5 thoughts on “What is good for your favorite birthday gift to give you your favorite girl?”

  1. Your thoughts are really good. Women like the gift that the other is spent to prepare, so that she will feel very special, and will be moved. Of course, it will be even better to have a sense of surprise. Suggestions:
    1. Very special gifts: For example, Thailand’s flowers, creative dolls, gold foil flowers, cartoon bouquets, music pillows, etc., are both fashionable and special, packing well. Thailand’s white -keeping flowers mean that love is always beautiful. This implies girls will be moved, and the price is not expensive.
    2. Self -made gifts: For example, fold 11 roses with specific paper, tell her that you will love her with all my heart, and she will be moved. You can also write (copied) in paper roses a beautiful text.
    3. Special version of the doll: you can buy a general comparison doll, and then add a little bit of things by yourself, a word or her birthday, so it is not expensive and special. You can also send a live -action cartoon image doll.
    4. Customized jewelry: This kind of gift is particularly attentive. It can engrave her name and birthday on necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. This can keep her remember you forever.
    5. Flowers: If there is no woman, you don’t like flowers. You can rest assured that you pay attention to the way of sending flowers, then it is better. Moreover, it is easy to make surprises in the form of flower delivery. For example, do not tell her in advance, and send it to her after ordering the flowers online. Of course, other gifts are given after sending flowers. The flowers are not that you can’t send it for the second time,
    The you can send roses, and next time you can send lily and horseshoe lotus.
    6. Customized discoloration water cup. You can print her photos in a cup. When this special water cup is over 45 degrees of hot water, the pattern will be displayed. It is very meaningful, and the water cup represents a lifetime.
    7. Crystal gifts: For example, crystal music box, crystal makeup mirror, women have no resistance to pure crystal.
    8. Very intimate gifts: You can prepare small gifts such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, lipstick, put it in a beautiful box, spread rose petals in the box, and leave another sentence to write a sentence. Warm words of warm words. This gift is very intimate, and it is difficult for women to be moved.
    It hope to help you.

  2. When it comes to sending girls’ birthday gifts, it should be one of the most painful issues for boys. In fact, in life, it is not so difficult to make girls happy. The gift is important. It is important to surprise and romance.
    Faced with girls’ birthday, as a boyfriend, you must show it well. Good performance can be added to herself, leaving a deeper impact in the girl’s heart.
    Especially when you first give a girl a gift, you must be more sincere.
    For example, send a girl with a hand -painted portrait, which is hand -drawn. It is as real as the photo, but it is more artistic than the photo.
    The creative gifts, unique, will definitely move her.
    (Customized hand painting portrait, you can Q me)

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  4. This problem is indeed a problem for those who have difficulty choice or do not understand girls’ preferences. I will recommend you a few birthday gifts for girls you like:
    1, send cute pet pillow r
    Whether you are sitting or lying, you always feel particularly insecure. The happiest thing in life is to collapse on the sofa with a pillow and watched the TV series. You don’t need to think about anything, don’t worry about anything. Therefore, the pillow is really a big weapon for the high appearance rate, giving people a great weapon that improves happiness. So you can buy a cute pet pillow that a girl likes to give her, it can be cute, or it can be a cute pet pattern. Such gifts are cute, practical, and girls will like it.
    2, giving chocolate
    The girls like chocolates like moths see fire, and they will be on the burning! And the current style of chocolate is full of patterns, more and more beautiful, more and more creative, you still You can engrave your birthday blessings and love words! Such gifts will definitely let you open your eyes! And the sweet taste is still the taste of love.
    3, giving snack gift package
    If the girl you like is a “food” and “greedy ghost”, then you can buy all kinds of snacks she likes to give her, of course, it seems that it does not seem to send her snacks directly. It’s too suitable, you can wrap it in a fresh and literary packaging. I believe that when the girl receives the gift, it must be full of expectations. When opening the packaging, it will be full of movement and surprise.
    4. Sending exquisite jewelry box
    It to satisfy her beauty on her birthday, you can send girls a delicate jewelry box to win her heart with exquisite and classic beauty. Emotional and exquisite daily necessities, dressing up in mirrors, lively and fragrant. In addition to the jewelry box, you can also send girls makeup mirrors. Customizing her photos on it can also be decorated with some beautiful diamonds. Such gifts are not only beautiful, but also can be carried with them. It is very convenient.

  5. 1. Rose.
    Iti flower is the nature of most girls. Although it is common but the most likely, they are very popular at any time. In addition, many girls prefer the words of flowers, and the meaning behind it is often more desirable. If you send girlfriends flowers, roses must be the first choice. Its flower language is romantic and hot love. This is the birthday gift that most girls want to receive.
    2, lipstick.
    The gift that conforms to his girlfriend’s heart can often bring a surprise to life. The gift of lipstick cannot be rejected, and almost no girl does not like lipstick. Because lipstick is the fairy stick of every girl, a lipstick that likes can really make them happy for a long time.
    But this is also the area where it is easier to step on the mine, so it is necessary to grasp the color number of the girlfriend’s favorite, so this gift will definitely be one of the favorite birthday gifts for girls.
    3, bag.
    What to get a girl birthday gift for girls? Maigoo Xiaobian recommends bags. Bags can not only be used to install items, but also fashion items that are indispensable for each girl.
    Whether it is an office worker or a student party, as a girl, there will always be a lot of bags. And many girls like to buy a variety of bags. She will be divided into different seasons, different occasions, with different bags. A latest fashion women’s bag is definitely one of the favorite birthday gifts for girls.
    4, perfume
    among many gifts, giving girlfriends perfume is the most suitable, it will be the best seasoning in love. When dating, the girl spray the perfume you sent. You can smell the familiar perfume from her. You can feel her existence with closed eyes, and you can get closer to the intimacy of the two.
    It you can choose a perfume that is most suitable for her according to his girlfriend’s personality and temperament. You can also go to the perfume DIY handmade shop to make her exclusive perfume. It will be the most moved birthday gift for girlfriends.
    5, jewelry.
    The first thing to think of jewelry is women, and they all say that “red flowers still need green leaves”. No matter how beautiful girls need to use a beautiful jewelry to make themselves more beautiful.
    The jewelry can best reflect the quality of life of women. It can also make girls be invisible to add their own charm. This is why girls like to wear jewelry. When her girlfriend celebrates her birthday, she will send a delicate jewelry to her, I believe she will like it very much.

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