons, a decrease of 16,700 tons from the previous year. The planting area of ​​crops such as flowers, seedlings, and high -quality fruits continued to expand, and the planting area of ​​various types of crops reached 22,600 hectares. The animal husbandry has developed well, and high -quality broiler and lake sheep have grown steadily, and the breeding volume has reached 179.637 million feathers and 435,900 heads, respectively. The city's total meat output was 41,900 tons, an increase of 15.7%over the previous year. The total output of aquatic products was 23,100 tons, an increase of 14.4%. The proportion of the output value of the aquaculture industry reached 55.9%. The degree of agricultural industrialization has continued to increase, with 26 leading agricultural enterprises and 42 agricultural professional cooperation organizations. Agricultural investment is steadily carried out, and industrial and commercial enterprises and private capital investment benefits are 100 million yuan. Agricultural standardization work has been solidly promoted, and 5 new agricultural standards have been formulated. A total of 19 agricultural standards in the city have reached 19. Land finishing and standard farmland construction are developed in an orderly manner, agricultural infrastructure and ecological environment construction have been further strengthened, and new agricultural production capacity has improved. The total agricultural output value of the year was 1.776 billion yuan, an increase of 5.3% over the previous year, and the agricultural added value was 1.30 billion yuan, an increase of 6.4%
    The rapid growth of the industrial economy:
    The total industrial output value was 49.027 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1%over the previous year; the total industrial output value was 49.027 billion yuan, an increase of 18.4%over the previous year. The large -scale enterprises operate well, and the city's enterprises above designated size achieved industrial output value of 24.357 billion yuan, an increase of 41.9%; the proportion of the city's total industrial output value reached 49.7%, and the total profit and tax were 2.759 billion yuan, of which 1.798 billion yuan was achieved, which was increased by the previous year. 42.1%and 49.9%, the pillar role in the development of the city's industrial economy further appeared. The pace of development of characteristic industries has accelerated, and the output value of the leather, scriptures, and home textile industries has achieved 13.197 billion yuan, 12.175 billion yuan, and 4.718 billion yuan, respectively. The completion of industrial biological investment throughout the year exceeded 5 billion yuan. The completion of industrial productive investment throughout the year exceeded 5 billion yuan. 77.2%over the previous year. The company's self -accumulation development capacity has been further improved. Industrial electricity consumption reached 1.323 billion kilowatt -hours, an increase of 21.1%over the previous year. The integration and investment in the industrial park of the development zone have increased, and the investment of 4.028 billion yuan was completed throughout the year, and sales revenue was 13.368 billion yuan, becoming an important growth point for the development of the city's economic economic development. The comprehensive score of 11 industrial economic benefits reached 236.48 points, and continued to keep the first place in Jiaxing.
    The rapid growth of business, tourism, and finance:
    The total retail sales of social consumer goods throughout the year was 7.305 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%over the previous year; the trade turnover of urban and rural markets was 9.999 billion yuan, an increase of 29.6%. Successfully held a series of "festival activities" such as China International Qianjiang Viewing Festival, Haining China Leather Expo, Haining China Family Textile Expo and Cross -Strait Cross -Strait Industry Development Industry Development Seminar, which strongly promoted the further development of the business and tourism industry. Tourism has increased efforts, and tourism projects such as "Prime Minister's Palace" and other tourism projects have been completed and operated. It received 2.2308 million domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, and achieved tourism income of 2.127 billion yuan, an increase of 19.1%and 33.9%, respectively. The service industries such as communications, networks, and intermediaries continued to grow rapidly. The upgrading of the consumer structure was obvious, and the consumption hotspots such as housing, automobiles, and education were further formed. The annual price of prices has risen steadily, and the cumulative consumption index of residents is 101.3%. The total financial volume continues to expand. At the end of the year, the balance of deposits of banks and other financial institutions in the city reached 18.655 billion yuan, an increase of 33.7%over the previous year. Among them, the balance of savings deposits of urban and rural residents was 10.921 billion yuan, an increase of 25.7%; the balance of various deposits reached 12.775 billion yuan, an increase of 51.8.
