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  1. The disaster lets the heart of love be carved
    "Deep Sea Search" tells a suspense love story in the deep sea. As the actor Chen Guodong (Guo Xiaodong) is ready to propose to the lover Gao Jing (Li Xinjie) in the mysterious and beautiful ancient city of the sea When the accident happened, Gao Jing woke up and found that his lover disappeared, but people only found one headless body. But his sister Xiaokai (Liang Luoshi) was convinced that the corpse had drifted to Turtle Island in Taiwan, so he began a thrilling journey to find his brother. In the process of continuous pursuit of the truth in Hong Kong, Gao Jing encountered a series of thrilling things. In "Deep Sea", it is worth mentioning that Guo Xiaodong has unexpected performances and is another new attempt in his acting process.
    Ilads from the previous promotion of Xu Ke's "advocating" "with a rare seaside beauty", as a thriller suspense movie, the large -scale deep -sea lens in the film is full of unknown terror. Although it is packaged in a suspense form, it is a thriller, but the expression of love is in the bones. After experiencing huge suffering, people will have a better love for life and death.
    "Ghost Queen" Li Xinjie in the film should show the fear and confusion of "crazy", but also to perform after experiencing the pain and relief of love. Therefore, she said that this is her. The most emotional and most intense role that has performed since the film.
    The first half of the thriller
    "Deep Sea Search" in the first half of the plot is quite thrilling. The heroine Gao Jing itself is a psychologist. The extra water cups, as well as the long white hair in the deep sea, tighten the nerves of the viewer to the extreme. And her patient Zhang Zhen continued to instill the law of "immortal energy" to her, telling her that the person who died unexpectedly did not disperse, and would always return to the person she loved. And the strange phenomena that have happened later will almost force Gao Jing to crazy.
    . The second half of the film has a style, full of romantic colors, pushing love and thoughts to the extreme. The heroine who lost memory always thinks of the name of his lover, thinking of the story of Penglai he told, and finally The sparkling diamond ring on the beach made her seem to hear the call and walked into the sea with a white skirt. "Where is Penglai? A few times, the prelude of 10,000 years, love in the eternal dance ..." The wonderful and ethereal theme song runs through the movie. Until the end of the male and female protagonists, they both turned into a mermaid and toured to the bottom of the sea. , Endless. It was the ultimate ideal about love in Xu Ke's heart, and the sorrowful myth extended from Liang Zhu's story.

  2. People who watched the fog let the radio and television harm the radio and television
    because the film was cut messy and spliced ​​arbitrarily, it became a three -current story
    So people who want to see it can be found to find the original version.

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