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  1. The non -color sector is a very popular sector that is very popular with shareholders. Whether it is institutional investors or retail investors, they focus on the non -ferrous sector. Yunnan copper industry can also be called a non -ferrous plate. I study it. Taking advantage of the formal analysis of Yunnan copper industry, we will first give you the list of leading stocks in the non -ferrous smelting processing industry. Click on it to receive: Treasure information! The column of the leading shares of the non -ferrous smelting and processing industry

    . From the perspective of the company,

    company Introduction: Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. , Mining, smelting processing, scientific and technological research and development, and import and export trade. The company has more than 19 series and more than 180 products. Among them, the output of gold is ninth in the country, and the output of silver is the first in the country. The product of Gao Chongcin copper accounts for 12%of the domestic market.

    The company's "Tiefeng brand" cathode copper has been registered on a metal exchange in Shanghai and London. It is eligible to register trading in the London Gold and Silver Market Association in the United Kingdom.

    This to everyone after finishing the overview of Yunnan copper industry, and then start from the highlights of Yunnan copper industry to see if it is worth our investment.

    In highlights: The layout of the three major copper smelting bases is completed, Diqing's colorful contribution performance

    The company has created three major smelting bases in China, of which the cathode copper production capacity has reached 130 10,000 tons, and the production capacity of equity is also 920,000 tons, and it is also ranked first in domestic copper smelting enterprises. In 2018, the company acquired Diqing's non-ferrous colors. Di Qing's color exceeded the 2018-2020 performance commitment, and 194.25%was completed. In 2020, Diqing's non -color communist copper concentrate contains 60,800 tons of copper, with a non -net profit of 808 million yuan. The company's important profit source is it.

    In highlights: Relying on Zhong Aluminum Group, the development space is large

    The company's controlling shareholder belongs to Yunbin Group, and eventually controls the power belongs to CNOOC. There are only listed platforms on the copper industry. China's copper industry is a subsidiary of Chinhuman Aluminum Group. It has copper ore resources in Peru. It has been found to have a reserves of about 10 million tons. The annual capacity of copper ore is 210,000 tons of copper metal. For copper resources, CNOOC and the company will have great opportunities for cooperation in the future. The length of the length is limited, and there are many in -depth reports and risk tips about Yunnan copper industry. The school sister has also sorted out this research report. Hurry up and browse: [Deep Research Report] Yunnan copper industry reviews, suggestions for collection!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    In ICSG data, global refined copper output has risen one after another, from 18.98 million tons in 2010 to 24.04 million tons in 2019 The compound annual growth rate is 2.7 %; in the past 10 years, China's refined copper production capacity has continued to expand, from 4.57 million tons in 2010 to 9.78 million tons in 2019, which has doubled 8.8 %. China's demand for refined copper is increasing, although under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, the world's suspension of production and production has greatly reduced the production of refined copper. Copper prices are also increasing, and for the entire industry, its influence is very good. The development of the Copper Metallurgical Industry in Yunnan Copper Industry is far ahead in China, which will win many market share.

    The summary, it is the need for China to benefit Yunnan's copper industry, and the development space in the future is very broad. However, the article cannot be synchronized in real time. If you want to fully understand the future development trend of Yunnan's copper industry, look at the link below, and there are special consultants for you to diagnose the stock of Yunnan copper industry. Is it now overvalued or underestimated by Yunnan copper industry?

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