    The investment in fixed assets is strong:
    The annual fixed asset investment of fixed assets of the whole year was 8.022 billion yuan, an increase of 49.5%over the previous year, of which private investment above the limit was 3.557 billion yuan. Successfully, a total of 4.08 billion yuan was completed throughout the year, accounting for 50.9%of the total investment in fixed assets in the society. The key projects have been accelerated. The city's 27 key projects have completed an investment of 1.135 billion yuan in the year, of which 161 million yuan is completed in the transportation high construction high, the urban infrastructure has completed 402 million yuan, and the power facilities have invested 129 million yuan. The lyric highway, the tinjian highway (Yuan Hua to the Jianshan section) were completed and opened to traffic. , Basically, the renovation of the old city of Jingyun Bridge and the greening project of the north of Luotang, the implementation of key projects such as the Education Center and the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee, and the implementation of joint construction projects, agricultural bridge reconstruction, Xinhaining Hotel (tentative name) and economy in key town A number of key projects such as applicable houses are accelerated.
    The reform and opening up further deepen:
    The administrative approval system reform continues to advance, and government functions have accelerated. Enterprise reform has continued to deepen, and state -owned urban collective enterprises' ownership structure adjustment and labor relations have accelerated. The cumulative restructuring rate has reached 92.1%of the company's listing and cultivation work. Two new shares companies, and 1 joint -stock company achieved capital increase and shareholding. Actively implement the reform of unified urban and rural household registration management systems. The market economy order has been rectified and regulated. The construction of "credit Haining" has been accelerated, and the development environment has been continuously optimized. There are 95 new foreign -invested companies throughout the year, and the contract uses US $ 270 million in the contract, an increase of 105.6%. The foreign trade exports have increased strongly, and the annual self -employed import and export is 805 million US dollars, an increase of 78.1%. The foreign trade export team has expanded rapidly. 70 new ownership companies have been added throughout the year, and 199 companies with export performance have reached 199. The foreign economic cooperation has developed steadily, and the capacity of enterprises to expand its international market has been further enhanced. There are three new overseas cooperation projects throughout the year.
    The new development of technology and education:
    The annual list of 12 national scientific and technological planning projects, newly identified 4 national high -tech enterprises, 2 provincial -level high -tech enterprises, technology Innovation ability is further enhanced. The launch of the informatization of the park is progressing smoothly, and the construction of information demonstration enterprises is fully carried out. The healthy development of education, Nanyuan Primary School was completed and put into use. The follow -up project of Haining No. 1 Middle School was progressing smoothly. The overall transformation project of Haining Middle School and the expansion project of the Municipal Experimental Primary School were completed. Basic education has maintained a high level, and the proportion of high schools at the beginning of the year reached 90.11%. Innovative school running system, the city's first private migrant children's school -Haining friendship sample was put into use.
    The work and social security work is actively promoted:
    The market employment mechanism and social security system for labor, the reform of the basic medical insurance system of urban employees and the solid promotion of new rural cooperative medical work, social security coverage is continuously expanded, and the coverage of social security has continued to expand. Help more than 1,700 employment difficulties to achieve re -employment. At the end of the year, the number of pension insurances in the city was 54,700, the number of basic medical insurance covered 61,300, and the number of new types of cooperative medical participants in rural areas was 456,400. Continue to adhere to the "two guarantees", and the basic life of low -income residents, employees and special personnel in difficulty in difficult enterprises is guaranteed. Against the "SARS" epidemic, the public health emergency mechanism has been further established and improved. The integration of urban and rural bus and water supply is accelerated. Family planning work has achieved new achievements, and the birth rate among people remains low.
    Haining tide
    , also known as Zhejiang tide and Qianjiang tide, and is known as the "wonders of the world" with "front -line Hengjiang". Haining's wind -watching wind was already in place, and the Tang and Song dynasties were even more prosperous. The Northern Song Dynasty poet Pan Yan sang, "Chang Yi watched the tide, and the Guo people rushed to look at the river. The suspected sea was empty, and the sound of all the drums. Look at the dream, the dream is still cold. "It is the true portrayal of" making tide "and" watching the tide ".
    The formation of Haining Tide is related to the gravity of the moon and the sun. For the first time, Wang Chong, a philosopher of the Eastern Han Dynasty, proposed the conclusion of "the rise of the Tao, with the prosperity of the moon". Later scientists have long studies proved that Haining Tide is formed under the action of the moon, the gravity of the sun, and the centrifugal force generated by the earth's rotation. "The morning tide came to the late tide, and the weeks of sixty times in January" (Bai Juyi Shi), Haining Tide has two tide daily, the first and fifteen sons of the lunar calendar, a half -month cycle for one week, especially the first to the fifth day of the lunar calendar, The tide of fifteen to twenty is large, and there are 120 trendy days a year.
    Haining is a tide -view resort, which is related to Haining's unique geographical conditions. The Qiantang River to Hangzhou Bay is wide inside and inside, and is a very typical speaker -shaped bay. The east side of Haikou was 100 kilometers wide. When it was area around Yantuan Town, Haining, the river surface was only 3 kilometers wide. At the time of the tide, the wide bay mouth swallowed a large amount of seawater at once. Due to the rapid shrinkage and shallow of the river, the tide on the road was too late to rise evenly, and then the waves pushed forward, and the waves were higher than the waves, forming a steep water, which formed a steep water. wall.
    The Haining Tide, which is hailed by Su Dongpo as "August 18, and the magnificent world." Watch the "Two Dragon Summoning Tide" about 8 kilometers east of Yanguan Town. In Yanuan, you can see "Jiang Hengbai Lacket Tide", watching "A shocking in the old salt warehouse west of Yanguan Town in Yanuan Town "Tao Ruban turns back to the tide", you can watch "Qi Ming in the middle of the night" at night, and at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of listening to the tide.
    The world -reinforcement tide is the gift of nature. Countless celebrities have fallen for thousands of years. Bai Juyi, Li Bai, Su Dongpo and other celebrities and Mo Ke left thousands of poems after seeing the wonders of the world. Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, six times in Jiangnan, went to salt officials to watch Haining tide four times, and gave more than 10 poems. Sun Yat -sen, Mao Zedong and other great men have also come to Haining to watch the tide and leave poems. The vast Haining tide collided the inspiration of many literati and Mo Ke, leaving a rich "tide culture" information for the Haining people living in Linjiang. Special historical textbooks.
    In recent years, Haining has accelerated the valuable and unique tourism resources, strived to improve the trend watching environment, repaired the monuments, built a new attraction, and expanded the connotation of the tide culture, which has attracted a large number of tourists at home and abroad. Since 1994, a large -scale international tide festival has been held every year, which has further promoted the development of Haining's tourism industry. Especially in 2000, CCTV and Zhejiang TV jointly broadcast live Haining Tide on the spot. For the first time, it showed the charm of Haining's tide to the world for the first time. The "Tide Culture"
    of the "Tide Culture" r
    Haining vermiculite lantern is a famous arts and crafts. It began in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. After thousands of years of refining, it has formed a local folk cultural characteristics integrating handicrafts, calligraphy and painting. It has a high degree of craftsmanship and aesthetic value.
    Hainan vermiculite lanterns are delicate and beautiful with needle thorns. Poetry, calligraphy, painting, engraving, golden stone, embroidery and other art doors are enriched. Boat, exquisite ancient tower, horse basket, etc. Its crafts include the eight techniques of "needle, stubbornness, knot, tie, carving, painting, paste, and mounting". In addition to the same processes such as skeleton, mounting, painting, and assembly of the same lamps in various places, they also need to be in the settlement and calligraphy. On the paper (Five -layer rice paper is mounted), with extremely detailed acupuncture and shovel kung fu, the gaps other than the painting and calligraphy pattern were used to erase the knife and painting pattern. The fine production is extraordinary, and a lantern is less than a lantern. The lanterns after the acupuncture are reflected by the lights and candles, transparently glowing, colorful. The poet used to describe the acupuncture picture with "Ten Window Flowers". There was a poem: "Weak bones, karma, light balls of all -time, picking clouds and moonlings, treasures around the stars. , Mei Make -up Fan Fragrance; Watching San Festival, spending a year is busy. "
    The Haining vermiculite lantern with light -eyed light -eyed is not only famous in Jiangnan, but also enjoys a well -known internationally internationally. In the 2nd year of Xuantong (1910), the "Nanyang Persuasion" and the 1934 "Paris World Expo" won the award. Since the founding of New China, Haining has repeatedly held lantern activities, promoting the development of vermiculite lantern art, and has been repeatedly used as messengers for foreign cultural exchanges, which has promoted the friendly relationship between China and the peoples of various countries. In 1955, Premier Zhou Enlai presented a pair of vermiculite lanterns as a national gift to Sri Lanka VIP. In the 1992 National Lantern Invitational Tournament, all 14 large and small vermiculite lanterns won all first prizes, which caused a sensation in the national lantern world. In 1994, the Haining people presented two pairs of vermiculite lantern to Mr. Li Guangyao, Singapore Cabinet, and the Singapore Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. In February 2001, the vermiculite lantern was exhibited in New Zealand. The Haining people gave the two pairs of lanterns to the Oakland City Government and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, which once again caused a sensation in a foreign country. In late November 2001, 29 vermiculite lanterns went to Athens, Greece with the Zhejiang folk art delegation, and dumped the audience of the ancient western civilization with their beautiful oriental charm, and were highly appreciated by the Greek people.
    The lights must be met with lights. The custom of holding a lantern festival in the Lantern Festival is that the habit of Haining is the thirteenth of the lunar calendar on the lamp, the fifteen Lantern Festival is the most prosperous, and the eighteen is the lamp. As a folk local custom, Haining vermiculite lantern festival has formed a grand occasion of performing lights, smooth lights, and bucket lights during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Whenever the grains are rich, the society is up, and the people's spontaneous welcoming the lights, the past and the same, the wind is full of wind. When greeting the lights, people have a variety of colorful lights, accompanied by silk bamboo organs, drums, laughter, and walking through the streets; the lighting team is a few miles. Dan Dan overnight. In recent years, modern characteristics have been shown in the lantern craftsmanship, such as electric beads, electric lamps, fluorescent lamps, neon lights and modern light art in the lamp. Especially the shape of the ancient and modern times, which is fascinating.
    The Haining vermiculite lantern is a wonderful work raised by Wu Yue culture. It is beautiful and elegant, exquisite, and lingering. In order to make this ancient lantern art carry forward, Haining has established a "Lantern Research Society". Under the careful guidance of the old artist, nearly 100 Lancai artists have gathered, so that this ancient art succession has been passed down from generation to generation.
    Celebrity culture
    Hainan people are outstanding, talented. From Tang to the end of the Qing Dynasty, Haining had 366 scholars. The Chen family of Haining in the Qing Dynasty, "One of the three pavilions, the six books of the six, and the five Shang books", the first in the family, the number one in the past few years.
    The landscape, breeding one person. In Haining's land, the Eastern Jin scholars Ganbao was bred. Xu Yuan, a loyal minister in the Tang Dynasty, Gu Ting, the poet, Zhu Shuzhen, the female poet of the Song Dynasty, Chen Yinjiao, the historian of the Ming Dynasty, the historians of the historians, the historian of the historians, (University scholars) Chen Zhilin, Chen Yuanlong, Chen Shizhen, poet Cha Shenxing, Chess Saint Fan Xiping, Shi Dingzhang, calligrapher Eason Chan, Chasheng, collector Wu Yan, Jiang Guangxi, modern Chinese master Wang Guowei, poet Xu Zhimo, Mu Mu, Mu Mu, Mu Mu, Mu Mu, Mu Dan, writers Jin Yong and Chen Xuezhao, medical scientist Wang Shixiong, mathematician Li Shanlan, military theorist Jiang Baili, Buddhist scholar Taixu, Master Yin Shun, scholar, calligrapher Zhang Zongxiang, trainer Zhu Qifeng, railway scientist Xu Yiliang, literary and historian Song Yunbin , Red Scholars Wu Shichang, Drama Sha Kefu, educator Zheng Xiaocang, Botanist Qian Chongzheng, one of the founders of Chinese film industry, film artist Shi Dongshan, version director Zhao Wanli, cartoonist Migu, scientist Shen Hong , Xu Guo, an English educator and translator, Wu Jiafeng, art theorist, Zha Jimin, an industrialist in Hong Kong, Xu Bangda, an ancient calligraphy and painting appraiser, and Qian Juntao, a engraving calligraphy and painter. Many celebrities with high taste and great influence have accumulated unique areas of celebrity culture for Haining.
    In recent years, Haining has paid attention to the research of celebrity culture, restored and opened Chenge's old house, Wang Guowei, Zhang Zongxiang and other celebrities' former residences. Academic Symposium, Shidongshan Film Art Symposium, Jin Yong Academic Symposium, Wu Shichang Academic Symposium, the 20th Anniversary Conference of Zheng Xiaocang, the 10th Anniversary Meeting of Chen Xuezhao's death, etc., and successfully hosted the "Haining Cup" Wang Guowei opera thesis The awards conference, the 31 -episode TV series "Jiangshan is the most important" reflected in the Chen family of Haining. The research of celebrity culture has created a clear and elegant cultural atmosphere, and also created a new platform for cultural industrialization, which promoted the development of Haining's cultural industry.
    The travel guide
    The best tour time of Haining Tide
    "The early tide came to the late tide, and the weekly flow was sixty times." Haining tide twice a day, the tide during the day, the night is called Xi, and the interval between the middle is 12 hours. In particular, the monthly day of the lunar calendar to the fifth day, 15 to 20, so it is large, so there are 120 tide -seeking days a year.
    The shopping
    Stilinchrier: Chinese mustard, European pickles and Japanese sauce, known as the three international pickled vegetables, Zhejiang mustard and Sichuan -style mustard represented by Haining's "diagonal bridge" brand Line as the most famous Chinese mustard. The diagonal bridge mustard is favored by domestic and foreign customers with its color and fragrance, crispy and tender at the entrance.
    Hainan Ziwei sugarcane: The juice is sweet and unique. It is a well -known native products in Zhejiang and well -known domestic sugarcane. Its juice is sweet and refreshing, clearing heat and reinforcement, eliminating phlegm and quenching, moisturizing the intestines, thirst, drinking, and lowering fire.
    "Haining Three Swords" is famous for medicine knives, leaf knives, and kitchen knives.
    Leather stickers: Born in the "Chinese Leather Capital" three years ago in Haining Paste Painting in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, carefully cultivated by the relevant departments of Haining City, and now it has stood out from the Haining Leather Industry Chain and developed into a deep culture. tourism product.
    The special activity
    This International Qianjiang Observation Festival August 16th to August 19th
    China's China International Qianjiang Observation Festival held in Haining Salt Guan every year, inheriting the foundation of traditional trendy customs It has also increased; the colorful large -scale singing and dancing and traditional folk customs display activities have reproduced the magnificent scenes of the ancient along the river's sacrifice and festive Anlan.
    It Jiaxing South Lake Tourism Festival May
    The water tour projects such as load lamps, water tug of war (grabbing lotus), white boats, and rowing performances. During the Tourism Festival, civil activities such as the Zongzi Festival, the Farmers' Painting Exhibition, the Folk Art Exhibition, and the Photography, Calligraphy and Calligraphy Exhibition were also held.
    The April of the Xitang Tourism and Culture Festival
    The "Third April of April" Xitang Folk Temple Fair, Xitang style photography exhibition, azalea exhibition, Jiashan rice wine traditional craftsmanship and food exhibition and other activities.
    [Edit this paragraph] Haining specialty
    Haining leather industry includes construction, leather clothes and other leather products, which is the largest industry in Haining Industry, accounting for 28.7% of the total industrial output value Essence Foreign trade exports reached 1.521 billion yuan, accounting for 43.83%of the total foreign trade export value. The leather industry practitioners are 44,400, accounting for 21.8%of the industry practitioners. Haining leather products have spread all over the country and are exported to more than 40 countries in the world. Haining enjoys the beauty of "the hometown of Chinese leather, leather clothes" and "the capital of leather coat". The leather industry has made great contributions to the development of Haining's economy. Haining's industry mainly produces cattle, sheep, pig clothing leather, upper leather, sofa leather, Qiu Guan, and dual -use leather. Leather products include leather clothes, leather gloves, leather foldings, leather bags, etc. Essence The establishment of "Zhejiang Leather Clothing City" in Haining has brought endless business opportunities to the market expansion of Haining leather products. Haining has brand -name leather products such as "Snow Leopard" and "Monu", and 34 companies have obtained leather logos.
    Stilinchrier: Chinese mustard, European pickles and Japanese sauce are known as the three international pickled vegetables. The most, the diagonal bridge mustard is favored by domestic and foreign customers with good color and fragrance, crispy and tender at the entrance. At present, the main varieties of cultivation are "red guards semi -crushed leaves", and production is standardized. In recent years, with the development of the market economy and the broadening of product sales channels, Haining mustard has risen rapidly, and a large number of professional processing enterprises with advanced equipment and strong technical power have emerged. The region has a high -profile brand with a high reputation, and its products are exported to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Macao.
    Changan banquet ball: Haining's "Changan Banquet ball" is a delicious dish. As soon as the Changan people mention the "Changan Banquet Ball", the metropolis will be introduced to you with a proud tone: "Banquet ball" is Changan A famous dish was written into "Chang'an Town Zhi".
    Slogi Lantern: Haining vermiculite lantern is a famous arts and crafts. It began in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. After thousands of years of refining, it has formed a local folk cultural characteristics integrating handicrafts, calligraphy and painting. It has a high degree of craftsmanship and aesthetic value. Haining vermiculite lanterns are delicate and beautiful with needle thorns. Poems, calligraphy, painting, painting, seal engraving, golden stone, embroidery and other art categories are enriched. Tower, horse flower basket, etc.
    Ziwei sugarcane: The juice is sweet and unique. It is a well -known native producing and well -known domestic sugarcane in Zhejiang. Its juice is sweet and refreshing, clearing heat and reinforcement, eliminating phlegm and quenching, moisturizing the intestines, thirst, drinking, and lowering fire.
    three Haining knives: is famous for medicine knives, leaf knives, kitchen knives.

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